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  1. Ahh if only they ran the Monster backwards.
  2. So is it closing indefinitely? I read it in the paper today.
  3. No, just the forum that the first guy proposed, the Over 30 forum, if it was for some reason ever created. Nothing that exists yet.
  4. I know there probaly is no way to regulate the over 30 forum but if it did come about could people under thirty get to view the forum without getting to post in it? I myself enjoy reading about the old Kings Island and would enjoy other peoples stories.
  5. No. Am I just supposed to take your word for it? If so then you validate nothing for me.
  6. Maybe you can make these decisions when you become head of fox 19's morning news team. Or when you become a landscaper.
  7. We already have a ride like that. IJ:ST. CSI is a horrible show anyway, I personaly think it would be a bad idea.
  8. I think ths place will do pretty good. Remember when the Holidome was put in, that place got some good business and all they had was putt-putt, pool, and a play area. This place is going to be real classy, and it's gonna have all the bells and whistles. I think it will do very well in th long run.
  9. Are we saying taking away business from Hotels or Motels? There is a difference.
  10. It should, the hotels around the park have nothing like that in them.
  11. good post Erosarrow05. I didn't think to take into account the number of people who wouldn't even know the park is for sale.
  12. I'd have to say The Beast, I love the the double helix at the end. My favorite ride anywhere pretty much.
  13. Yea my bad. But anyway, does anyone know when they go up?
  14. Does anyone think the sale of the park will affect this year’s attendance? From a marketing stand point it could make people think they are going to get something less this year than the year before, like paramount won’t be paying any attention to the place because it is selling. Now i'm not saying they are, I havn't been yet this year, but the sale could change peoples thoughts of the place. What are anybodies thoughts on this??
  15. Thanks Nemo for the great pictures, they are good every time.
  16. Does anyone know when the pass prices will go up or down? I'm kinda broke so I wanna know if I should just wait to get it or get it now when it's a better deal.
  17. post em on photobucket or image shack.
  18. Same here man, the prices are getting ridicules. That all you can eat thing is a pretty good idea if it wasn’t so expensive.
  19. My parents were at that Who concert. My mother said she could lift up her feet and still be moved by the crowd. They didn't know anyone was killed until they went home and got a bunch of calls from cencerned relatives. They said it was a good concert though.
  20. I remember that a car fell off of skylab a couple years back, maybe 99 or 98. I think it was just because it was old or not well maintenanced. I loved riding it when it was here though. I'm pretty sure they just junked it after it was taken out because of safety issues. Correct me if i'm wrong. I also remember a friend of mine telling me they would have to do extensive work on KC every morning (he said weld it every morning but I think he meant something else). The cost to keep it running was too much. It was really fun though, felt like you were running really fast or flying. I was really into Drangon Ball when I was younger so I always pretended I was Goku on his cloud. Man that was awhile ago.
  21. Phantom Theater, Smurf's Enchanted Voyage, King Cobra, The Flying Shoes(can't remember it's name) The Rotor and Skylab. Oh yea and the Flying Eagles and the Tiques. Oh and sunshine Turnpike. Ok i'm done no wait and Flight Commander. Ahhh theres to many to name.
  22. 1. An old dilapidated haunted mansion like dark ride in river town. 2. Back in the woods somewhere in River town, maybe behind WWC or Tomb Raider. I'd have to get out a map and see where it could fit. It would be a perfect passenger hog and just fun because the park needs a cool dark ride like that.
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