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  1. I did overhear this year that Tinkers may very well be heading to the KI Theatre.
  2. I've always thought a dive on The Vortex plot would be ideal and wondered if you could do 300 ft. using the ravine. Valraven always has a decent line at CP and the uptime is decent as well.
  3. Thanks for confirming my memory. I was sure it was originally tied to HH but never saw any article or one saying it. Glad I'm not losing my mind......yet
  4. Really appreciate how they are going all out with the extras. I'll have to check it out in person next time I'm there. Here's looking to the Winterfest Finale
  5. Nice video and I admire the commitment to getting this done. As for Oldschool's comment, Zac does state in the video that blue ice cream has been around since before KI, at least the Blue Moon version. Not sure what you're saying but from what I can see this is well researched and I found the same information on a google search in a City Beat article from June 2022 (https://www.citybeat.com/food-drink/the-true-blue-story-behind-cincinnatis-blue-creamy-whip-13266792). Again, instead of being snide ("that's how we lean") how about teaching him instead. It would go a long way with him and his future creations of his channel.
  6. In addition a single Funpix account can be connected to two season passes. I have one on mine and my grandsons pass incase he goes to the park without me.
  7. Had the cabbage rolls at the French Corner Sunday and they were on point! Never seen nor expected to ever see cabbage rolls in a park but they pulled it off in a spectacular fashion. Also, if you ask they have a plastic top to those trays so you can transport them home. Fantastic job by Chef and his culinary team, I'm looking forward to trying more new offerings in the coming weeks. On the fudge front, they have new flavors for haunt. Sunday I noticed carrot cake, apple pie, vanilla with spider webs and orange and chocolate (Who Dey !). There were some other new flavors as well but I can't remember them. Congrats to sweet spot for keeping the fudge game fresh
  8. I love my Scottevest wear just for such occasions. Don't go to the park without it
  9. Big KI Foodie here. Hopefully chef's plate will return next year!
  10. If memory serves me correctly they tried it there in the past.
  11. My first reaction is maybe the chaperone policy at Camp Cedar is for the safety of the children not to be wandering around alone. As far as your last point most people who drive don't get into accidents, yet still all drivers are required to have insurance. Most people can handle their liquor but there are still age requirements for drinking. When they moved the age from 18 to 21 it was because of a small minority of people under 21 were the issue, not all of them. It's just part of living in a society and if you don't like it you can vote to put people in place to change the laws.
  12. Seems like they will most likely follow Knotts policy. Which by the was news agencies are reporting as being 'well received'. Must be so considering they are extending the chaperone policy to include Sundays. I doubt they would extend it to Sunday's if the policy negatively affected attendance. This may the wave of the future.
  13. I wouldn't say unused, they did have a game (ladder climb) there. Wonder if it brought in more that the VIP considering both would involve only 1 employee to run it.
  14. No, simply that if people 'like you' didn't go I wouldn't have to hear you complaining about things that don't make a bit of difference to the stock holders because CF is still making money. Biggest problem in our country is the stock market. Neither the person providing the service/good nor the consumer is thought of because it's the stock holder (who most of the time is neither the supplier or the consumer) is the one who needs to be happy. Makes no sense. But it is true, if you're not happy with the season pass, then don't buy one. It's the negativity that seems far too prevalent in our society nowadays. They did announce something, Grand Carnivale. Not saying it's a big something but is is something. I guess I was just brought up to be thankful for what I have rather than what I don't. And yes, from being at the park and talking to people I believe a majority of people like shorter lines. Weird thing is the more popular/longer lines seem to have more people in them....
  15. You stated It is the driving me to renew my pass that I took as you being done with Cedar Fair, since there was nothing compelling you to RENEW your season pass. I never said go away and leave it for the rest of us. Simply that I do not share your seeming need for the park to put up something new every year to get me to come back. They haven't added anything new to the water park yet it is still packed during the summer. As far as the 10% and shareholder thing I would point you to their TMM 2019 vs 2022 results in their latest financial disclosures. (they don't look at 2020 and 2021 because of covid reasons and to show how things have rebounded post-pandemic) Attendance for all of CF parks in 2019 was 27.9M and in 2022 was 25.4M a decrease of over 9%. However the net revenues in 2019 were 1.47B and in 2022 were 1.71B and increase of 16% (if I've done my math right). Per capita spending went from 48.32 in 2019 to 61.89 in 2022 with out of park revenues increasing from 169M in 2019 to 193M in 2022. (https://ir.cedarfair.com/overview/default.aspx) Bottom line is season pass attendance isn't the only thing that drives their business. They have diversified very will with the hotel properties and sports complexes (oh, and a golf course) such that even a 9% drop in ATTENDANCE (50% of which would be season pass holders, on average) didn't make a difference in the long run. They are servicing less people and making more money in the meantime. My guess is they could survive a drop in season pass sales at KI (even a large one) which they may face with the new gold pass price point. Not to mention Breakers has been practically sold out with a price increase for this season. I understand about downgrading, I myself am downgrading my grandkids from a platinum to a gold pass this year since I only take them to CP for 1 weekend and only go into the park on one of the days it's cheaper just to get a bring a friend pass on my platinum for them as opposed to paying the extra $100+ for the platinum.
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