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  1. Being a programmer I can say that it would be relatively simple to rotate the video tag(s) using css. It's a transform function. 5 minutes tops. But I can understand they are busy. The problem is one of public perception. "If they can't get a video image correctly orriented can I trust them with my cc info?" I understand it's apples and oranges but there are plenty of the GP that taste and orange with an apple in their hand, you just have to repeat the lie enough times for them to believe it. (sorry, for the tangent, but I think some of you will get my meaning )
  2. If you look though the fence when you walk from Planet Snoopy over to the waterpark you can see it. Close to where the walk way over the train is. It's not accessable to GP.
  3. At this point it almost seems that Cedar Fair should forget the Prestige pass and refund the difference between a prestigue and either gold or platinum depending on if a regular or plus was purchased. The idea seems to be way to confusing and I fear may end up being perceived as a bait-and-switch by some if it already hasn't been percieved that way already.
  4. Went last night and had a great time. Cheers againt to the Culinary team for all the new offerings. The Meatloaf Burger was outstanding and I can't wait to try the other Winterfest goodies. Saw the Swinging show in the Feasthaus and it was fantastic. Good amount of audience participation and the band and singers were great! Also saw what the Dickens and it is definitely a very re-watchable show. The cast does a great job. Finished the night with the parade and it was fantastic as always. Such great energy and a good way to start the xmas season. Kudos to all the staff at KI for getting the park ready for Winterfest. Your hard work and dedication are appreciated!
  5. Had the Meatloaf Burger and it was fantastic! Also looking forward to trying German Chicken and Dumpligs and the Beef Wellington Burger at the "French Corner".
  6. That or the upside down....Stranger Things Dark Ride confirmed lol.
  7. The new cameras are definitely pushing more information, you can tell by the studder in the live views. Looking forward to seeing them during Winterfest!
  8. Seems as though the first two live cams have been changed. Good news is a better wider view. Bad news....They are upside down Hope they fix it because the new views are fantastic! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/live-video
  9. Went to Haunt about 8 time and it was great. Once again the shows department hit it out of the park with Nightwalkers (even though iI still think t should have been called Night of the Banshee but I spoke to that in a different post ). The extra food offerings were exceptional especially the cabbage rolls! Kudos to the culinary team for pulling off the extended menu and I'm looking forward to the special offerings for Winterfest. Got a lot of good scares in the mazes (Hotel St. Michelle is a great addition) and the scareactors did a great job. Couple of my thoughts. I much preferred Pumpkin Eater where it was last year in the back of the park. Where it was in Action Zone it was easy to miss the experience unless you moved to the left when entering, which you would have only done to eat a chicken shack, ride Invertigo or find cornstalkers. Those going to Banshee, bat the ice cream most likely missed the heart of the experience. I would love to have a cornstalkers in white water canyon the way it is at CP. Wife and I went to CP the last weekend (like we have for the past 20 years) and cornstakers 2.0 was amazing (It's done in Thunder Canyon). It is a very intense maze, single file in some sections. It's truly hard to see where and when they are going to jump at you. Actually went to the final night of haunt after getting back from CP. (Rode front seat of Millennium Force at 11am Sunday and front seat of Beast at 9pm ) Fog last night was off the chain with the weather. Also even though the outdoor attractions were closed they move the scareactors from those mazes to the indoor ones making them more intense! My biggest disappointment was the weather did keep Nightwalkers from performing (was wanting to see the last show like I did Phantom and FF50). Not sure what was up with the fountains but had they been on I would have stayed for the last closing ceremony. Overall with the staffing challenges I found Haunt to be enjoyable. Great shows, food and employee interactions. Kudo's to all who work the event your efforts are truly appreciated. Here's looking forward to Winterfest and closing out what has been by far the best season I have ever experience at my home park!!!
  10. I don't mind the tree going up. I see it as advertisement for Winterfest. The way weather is around here I say do it while you can. Plus there is a LOT of stuff already up around the park if you know where to look (it's just hidden better).
  11. I'm not picky on what is done as long as it is kept up and lasts. No sense in doing theming that will just end up not working in a couple of years.
  12. Going by the artwork I count 24 "cars" but it may be two abreast, which would be 48. Hard to tell from the rendering. Hopefully it is the 48. With the attendance KI has been getting it seem the capacity would come to good use.
  13. Agreed, being a thespian if you have a full fly tower, you should use a full fly tower!
  14. Not to mention if anyone saw the Q&A with Mr. Bastrup he obviously has ideas for the new attraction. My guess still is he was in town to dot the i's and cross the t's over a contract for something new in 24. (Fingers crossed).
  15. Agree it should have never got that far. Clearly what CF did was above and beyond with giving an extra year. Talking about what CF spent don't forget what the plaintiffs spent. As I've said before I'm pretty sure CF has attorneys on the payroll. Either way once again the only real winners are the lawyers. I've always stated the only way to fix our legal system is having an automatic counter suit against the plaintiffs for 1/2 of what they are asking for from the defendants. Would stop a lot of fraudulent and pro-bono lawsuits that clog up our system.
  16. In a unanimous 7-0 decision the Ohio Supreme Court finds Cedar Point NOT required to issue refunds for pandemic shortened season. https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2022/10/cedar-point-not-required-to-issue-refunds-for-pandemic-shortened-season-ohio-supreme-court-rules.html
  17. Watch Beverly Hills Cop III and it will really make you scared of the chains.
  18. Loved the ride. The design was impressive. Usually in a ferris wheel type ride one the whole ride stopped to let on more riders. This design does away with that allowing for a continuous experience while the other side loads. Would be nice to see this type of ride make a comeback updated with today's tech. And, of course, if you haven't already you can see it in action in Beverly Hills Cop III.
  19. And here seems to be the tea-cup we're getting (also Zamperla). https://www.zamperla.com/products/tea-cup/
  20. This looks like what the sol spin would be: https://www.zamperla.com/products/endeavour/
  21. KEGGERS!!!!!!! (without the tilting platform)
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