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  1. Saw the 4:00 and the 5:00 show on the last day of the show. The public's reaction to this show is simply the biggest show of support and love I have ever seen for a show at KI and I have been to several last performances. The 4 o'clock show went into the overflow and every seat except the last 2 center rows were filled. The 5 o'clock show had about 30 less people than the 4 o'clock. The line for the 4 o'clock show stretched down to Delerium 25 minutes before the show and (because the went the other way) down to the women's restroom for the 5 o'clock show 25 minutes before the start of the show. Both crowds were definitely into the performances but the 5 crowd was definitely the most enthused. My hands actually were sore from clapping so much. Clapping along to Welcome to the Theatre, Happy Feet and the entire finale & curtain call. The cast was definitely on point and had so many special moments in both shows. For example Boris hugging instead of threatening Houdilini before Caught in the Ropes, Maestro hitting the high note along with Hilda when she breaks his 2nd glass of wine. For both shows the cast definitely fed off of the audience and vice-versa. Again, it was simply a one of a kind show and outpouring of love to the cast and from the cast back to the fans. The adlibs didn't detract from the show but were a nice nod the the regulars who watch the show. Maestro said, and I'm paraphrasing, "We won't be back until at least next Summer". I was clapping and didn't catch Larry's line but I believe he did confirm the return next season of the show! Can anyone else confirm what Larry said? I also overheard that they have a 3 year contract. Seems to me the would do the same show next year and then change it for the 24 season to fall in line with the return of the Phantom Theatre ride! Just speculation but that would make alot of sense and keep the interest and excitement up for the rides return. Once again to the cast and everyone involved with the show you have simply created, in my opinion and the opinion of many others, the best show ever to be at Kings Island. From the conception, to the writing, choreography, direction and the execution the show is simply perfection. Thanks for giving us a memorable experience many of us, along with all of you, will never forget. Here's to your hopeful return next year. But even you it doesn't come back, know that you have cemented yourselfs in the lore of Kings Island Live Entertainment group. Well done and Bravo!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I don't necessarily find it inconsistent when you consider supply and demand (that darn capitalism thing again) and you look closer. For example, Wonderland Gold does NOT include parking which is a $60 CND($47 USD) add on for general parking for the full year ($25 CND ($20 USD) on a daily basis). My guess is Cedar Point sells half to two thirds the number of gold passes as the other parks. They are not land-locked and therefore half the perspective customer base that lives within a 50 mile radius of the park. This is also the 2nd year they are offering Gold so I think they are giving it some time to catch on. Also it doesn't include early entry nor winterfest. It seems as though the strategy is to not just automatically sell passess for $99 just to get them in the door but to have the passes better match what the user is getting for their money.
  3. More info. https://www.cedarpoint.com/new-in-2023/wild-mouse 52 feet tall, 1,312 feet long with six mouse themed cars and 1 cheese themed. All cars are 4 passenger.. Neat idea. 48" or 42" with a companion. Oh and one more thing, Tony says in the announcement that it will be Cedar Points 18th roller coaster. They currently have 17 COUNTING DRAGSTER! So it would seem Top Thrill will be around next season. Now if and when it will be running is a different story........
  4. Excited to see the new area next year. This will actually open up an area where matterhorn and the scrambler are now. From the drawing wild mouse is indeed a new spinning coaster and not a relocated psycho mouse. Renaming Tiki Twirl back to Calypso is a nice touch also.
  5. in addition they continually play KC and the Sunshine Band
  6. ALL of the shows this year are a step above. Even the Peanuts show. Off the rails is weather permitting but very entertaining and depending on your love of theatre you may want to see Phantom twice.
  7. Montgomery Inn was served where the Brewhouse was along with the saratoga chips and Montgomery Inn cole slaw. At the same time you could also get the ribs, chips and cole slaw at Cedar Point where Famous Daves is now.
  8. Rick Bastrup part of R & R Creative Amusement Designs, Inc. They created Phantom Theatre.
  9. Can't see Phantom Theatre for next year. However, considering a recent trip from California by a certain creator it would seem a decent chance that that trip was to make a presentation/sign a deal for Phantom to come in the 2024 season. Unless, of course, as I speculated in an earlier thread, they have already started on it in the Action Theatre.
  10. Remember that a person of a different race didn't choose that race. They were born that way. Children (including teenagers) have the ability to learn and adapt for the most part. They are a product of the environment which they are brought up in and, for the most part, parents are responsible for that. If there is a high school party at a home with alcohol involved the parents of that home are held responsible. Teens can choose whether or not to follow rules. A person of color can't choose to be caucasian. At one time you could buy beer at 18 in Ohio. They changed the law to 21. To be sure not everyone who was under 21 was drinking irresponsibly. Most laws that are made are to protect the greater good but are usually made because of a minority of people. For the most part these laws are put into place because of data. For the whole part they are put in by our elected officials. That is democracy. Several things are not legal in the US that are ok in other countries. In France you can drink alcohol at 16 in public with your parents. Jaywalking is not legal in the US, but it is in Canada (In us motor vehicles have the right of way on roads but it's the other way around up north). And most famously Kinder Eggs (chocolate eggs with toys inside) have to be sold differently in the US as no foreign no food object can be contained inside a food. For the longest time they could not be sold in the US. Finally their design was modified to make a half egg/half toy holding hybrid. Now the object in the chocolate would only be a danger to small children or people who don't read yet everyone in the country (including teens and adults) were affected by this law. When I was growing up I never went to KI unattended. Mostly because my parents thought it to be dangerous (stranger danger, etc.) However with the advent of cell phones and corporations making sure to maximize profits to put one in every 7 year old's hands things have changed and I appreciate that (although my children never had a cell phone until they could drive). That being said, If this trend keeps going without something being done by the parks, you may reach a point where more people decide not to go to a park because of unchaperoned teens than teens not going to the park because they cannot be chaperoned so where to draw the line? Most recently talks have been going on about raising the driving age. It's 18 in 11 states and 17 in 18 states. So in 39 of the 50 states you have to be over 17 to have a full license. (https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/driving-age-by-state) More interestingly in NO state can you be under 20 and rent a car. Do you think a 16 year old should be able to rent a car? how about 18? 2 of my three children had accidents between the age of 16 and 18. I still can't understand how kids that are new drivers are sometimes encouraged to drive to school. Kind of like having all the new drivers in the town converge on the same destination. Kind of defies logic. And further more if a minor has a car accident that results in a death the parents can be held responsible. Seems more appropriate to raise the age to 21 for driving since then they are considered an adult, but that would affect car sales, gas sales, insurance companies (who charge higher for younger drivers) etc. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Keep an eye on the blog. Last weekend it was in Timberwolf (not sure if meal plan works when it's there or not). I would expect the food truck back this weekend in the park and then back in timberwolf the week after for Daryl Hall.
  12. For those that missed it the first offering from the KI Food Truck was the Three Amigos. Fantastic! Great Job Chef and the Culinary Team!
  13. BTW, The sticker wasn't on the Geyser sign when I looked. But the Geyser sign was still there, however the Geysers were not. (Image taken by me.)
  14. I saw it as well, will look for it today.
  15. Boo Blasters is hardly Slingshot. Let me know how many people were injured on each. Point is 99% sure Boo will be back next year (need to keep the joke in the show relevant )
  16. I actually would. Boo blasters has had work done on it last off-season. Plus if they were going to replace it work would have had to start before they knew the popularity of Phantom Theatre Encore. That being said if they were going to replace Boo Blasters that would be more probable for the 2024 season. However there is a large building that is not doing anything that they could be working on without anyone noticing. Of course I'm talking about the old Action Theatre. It would be tough, but I think they could have a phantom reboot in that building by next season. I'll have to check from the tower if there is any action around there next visit.
  17. I've had it about 4 times now and it's been consistently non-soggy. I always take a knife and fork just in case. Another favorite of mine is the Big Dog at Brewhouse and the last 2 I've had there have been soggy to the point of knife and forking it.
  18. Fantastic news. Can't wait to try. Kudos to the Culinary Team. KI Foodies are the luckiest Foodies in the world
  19. Fantastic event, thanks to everyone who put it together and the Ushers of the theatre to put in the overtime
  20. Nothing to worry about they are not armed (yet )
  21. I wasn't there for the actual show but was there earlier in the day around noon and they were testing and trying to stress the system. I didn't notice any cut outs so I'm assuming they remedied the problem. I haven't heard anything negative about the sound so hopefully that and the other issues were remedied. Of course the more people they have the more they will have to push the system (bodies absorb sound). I'm guessing 3 Doors Down or Daryl Hall may be the only two that get close to selling out and will test the system a bit more.
  22. I've seen the show 5 times (once again today) and it's always been the 22-25 minute show.
  23. 5) Skyride (original placement, simply iconic). 4) The Rotor 3) Zodiac 2) Bayern Kurve 1) Der Spinnen Keggers
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