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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Cedar Point has a locker system that allows you to use any locker once paid. You can use lockers at one coaster and then at another coaster. Not sure of the particulars but would be worth it if you could pay once and use multiple lockers (one at a time).
  2. All I want for Xmas is the webcam's back up
  3. One of the ideas they are floating is requiring getting the vaccine in order to receive the next $1,200 (or whatever amount) stimulus payment. I could imagine many who would argue about getting the vaccine alone would get the vaccine in order to get that cheddar.
  4. Always wondered this myself. To me it can only drive up sales. Parents would be more likely to get their child a pass and once they do KI has the children's birthdate and other info. That child will cherish and hold on to that pass, it will be come a treasured key to get into Kings Island, just like Mom and Dad's pass. Right before they turn 6 KI can send the parent's a "birthday" present by offering 50% off the child's first Gold Pass. Once that happens you now have the gold pass in the child's name and renewing becomes expected. To me having a physical pass becomes an incentive to give
  5. I guess there's alot of places you don't go in Ohio then. Face it, it's the new reality. Most parks moved to non smoking a couple years ago along with zoo's, etc. Sporting events happen 'outside' and more and more stadiums and concert venues are banning smoking altogether. It's KI's right not to have a smoking area, just like it's your right not to go anymore.
  6. I noticed on the Cedar Point Power Tower West camera that the paddlewheel boats are in the water. There are 2 and they have moved since yesterday. I didn't notice them until about a week ago. Wonder if they're trying a soft opening during fall fest? I'll find out as I'll be going the last weekend. Anyone know anything more?
  7. If memory serves me right, last week it was $13.99.
  8. Attended the event yesterday and I cannot express how impressed I am with what Kings Island has done with such a short time to plan. I love the atmosphere and the fact that the whole park is in on the action. Chef Major has upped the theme park food game to a whole different level. Had the Flank Steak yesterday and it was amazing. The line was from Wishbone Grill all the way to Skyline 20 minutes before 5. (I got in line by the starbucks around 35 minutes till 5). Looking forward to doing the tasting card next weekend (you have to use it on the day it was purchased). Seeing all th
  9. Basically when you go into an agreement with a credit card company, season pass agreement, even a facebook account you are agreeing to the small print. They write the small print and have many more lawyers to make sure they are covered by it, that's why it is there. The devil is in the details.
  10. All things are in the small print. Every year we see the same thing "dates and times are subject to change". The past couple of years they have closed when it rained for the day an nobody sued them. The basis for being cheated out of 1 day or a season would hold the same water so I don't see this going any where except for lining lawyers pockets. Cedar Fair took early and gracious action by offering the next year free. What if they said that everyone who wants a refund will get one but as a condition season passes would no longer be available to them since those people didn't adhere to th
  11. I stand corrected. I should have said it held the record in the state until Cedar Point broke the 200ft barrier with magnum.
  12. The Racer is single handedly responsible for the coaster re birth era and should never be touched. Same with The Beast. The Beast held the records for Height, Speed and Length for 10 years. Nothing will ever do that again. Both are ACE landmarks that need to be preserved for their importance of what the coaster industry has become. (Just my opinion :))
  13. I still have my Celebration vinyl album (signed by the cast of course) Best show EVER! Can't find it online, only was able to pull up the Carowinds one. The show after 2 years at KI went there.
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