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  1. With grand kids ages 7, 4 & 3 I am excited about the return of the antique cars next year. My daughter even bought me a shirt for christmas!
  2. I agree. I have one from the very first season! One of my prized possessions!
  3. Yes, we've got 4 of them made. Last time we were there early (4:30) and the building had a sign to go to the windows. They were set up with cameras and able to process a new pass for my son.
  4. Reddi Wip - Maybe an whip ride (like the beetle bugs) but one that whole family can ride
  5. Hot chocolate/coffee is not included on the drink plan, there is a separate mug and charge. ($10.99 for the refill mug. Free refills day of purchase and $1 after that).
  6. Nice to see they finally have this information available. You do have to go to the 2nd screen (after saying how many tickets) to see the blackout dates. The park hours tab only shows the hours for Winterfest itself, not the buffet. Just so everyone is clear. Next open date seems to be Sunday.
  7. The International Restaurant has a different, more upscale menu than the Red's Grill. From memory the Red's Grill has Turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, breads and that's all I can remember at the moment (Bodda may remember more). As for the International restaurant below is a pic I took of the menu. They also have a cash bar to the left at the top of the stairs! If they are open or not is dependent on company sell-outs. I have told them they need to post when these are so people can plan accordingly. I would love to take my wife to the International buffet but would like to know when it is available to the general public. (Hopefully Don H. can help with this?) Most food places have special holiday menu options below is from the festhaus: Hope this helps....
  8. Went both Friday and Saturday night. The Lighting Ceremony is not to be missed. Simply magical! The new addition of Flight of Cheer as well as 'icicle lane' (where pumpkin eater was) is a great addition. Winterfest is definitely an improvement over an already spectacular event. The buffet in the international restaurant is $30 (24.99 for pass holders, i believe) and you can walk up without a reservation. The best part is to the left of the top of the stairs they have a cash bar! You can go up and enjoy an adult beverage and enjoy the view over international street! Definitely a great idea. Talking with the staff I found out that the international restaurant may be closed during "private events". I hope they communicate these times to the general public (lookin' at you Don :)) so as to know when it is not available. It would be nice to have an employee able to take pictures (or even have fun pix) for the snow globe. Seems like Fun Pix may be missing out on an opportunity there. Finally my main suggestion to improve the event is the same as last year: the Ice Carvers should have an announcer! Just someone to tell information like where the ice comes from? How long do they last? Is special oil needed for the equipment? What kind of equipment is used? How long does it take to be an ice scalper and how does one go about it? What is the name and experience of the sculptors? What is the history of Ice Sculpting (year, country of origin, etc.)? In addition they could be promoting the company that is doing the sculptures. Suggesting that they are available for weddings, Christmas parties, etc. It seems like it would be a small add with big payback. Overall a fantastic opening weekend. Well staffed and everyone was smiling. KI Keep up the good work!
  9. Invertigo is interesting from the standpoint that they could get it out of the way to use the space for a "front gate" coaster like other properties have been getting. It would be a tight fit, but having a coaster at the front (and in CP's case most) gates seems to be the trend.
  10. Still waiting for them to do the Pre-K pass at KI. My grandson just turned 4 and I'm taking him to CP in 3 weeks. He'll be able to get a Pre-K pass for free for the rest of this year and next. The Pre-K pass is a win-win. It encourages adults not to sneak a kid in (or pay for a pass 3/4 of the way through a season) and in addition the park KNOWS when your child turns 5 and can give you 'incentives' for a first-time gold pass purchase.
  11. Doesn't mean we could have both a Racer touch up and the wheel!
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