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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. From my perspective and from previously working at a pizza buffet, mcdonalds, and now being a waiter at Dennys, people feel that us lowly workers in the food business are inferior and cannot do anything right. Granted it is just a summer job for me I still take pride in working my butt off and to please people. I work so fast and hard I do at times become entangled with problems but everyone does. Granted as well that there are a lot of customers where when they really see my sympothy for the mistake I made on their order *I really do feel bad* they will not do or say anything, but alot of tim
  2. Worst park I have been to... Conneautt (sp)? it may be old and have old rides but at the time when it was open the upkeep of the park and the rides were in terrible condition. I like parks for more than the big rides. Atmosphere and extras like shows play a big part. The most overrated park I have been to is Cedar Point. Dont get me wrong they have great rides but its a concrete jungle in most of the park and with little shade to boot, it takes away from the excitement. Most underrated or surprised in a good way park for me would be Kings Dominion for the first time I visited last week. Enoug
  3. Being there last week http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14472 my tr is there and I personally think its appearance is top notch and if anything better shape than KI. Volcano is my number two coaster of all time behind El Toro and the length doesnt really disappoint. I love the zero g rolls at the end!
  4. well it was two full days in the park, my family likes to do EVERYTHING and sometimes EVERYTHING many times. The waterpark was for one full day and the last day was just a few hours at night to get that 'park feel' or whatever they call it haha. I thought that two days would defintly be needed for someone going on days that would have waits and you still wanting to do everything.
  5. Every year my parents and I like to find another park to go to that we have not already been to. Having been to Kings Island earlier this past May that was already out of the question so with much thought we came up with the suggestion of Kings Dominion. I have heard alot of bad things about the park such as the rides sucking and the park not being as clean as Kings Island but hey, its always worth a risk to find out of there is a hidden gem out there! We ended up buying season passes for the three days we would be there. No, we are not heading down six hours just for the park more than t
  6. I personally love slingshot more, probably because I have been on so many variations of the skycoaster that it is nothing new for me anymore.
  7. haha ok let me rephrase that....where and when else IN THE AREA
  8. Not wanting to start a new topic but did anyone know why the Crypt was closed this past wednesday and thursday? I really wanted to see what it was like. I was glad to have gotten on Flight of Fear the second day as it was closed on wednesday, though.
  9. Yeah I went yesterday and much to my surprise it wasnt bad after the first slide. Let me tell you it was the best day ever for a waterpark as everything had no lines whatsoever. Where else and when else can you do every slide in the park in one hour? Gorgeous day too.
  10. so far it only says 71 for thursday when I go there.
  11. My friends and I are taking the five hour trek to KI and will be at the main park for our fourth time overall wednesday and then waterpark the next day. My question being with the average temps lately is the water heated? I would assume so but I would definetly not want to end up like an ice cube.
  12. Just a quick question about how Firehawk is doing. I havnt been to the park in two years hence why I am pretty excited to first ride it and with us only going one day to the park on May 28th, how does it seem to be running now. I know its obviously the start of the season but I have had good luck every time we take the five hour trek to the park with rides and want the most bang for the day
  13. I disagree with Slingshot being removed. I hwent on it four times in a row and found it nearly more thrilling as the rides went on. And trust me, $5 to ride that *when you get there early to buy the tickets* is definately a steal and really do not want anything to take its place. It is also a unique ride not found in many other parks. The other two I could live without.
  14. I do like the park and such but I think its nothing but a concrete jungle. The trees and landscaping are limited and overall shade is impossible unless you're in a building.
  15. I love Skyhawk... What makes the ride imo are the lack of restraints. If it had over the shoulder ones I prob. wouldn't think the same about it.
  16. As for those Vibrations on Dominator, Ive felt them before on ther and it has the exact same feeling on when I rode Hulk. Does B&M have a flaw?!?
  17. LeAnn Rimes is against Cedar Fair parks
  18. Geauga Lake billboards are pretty scarce in the Pittsburgh area. I saw one so far.
  19. I think your idea would put you in more debt than Six Flags lol.
  20. Well, I beg to disagree on every show at Disney being canned. Throughout the years i've seen some fantastic shows there that aren't lip synched.
  21. I think that the parking at all of the Disney parks is very good for how many people they have to handle. As soon as one tram leaves, one is right behind the other. This is crucial during the closing of the parks when everyone is trying to leave. And its just as easy to leave Disney itself with the crowds high as they pretty much have their own highway lol.
  22. Well, Rail Rider and Becca are both right on many aspects of Disney. Me being a 17 year old kid you would seem to think that I would love Universal over Disney because of the thrill rides. Both parks are nice. I was disappointed in Universal. Its a really nice park, both of them that is, but most of the Universal park contained lame rides imo. Yes Disney has these too, but they have plenty of other rides to make up for. The best part of Univeral and IOA is the hotel pass thing where you get in front of everyone. Minus Dueling Dragons, Spiderman, The Mummy, That Sinbad show, and Jurrasic park,
  23. I'm sure we'd be hearing from others right now if the antiques were still here on when something is going to take its place. Parks can't make everyone happy.
  24. My opinion changed recently compared to last year but in a good way. last year when I rode it they had two trains running, the ride itself was much louder, the effects weren't working at the explosion part, and it just seemed slower. This year I rode in the back, they must have changed the wheels as it seems much quieter, the effects in the scene where you stop were more fun to watch. It seemed as if more was going on then. Yes, the lights and speakers weren't working, but everything else was great. And best off, during a very empty day, they had all trains running.
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