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  1. Back on topic I for one am proud of KI winning this award. Seems to me like a USA today poll is much more "diverse" of a voting pool than amusement park fan boys for the golden ticket awards. To be clear the USA today poll would also include people who do not necesarially have their finger on the amusement park pulse. Either way kudo's to the home team. It's a recognition well deserved!
  2. My thought would be they would relocate it next to white water canyon. Having all the water rides together is nice, like at CP. I have been thinking that they may remove/relocate congo falls, remove timberwolf and remove/relocate Invertigo to create a coaster to interact with the main gate. It just may take 2 - 6 years till it happens (which means it may already be in the planning phase).
  3. I believe I didn't make my point clear. My point is in the past people would use the tax credit when they filed their taxes thus receiving the credit on a lump sum, and increasing the refund they would get or decreasing the amount of taxes they owe. What the tax act is doing is allowing people to receive the credit over months (like a payment plan). In that instance they won't have the lump sum amount to claim as a tax credit on their taxes when they file. These monthly payments were automatic and you had to opt out of them. Some families may have a surprise bill coming next April if they didn't plan accordingly. That being said one of the sites did say that 1 million families have already opted to forgo the monthly payments in favor of the lump sum when they file. Some families in the past may have used a tax return for a vacation but if that total is reduced by $3,000 (more for over 1 child) they may find themselves not going on that vacation. Instead they were spending the money all along which may account for some of the raised per-cap spending in the parks. Just my 2 cents. BTW, the current administration is wanting to extend the child tax credits till 2025. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/26/opting-out-of-monthly-child-tax-credit-payments-makes-sense-for-some-.html https://www.whitehouse.gov/child-tax-credit/
  4. Have to wonder how much of the stimulus has to do with per cap spending. With the monthly checks a family with 4 children gets $1000 a month that's alot of extra cash floating around. It ends in December so next year we will feel the effects. It will also be a big surprise to people when they file their taxes next year because the cash they are getting now is what they would usually deduct on their tax return. So basically those refunds people usually get may be lower or they may end up owing taxes.
  5. Actually it was 9 for $45 (for season pass holders) ($5 per taste). With how successful it was it's no surprise that it would go up in price with the supply-demand. With such a large rise I would expect slightly larger portions. Either way with the state of the culinary team at KI, I'm in and looking forward to it.
  6. Actually they both work out to be $8.332 per taste
  7. Looking forward to the event.
  8. What about the God given ability to think and utilize science to develop vaccines and make advancements in medicine to allow us to get the most quality and lengthen the gift of live we were given? I always find the mind more fascinating than the body, but then again, look what's telling me that!
  9. My wife has a masters in research and worked on IRB's. She likes to remind people that at this time we all are part of the study and those who are not vaccinated are the control group.
  10. I agree with your observation. Something along the beach that tips it's hat to something in CP's history. They also desperately need another wood coaster and after the success of MT it almost seems like a no-brainer. (Might be a possibility to remove some of the pavilion on the other side of the WindSeeker entrance gate just to have another coaster interact with the last gate that doesn't do so.)
  11. Rode it last ride of the night last night row 17 (the usual) and it was fantastic. Noticed no difference in it compared to earlier this season or last season.
  12. Actually I don't mind the way it is. True, you miss the fireworks but as long as you're in line by 10 you do get to ride. Because they need to make sure the track is clear of debris it starts back up at 10:20 or so making the rides at night that much later and therefore darker. Loved the one I had 2 Thursdays ago.
  13. Snowball, seen you several times and never said hello, but wanted to thank you for what you do. In addition I'd like to thank everyone involved with Carnivale. It is an enormous success made mostly by the people (culinary team included) involved. From the Carnival King and Queen to the staff of the Crafts tent to the performers in the shows, to the sweeps who follow the parade to pick up the leftovers THANK YOU ALL for what you do. I've enjoyed the event 4 times this year and unfortunately won't be making it to your final night (I'll be at CP with the grandkids). I was hoping to be here for the final day and was planning on the kids makings signs saying "Thank You Grand Carnivale" I think it's a fitting gesture to such an awesome event. Maybe some others on here will take the cue to give a little gesture of gratitude to the staff of KI that works so hard to make 16 days of summer over and above entertaining. Again Snowball to you and your fellow cast/staff, please let them know that they are appreciated, loved, and we will miss the Carnivale until it (hopefully) makes it's magical return next year. Maybe I'll get a chance to say hello during haunt
  14. I would suggest tasting cards at other locations (like the information boot) but I think you need to have them at the tents themselves in order to create the impulse buy. Someone may only have 1 more taste left and see 2 things they want to try and instead of buying one extra taste at 7.99 just get a 6 or 9 pack for the discount. You're always going to have register transactions because of the availability to have one-off buys for drinks and tastes. On marking the cards I think another primary reason for the punches is if the systems go "down". If for some reason the scanner stopped working they could just punch the lanyard. I think they need custom punchers as opposed to the office ones they had (they do sell them for heavier stock paper) or the ink pen would work. Stickers may not be viable since they could be removed. One idea for the pen may be a different color for each country? Might be neat to see how many of each country you ended up with. I agree on the ropes as well. Also signs for "Order" and "Pickup" so everyone knows that the lines are different. I'm sure the amount of response they had this year surprised them again. The culinary crew does a fantastic job and I'm confident changes will be made in years to come as this seems to be an incredibly successful event.
  15. Actually it is called "Home Base" The only reason it was ever called a plate was because in the early days of the sport a metal plate was used. https://www.theoleballgame.com/why-is-the-home-plate-called-the-home-plate.html So still, not a plate.
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