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  1. Just because you see Chef James leaving doesn't mean it's over. He had 3-4 sous chef's manning the grill. I think he just starts it up and once they are auto pilot he leaves. So next time, check at the grill.
  2. Well after 2 rain-outs they first chef's plate of 2021 happened! The line started forming around 4:15 for the chefs plate. At 5 the line seems to almost reach Skyline. It was, as usual, amazing. The glaze on the pork belly was fantastic and paired well with the zucchini & corn fritter. The brussel sprouts and onions were a nice bonus. Well done Culinary Team! Looking forward to next week.
  3. Make no mistake, in our society it's not about the workers or the customer, it's ONLY about the stockholder and the almighty dollar.
  4. I know it's not probable but I would love to see trams in the parking lot come back. Granted, it takes away value for preferred parking, but it would help with less pedestrians in the parking lot and also provide supervision of the parking lot as well as the drop off area. I would think that a company would be interested in providing a discount/paying for electric trams that could be used. It may mean more employees, but right now it seems you need security guards out at the "parent drop-off (terrible name:))" area either way. It would also be a nice nod back to the opening of KI.
  5. Went to Coney BBQ yesterday to try the new monthly special Smoked Boneless Short Ribs, House Peach BBQ Sauce and Cucumber Salad. Had it and it was good. The Peach BBQ isn't something I would normally try but it was tasty. Also noticed at the Chicken Shack they had a "wing sauce of the month". Maple Bourbon Glaze. Very good. Bon Appetit!
  6. Have not seen them at CP or KI this year.
  7. Ended up wondering into Jukebox Diner last night to just look at the menu and glad I did. Not only do they have a monthly special (Turkey Ruben currently) but I noticed a patty melt on the menu I had never noticed before. Since it was on the meal plan I got it and it was fantastic! I used to get LaRosa's pizza, Skyline or Panda Express about 4-3 years ago but recently I've been looking exclusively at items I can only get at KI and have not been disappointed. I think KI should do more to point out the new menu items available every year as well as maybe a blog post on the "monthly spe
  8. I could see how it could be interpreted that way, but if you know the Chef's Plate from last year, you know it was only once a week. Also I believe Don has stated in these forums that it will be back but on a week day, not on Saturday. BTW, the buffalo dip (this months at Brew House) is fantastic.
  9. Fun-Zone would be a must. And while we're at it get him back at Timberwolf!
  10. As was clearly stated on the blog it is every Wednesday at 5pm. They are using it to bring in people on a normally low attendance day this year so hopefully the line won't have to form an hour and a half before service.
  11. From what I understand they are pulling international employees, not many of them at KI.
  12. True. I've heard that they are pulling alot of internationals from other parks to CP to make sure they are as fully staffed as possible. Seems like management got the message from last weekend and seems to have adjusted. I will say our experience so far this weekend is on par with what we expect. The Hotel Breakers staff is fantastic as always and every employee has been a pleasure to interact with. The one disappointment is Famous Dave's isn't open till next weekend, So maybe Tomo's two nights in a row
  13. Starting in 2008 employers have done the same or more with less employees with the hope from the employees that when conditions become better the employers will hire back to the employment levels before 2008. That didn't happen. Instead employees continued to be overworked just thankful to have a job. This adjustment is a long time coming. The difference in wages may mean a park gets a major attraction every 4 years instead of every 2. Notice the full time workers for food. Parks are concentrating more on the dining experience as that's where the profit is. Universal has made a big deal
  14. Didn't notice. Went to Bay Harbor for dinner at 7:45 and didn't notice anything running after 8. Will check tomorrow when we'll stay in the park till close. Lines for GateKeeper, Blue Streak, Raptor and Valraven were practically non-existent. We got in line for Valraven and the FLP line was just as long as the regular queue. I didn't notice any long food lines either. Definitely better than last weekend to come up. I'll try and give an update tomorrow.
  15. My wife and I are here for the weekend. They did severely cut number of reservations. At 6:17 line for SV is 1 hour and Maverick is 45 minutes.
  16. CP has a Pre-K pass. It's free and you can get it as long as they haven't turned 6 yet. Hopefully the rest of CF parks will follow suit.
  17. And now I'll have the Ramones going through my head for a while.
  18. KI had significant issues their opening weekend. The credit card machines took 4-5 times as long to process and lines for food were the longest I've ever seen at the park (with the exception of fall fest).
  19. 1. True, hopefully next year will bring back the international visas. Also, CP only has 50% of the workforce population of KI since no one lives in the water. 2. I concur. 3. I laugh (and concur)
  20. All I can hear in my head now is the character Goldmember
  21. I've said it for a couple years now. I would like to see a tip of the hat to the old closing. If memory serves me correctly there was a hot air balloon launch, a bi-plane (snoopy) vs tri-plane (red baron) and skydivers. May be a bit hard depending on the condition of the tri plane but I'm sure the last two came from warren county airport. And of course on the show side I would love to see Celebration back. Such a classic show.
  22. Maybe they tier it with one price for 1 time rides and another price for unlimited (like FP is now). One thing is for sure I can see all parks going to a Flash Pass (like six flags) option in the future. Basically you reserve a virtual place in line and get notified when it's your time to ride. This means more people spending time and money around the park than being in line for 2+ hours.
  23. After thinking further about it, this year is probably an anomaly as far as fast pass goes. I'm sure many people bought the all season Fast Lane last year (considering it would be good for 2 years) and with the stimulus more people are buying fast pass this year when they visit. I'm expecting fast pass lines to be longer than normal this year, but they will be back to normal next year.
  24. I see your point but still think that if they can allow me a meal every 4 hours or drink every 15 minutes with the meal plan, then they can pull this off with the Fast Lane as well. Another thing they should do is allow the app to show you how much time you have left until your next meal or drink. I think they have the logistics to pull it off, they just need to find a financial reason to do so.
  25. I think Fast Pass should be re-worked. I would like to see it be allowed for 1 ride per day. This way it keep people from marathoning and still ensures that everyone get's to ride that bought one. They do it with the dining plan, seems like they could do it with this. The person at the front of the line could verify you had a pass (wrist band) and the person at the end could scan you in (in case the ride breaks down or you get out of line). Going to a park and seeing someone ride 5 times while you're in line for 2 hours just because they threw money at the park is a deterrent for peo
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