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  1. Cedar Point actually had one from 1997 - 2010. I rode it and it was fun, but not something you would or could marathon. (https://coasterpedia.net/wiki/Chaos_(Cedar_Point)) Coasterpedia lists 25 of which 4 are still in operation. (https://coasterpedia.net/wiki/Chaos_(product)) Amusement Ride extravaganza has just over 50 total being built starting in 1996 with production being ceased in 2007. (https://www.ride-extravaganza.com/thrill/chaos/)
  2. Ok so at the park today I noticed a Timberwolf sign with an arrow pointing to the new smoking section on the left. There was another sign there (larger) pointing to the left. My guess is the "clearing" they are doing is for Timberwolf only guests to go through a metal detector, go to the left through the large wooden gate and walk to the left side of Timberwolf. Seems like the smartest thing rather than installing new metal detectors and having an extra security crew.
  3. This show is off the hook, off the chain and out of this world! It is simply the best thing they have ever done in that space. As far as shows this year (being a theatre guy who started a community theatre) I'd still have to give it to Phantom over this. But it is close . FFF is my favorite with Phantom second, Rails third. Although to be sure all of the offerings this year have exceeded my expectations! Kudos to everyone who had something to do with pulling of a very good 1st performance. I look forward to seeing it many more times this year.
  4. I apologize for coming across condescending. I may have went a little out of line. Please realize that when people put out "blue sky ideas" it may come across as critical. (I've been guilty of it as well). Like PTE not being long enough or "having the 3 headliners actually perform a bit more instead of cramming it into a rushed production number", or the "seemingly sloppy, unprofessional way to end the street party parade with how items are taken back afterward. I praise the park at guest relations and to the staff all the time, but also have never posted anything here I would say to them or have not said the them personally. LOL or no LOL. KI employees read these posts too and I'm always trying to be conscious of their feelings. I'm positive the view KI wanted wasn't one of being "seemingly sloppy and unprofessional" and there is probably good reason for the way things are done. Criticism is hard to give and take and I always try to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I'm afraid I missed the mark with my last comment and for that I hope you'll accept my apology. I'll try to keep that in mind in the future, I hope we all do.
  5. Hey Indy my Der Spinning Keggers post got 10 likes! (personal record for me ) How about a poll question for a new flat?
  6. Last time I saw the show it was Brady Bunch. Maybe a copyright issue? Either one would be fine with me. Us who remember the Brady Bunch seem to be dying off and is not quite part of the popular lexicon as the word Groovy (it does kind of give an Austin Powers vibe with the flowers on the buildings. ) Lower to the left and behind the tower may save on battery or that the d in the name might be getting to the edge range of the radio for the drones? Not sure if they are controlled by radio to keep in time with the music or if they are internally programmed individually. Does anyone have any ideas? Best place to see the show is the front gate. The lights on the buildings, laser and lights on the tower and the lights and water in the fountain along with the fire really make it a perfect viewing spot. I always stand to see the fountain lights better rather than sitting, just make sure you're not standing too close to the fountain to give people a chance to sit if they want.
  7. You do realize that the performers in the parade are in the Club show right? They need time to change and need a break after 45+ minutes walking/performing (especially in the heat as it has been). Plus if someone is watching shows continuously they aren't spending money in the park on food/drinks/games/merch/etc. After all they have added a 5th stop (at the front gate). As far as the concept art, it's exactly that. CONCEPT ART. No there is no basketball hoop man (like there is at CP 150th) and no spaghetti bowl (maybe couldn't get the license from Skyline or to have them pay for the costume in time?). Probably was a matter of employees and who could/would commit to a DAILY parade at 6:00 considering every other show has 1 day a week they are off. KI is doing a great job and I wish more people would be appreciative of what they have rather than what they could have. All in all I never expected this level this year. It reminds me of Winterfest. When they brought it back it exceeded my expectations and has stayed at the same high level since it came back. Carnivale, same thing. That's what gives me confidence that the summer entertainment is here to stay. It's much cheaper than a new ride and can be refreshed every couple of years (please keep Phantom around for 2 seasons :)).
  8. Busker jam was original and entertaining. There's a reason Stomp still runs on broadway. My point is back to the Paramount days of very little in the way of entertainment/shows. It seems like Cedar Fair as a hole has been upping entertainment at all it's properties. The Red Garter Halloween Rock show has consistently been one of my favorite shows for the past 10+ years. I don't see the quality going anywhere anytime soon. They have hit their stride and will continue for years to come.
  9. Just cought the last half of the preview show. It was absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to see the full show tomorrow. Nice mix of story and tricks. Must have had 25 or so people involved. KI has definetly upped the show game this year!!!!!! Thought I would add a bit more now that I'm home on my keyboard Like I said I got there about halfway through the show and they had the dancers, drummers, BMX, Roller Baldes, Scooters, Trampolines and a slackliner all at the same time, Too much to take in completely in one sitting but very impressive. I would guess it would be one to re-watch over and over considering it looks like the slackliner was pretty much vamping as well as the other artists. The show also had 2 hosts/singers (one boy, one girl) and a child was the star of the show who was very talented and I can't wait to see him get more comfortable in his role. Very upbeat music, nice story, plenty of action. Can't wait to see the full show tomorrow. If I had to guess the showtimes I would say 1, 2, 3, 4:30 and 5:30. If they do 5 shows a day. Again, that is a guess, we will find out tomorrow! Great Job to the cast and crew shows are back and better than ever at KI this year. Here's to hoping they keep the bar high now that they've raised it!
  10. How close were you sitting? I've found that the closer you sit to the center of the theatre the better. Also I would expect it has alot to do with who is running the soundboard.
  11. To be clear, this year bring a friend free is available Mon - Thur so that won't be a factor. I feel that doing the bring a friend is much better when it is spread out like it is. Helps the park attendance on slow weekdays. Looks like partly cloudy and 80. I would think it will be crowded but only after 1. I usually get to the park early on Sundays and can get about 3-4 major coasters in by 1. 10-Noon will be your best short line times. I would suggest Orion and Flight of Fear, then Backlot Stunt Coaster, Beast, Mystic and Diamondback in that order. Beast, Diamondback and Orion are definitely people movers so don't be deterred later in the day of what lines look like. Have a great day and happy fathers day in advance!
  12. I saw rehearsals for the OffTheRails show. It was the performers, not the riders. 8 female dancers and 8 drummers. What I saw looked really great and it looks like it will be a show featuring BMX/Trampoline segments as opposed to just a BMP/Trampoline exposition. Can't wait to see it.
  13. It may be just me but the one the grandkids and I were on looked like it had new guns. They also seemed to work better. We had no sound effects, maybe it was the new guns? Guess you can always make a "pew pew" noise when you shoot. It would be great if everyone started doing that, it would be our custom sound effect for the ride
  14. I noticed the same thing. The grandkids noticed it too. Also about 3 drones had their lights out. Only really noticeable on the red flag in the 2nd Kings Island. I'm sure there are kinks to work out. I was very impressed with the first night and how flawless it was. They're doing a great job.
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