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  1. Just think of the money that dried off riders in the sun. Little did they know they could have wringed out their clothes, collected the water and at $50 an oz maybe would have had enough for parking
  2. Aside from being a great place for birds to nest, not sure
  3. CF knows what they are doing when it comes to hotels, camp grounds, etc. Just look at the campground at CP. Always full during peak season. I think the probelm here may have been overestimating the amount of people who come to camp. CP is a destination with the park, beach, watersports, etc. People usually go for more than a day or two so camping makes sense from a money standpoint. KI has no beach and can usually be tackled in 1 day (especially with a fastpass). Plus the campsites are not a walk to the park like the ones at CP are. Completely agree that the old KI Inn site should have been used for a Hotel. However it would have to be a "Breakers Express" type pricing because of Great Wolf Lodge so close.
  4. Thanks, I knew you'd be able to help! I'm almost positive the spinning tonel was used in CarnEvil both when it was in the Festhaus and in the Snoopy Theatre. Miss that maze, it was a good one.
  5. I'll take a stab at these (pun intended ) 1) I'm sure there are re-used props I just can't recall where they are, maybe someone else can help. 2) The current Kings Island Theatre is the same building as was the Paramount Theatre. It was originally known as the American Heritage Music Hall when it opened in 1977. The original Kings Island Theatre was built with the park in 1972 and was a large vinyl structure supported by air roughly located where Tower Gardens now stands. For more information: https://KICentral.com/parkhistory/past-attractions/kings-island-theater/ 3) What is scary is up to those who are being scared. Most mazes were scarier in the past just as a matter of the times. One year I remember that the scareactors were allowed to touch you (you still couldn't touch them). This lasted only about a year or two. Since then they have seemed to become more "jump" scares rather than horror in order to be more appopriate for the times. 4) Don't remember the sewer maze but they did have the 3D clowns maze in the Festhaus for a couple of years while they still had a show going on. They simply put up walls to make the maze and it was located on the right as you entered the building. This is what I recall and actual results may vary Hope it helps!
  6. Couldn't agree more. I've been watching the cams often this morning as well. Knowing they have to shovel Mystic it's no wonder why The Racer or Beast isn't open during Winterfest
  7. It is absolutely beyond me how anyone can claim the the park is doing something as a cost-cutting measure especially after this past year. So many things done that didn't have to be done. Grand Carousel refurbishment, Re-track of The Beast, re-track and re-paint of Racer (which they seem to be finishing the re-tracking on this off season), the quality and diversity of food offerings not to forget an absolutely fantastic set of shows including one which (in my opinion) is the greatest show ever in the history of the park (especially considering it was original and specific to an IP of the park) and the fabulous Fun, Fireworks and 50. Seems like if they wanted to cut costs they wouldn't have done that show every night (weather permitting). Not to mention the imporvements they continued to make to it even after the first night. Oh, and there is also the nightly closure to Haunt which in my opinion is over and above. The job the management and employees have done top-to-bottom this year has been oustanding and I do everything I can to thank employees for working when I enteract with them or see the maintenance crews walking around or the "top brass" when I'm in the park. As for closing early, they did announce it ahead of time and I would rather have 3 hours in the park than none at all. The bad weather didn't come till an hour and a half after the park closed. I think management did the right thing. These things are the reason KI is my favorite park. It has that small-hometown feel that you just don't get at the larger theme parks. Most of that is because of people (some of them on this board) who care and take a great interest in the growth and development of the park. If you think for one minute that the upper managment at KI is only concerned with money then you haven't been paying attention very much. Our park is run very well and has been for a while. We are lucky and if you don't think so just look at the mess the House of Mouse is going through with constantly raising ticket prices, changing pass structures and upper management shake-ups. That being said I will admit the "Prestige Pass" is a miss in my opinion and could be construed as a money grab. I think they will see the error and learn from this in time. In the past they have done the opposite such as being the first park to extend season passes to the next year during COVID. Personally I don't need a "Prestige Pass" to feel entitled because I already have that feeling by having KI so close to my home. It's the interactions with employees, people on this board and freinds I have made at the park that are priceless.
  8. Thanks for the tip, I'll get one my next trip if they are there!
  9. Went last Saturday with the granddaughter, had a great time. Couple things I noticed. The prarade didn't stop at it's first stop. Is this normal? Some of the people on the floats looked surprised that the audience participation part of the music didn't come on. The parade just stopped, then started up again. Not sure if it was temp or what. Also I coun't fin the price of the new picture book, they should have as sign with it on the table where they are displaying them. I'm pretty sure it's $75, but many were wondering the same thing around me. Also at the left of the front gate (facing the tower) there was a book I had never seen "goodbye coney island goodbye". All the covers seemd to have water damage on them. After thinking about it it made sense that this was on purpose because I believe the book is pictures of coney island after the flood that lead to it's closing. Anyway thought I'd mention it since I never noticed it before and never saw anything on it here. Couldn't figure the price on that on either. I looked on the back but didn't have my glasses so it may have been in the small print. Either way, another fantastic night, can't believe there are only 2 weeks left in the season and we are already on to weekday operations. Keep up the good work KI looking forward to ending the greatest season ever with a bang on NYE
  10. Being a programmer I can say that it would be relatively simple to rotate the video tag(s) using css. It's a transform function. 5 minutes tops. But I can understand they are busy. The problem is one of public perception. "If they can't get a video image correctly orriented can I trust them with my cc info?" I understand it's apples and oranges but there are plenty of the GP that taste and orange with an apple in their hand, you just have to repeat the lie enough times for them to believe it. (sorry, for the tangent, but I think some of you will get my meaning )
  11. If you look though the fence when you walk from Planet Snoopy over to the waterpark you can see it. Close to where the walk way over the train is. It's not accessable to GP.
  12. At this point it almost seems that Cedar Fair should forget the Prestige pass and refund the difference between a prestigue and either gold or platinum depending on if a regular or plus was purchased. The idea seems to be way to confusing and I fear may end up being perceived as a bait-and-switch by some if it already hasn't been percieved that way already.
  13. Went last night and had a great time. Cheers againt to the Culinary team for all the new offerings. The Meatloaf Burger was outstanding and I can't wait to try the other Winterfest goodies. Saw the Swinging show in the Feasthaus and it was fantastic. Good amount of audience participation and the band and singers were great! Also saw what the Dickens and it is definitely a very re-watchable show. The cast does a great job. Finished the night with the parade and it was fantastic as always. Such great energy and a good way to start the xmas season. Kudos to all the staff at KI for getting the park ready for Winterfest. Your hard work and dedication are appreciated!
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