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  1. It does seem like a fun ride I haven’t been up there for the media event to present time but I however seen that there is a model of the ride It seems cool.
  2. How cool would it be if KI Signed a deal with a real Radio Station like Q102 Kiss 107 exc to play there radio stations all over the park it would do a great deal on both sides the radio stations can get more listeners and please ki guests so that they don't get annoyed with the same songs and might make them want to stay longer.
  3. They play music in the water park?!?!?!?!? Now What I do is focus on the fun not the music I have to listen to music (that I hate at work) but I drown it out with whatever I was focusing on. (Unless I like the song) But I think if you don’t focus on the music and focus on fun you will hear less of the annoying music. Its funny how the mind works isn’t it!
  4. Diamondback doesn't sound too bad but i also like the name Viper or something like that
  5. When a worked at KI I had a guest when I worked at Vortex and they asked "Is what happened on Final Destination 3 going to happen on this ride? Becouse if it is I dont wanna ride."
  6. there are a total of 4 steps that lead down there 1. as you go down the steps after you went over the station 2. after you went past the first steps there is another before you enter the station 3. where the line splits front middle and back 4. in front of the station
  7. It was indeed used for The Bat Que but now they chopped all the rails and now use it for storage like old trash cans and the carts that hold Vortex cars during the off season. but that is about much it that I know of. I haven't been down there since 2006!!!
  8. In 2006 they thought about the bottom level of Vortex's Station (they had the managers looking at the area I think that was what someone told me i don't know if its true or not but take it with a grain of salt) but I think they dropped the Idea
  9. Here is a cool name they can name it The Steel Roller Coaster (something boring like flight decks name is now) Or the That Coaster in Rivertown.
  10. I know... I’m just saying that it will be a cool idea and yes the people in the wheelchairs will not be able to get to it. But it would be nice if in the off season they worked on the elevators so that platform is able to be used again. It would be a great idea because some people are afraid of heights and some just want to go up high but not too high. Then there can be a great spot for HH.
  11. I predict but doubt will happen... Frightful Tower...... (on Eiffel Tower Lowest platform) (note they prob. will not do this because of safety reasons on the steps and staffing on each set of steps plus the scare actors) but anyway they turn the Eiffel Tower into an abandoned tower where everything went wrong and now ghosts and fog inhabit the tower with lightning (effects) striking the tower. Then the appearance of ToWeR JoHnNy!!!!! There can be all kinds of stuff that can be done like the rails of the tower can be used for anything. Chris
  12. Ok how do I start, well we got to the ballpark at 6:50 (game started at 7:10) we get to our Seats meet up with other in our group and then got Food. We then went back to our seats and after that inning WE WON FREE Pepsi'S And BALLOONS AND WAS ON THE JUMBO TRON!!!!!!!!! Then all of the Kids wanted to me to make them balloon Animals. (Dog 4 all together) So I did. (to clear the air I was never nor will never be a clown) So anyways back to the story, It was now at the bottom of the 8th inning and Guess what we were on the Jumbo Tron again!!!!! This Time we acted a Bit Strange (we didn't do anyth
  13. Screamin' Demon That is all I can find sorry.
  14. Ok now I will not say that he made the Jump. Yah he landed on the top of the ramp (not the slope). Now if you go to screamscape and watch the video and stop it at 0:07 then you will see that the jump (which without that part of the ramp he would land on truck 24 not on the ramp itself. however he did make it off the ramp safe.
  15. One of my Favorite Arrow coasters is Vortex I miss working there but oh well i moved on. lol
  16. It is closed, the wooden gate that is there that is blocking people from using the path. Now I never saw the smoothie place open and I worked there from 2003-2006 and went there alot for the 2007 season (and 2 times this year) but never seen the place open. but I do however know its is blocked off. Chris
  17. vortexdemon05

    The Crypt

    I rode it yesterday and it broke down while I was on it.
  18. Lets say they can do it... Now would it make the maze alot better then last years???
  19. the HH maze the construction site that was by dodgems they should move it to the 2009 construction site it will fit. but the scarecrow maze will be moved or gone. but if they hold out on construction during HH the can put the construction site maze there. it looks like one and it will be a cheap maze to make just put haunted stuff in construction equipment. and they can make it longer. I was joking about it being a year round maze. but they can do that. does that make it more clear? Chris
  20. Hey I got a good idea for HH... they can have that construction site maze err... path in the construction site for that new for 2009 what ever it is, It looks more like a construction site now could this be that its a year round haunt lol jk. then that scarecrow maze... err... path in the former construction site haunt. lol. What can be better than that??? Free POP??? lol jk. Chris
  21. I think its funny that the path that was removed is thick (path that was there) and goes to a VERY small building. the path ends where the small smoothie shop is located. BTW is that going to open at all because i never see it open.
  22. Don't take this to be CONFERMED but i went up to get my season pass made and i did however seen a Pepsi truck leaving the KI Employee parking lot. don't know if they were turning around or what. but they did pull out of the Kings Island lot!!!!! Chris
  23. We always had gone on Vortex then FOF or FOF then Vortex, and this year is going to be the same.
  24. So do I... I Still remember when I first rode the ride my brother (that passed away) told me he would take me to Hooters if I rode the ride (I was real young at the time) and he did. it was a fun ride. RIP King Kobra and RTS (brother)
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