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  1. He died March 20, 2020 of natural causes at the age of 81.
  2. Do we have confirmation that they are even doing fireworks this year?
  3. Just got back from Cedar Point. I was expecting things to be not-so great by the reviews I've seen and I could not have been more wrong. It felt just like KI with the exception of 2 things. 1) ALOT of EMT's in red shirts walking around with their packs in the case of anyone needing help. 2) cleaning EVERYWHERE. Everything was either being wiped down or sprayed. On most of the flats they were wiping down seats every cycle. We stayed at the Breakers and it was great. Social distancing and masks were being worn (you always have your occasional people who forget, tapping your mask seems to put them in line). Also even on the beach social distancing was being followed. Also there were signs on the elevators for 1 party at a time and you had to get a temp check every 2 days. They gave you a wristband (they would replace it if it was lost) and you needed it to be on the boardwalk or the beach. We went to Perkins in the hotel and they made sure we all had adequate bands on. There were also tons of shows. all outdoor and all very good. The country show usually in the red garter saloon had a stage set up across the walkway. Nice to see the entertainment department getting some love up there. My granddaughter who is 5 was involved in one of the shows. They would put down hula-hoops to make sure those participating were socially distanced and at the end they gave her a toy yo-yo using "grabbers" as to not touch them. It was very cute. Everything was running and I only noticed about 1 or 2 shops/eateries closed. One other big thing I noticed was on Thursday no games were open at all. They were open Fri-Sun but on Thursday they were all closed up (the ones to the right on the main midway). They must have needed the employees in other places and it's nice to see them not going for the money-grab. All in all we had a great time. Breakers and the park both did an admirable job and we are all glad we went. Kudo's to both the hotel and the park.
  4. Talking about changes at the Point. I can confirm that they are actually building new "deluxe" rv spaces in the space previously occupied by Sandcastle Suites. They have it fenced of as they are not quite done yet, but expect them for next season to be available. (Pics taken by myself).
  5. they were down for live video if you clicked on them until yesterday. Looking at them on the page the static image was there, just the video was "not found"
  6. FYI Cedar Point's web cams are back up! Right on time considering we'll be there the next 4 days so it won't matter till I get back (I look for them every morning, along with KI's) Just a nice way to start the day.
  7. I absolutely agree. But a small investment would go a long way in my opinion.
  8. One thing I noticed that could be improved is there seems to be a lot of confusion on where the line for Orion is. I saw multiple people holding up their cards and getting in line for Flight of Fear. The attendant wasn't very attentive, he should have made sure they were in the right line. A large sign in the middle of the plaza pointing to Flight of Fear (left) and Orion (right) may go along way. Imagine getting in line for Flight of Fear only to realize after your time has expired that you are in the wrong queue. Just a suggestion.
  9. Hope you have a great time and don't forget to hop back on here afterwards and give us your thoughs!
  10. Can't afford electricity? What did they do with the Billion dollar note they got this year to hold them over? Cedar Fair is fine especially now that income will start resuming from the ez-pay arrangements. We'll find out more August 5 during the shareholder's call. https://ir.cedarfair.com/news/news-details/2020/Cedar-Fair-Completes-Issuance-of-10-Billion-Senior-Secured-Notes/default.aspx
  11. I think TTD was closed indirectly because of covid. I'm pretty sure they got new parts for the motor and upgraded it in the off season and simply ran out of time because of having to build plexiglass shields, etc. to prepare for covid around the park. A new motor would need more testing. Still haven't heard if this is true but I do remember at the end of last year Tony did say something about a motor upgrade for TTD. I believe the main reason was to have better uptime. I do know it has been seen testing this past week. I did find this on PointBuzz that was posted today: https://forums.pointbuzz.com/Forums/Topic/ttd-3 Rob was right they transferred the 6th off before operating the ride. I got two rides yesterday. No change in forces or anything but still a good a ride as ever. From what I understand most of the launch system was EOL and it was time for overhaul. I saw no rollbacks even during testing so maybe a computer or system adjustment to minimize that as well?
  12. Kudos to Cedar Fair for the decisive and early decision to bite the bullet and extend all passes through 2021. They were the first and I believe the only ones to extend through the next year. I have done my best to spend over and above what I normally would this season just to hopefully help them out and show my appreciation. Kudos also to the IT department at Kings Island. I believe most of the IT for the chain is developed from and tested at KI. They did a great job with the reservation system (as long as it lasted) and their efforts are appreciated. Finally kudo's to the staff at KI. All levels of management and employees. I can honestly say I have yet to run across an employee that was negative about the situation this year. Keep up the good work, it's noticed and appreciated. "Thanks for working 2020"
  13. It would be possible the numerator would go up as well. What about people that have died that showed symptoms but they didn't give a test to?? Also the flu is not as deadly as COVID. The truth is we just don't know and may never know the actual numbers. One thing is true, this particular strain did and has become a pandemic. A title the the "seasonal" flu never received. You may not believe in the science or the virus, but it does believe in you. Better safe than sorry, especially when sorry will be the last thing some may feel. Our forefathers sacrificed much more through wars, the depression, etc. I don't think most people today would be able to go through what the greatest generation survived through WWII. Whenever I think things are tough, I remember I would only have to endure this for a year or 2 as opposed to 5 years. They stood in a bread line, I stand in line for tools at home depot. They put on flight suits, I put on a mask.
  14. OK, so 7X greater than the flu. Except for this the CDC you referenced are requesting face masks and social distancing. Two things they have never brought up before in flu seasons. https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2020/p0714-americans-to-wear-masks.html
  15. Don't know where you learned your math, but 6% is much larger than 0.1%. Plus, how would you feel if a relative of yours was in either of those percentages. https://www.wfla.com/news/by-the-numbers/coronavirus-vs-flu-how-deaths-number-of-cases-compare/ In 2019, the CDC reported that 0.1 percent of people who contracted the flu in the United States died. So far, more than 6 percent of people with coronavirus cases have died, around 52 times higher than the flu’s death rate.
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