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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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    3D Shows

    Does anybody know when they removed that Indiana Jones film from there? I have never been in that theater/simulator thing but, there are two screens right?
  2. I thought PKI was pretty good at keeping all the cutting in line gone. Or that was true during the times i was there
  3. gburn07

    3D Shows

    Alright, in the uhh 3d simulator theater thingy what are the ones playing right now is it just the Spongebob one or is there another one playing now as well.
  4. sooooooo anyone know the status of (imo) the greatest flat ride ever
  5. No you are not alone i feel the same on exactly everything you said. I feel that The Beast is much rougher and i do like drops right after the lift because you get more feeling when you drop, if that makes any sense lol.
  6. If SOB was such a torture test for you, i guess driving to PKI was a test of bravery let alone miserable trip because SOB IS NOT BAD AT ALL.
  7. well did everything look in place or was stuff still not put back together
  8. Like i said in a post earlier, SOB is not bad. It all depends where you sit as well. Did you really think a woodie going 80 would be as smooth as IJST? SOB isn't even in my top five bumpiest woodies.
  9. Eh not sure exactly but heard that somehting failed on it and it was replaced n' should be open shortly, or at least i hope ya i luv these smileys
  10. ya i guess they recognized how important that ride is when its open lol so they prob started working on it like no other so i dont have to worry abbout it not being open when i go
  11. Eh i wouldn't count on it being open tomm
  12. i know i know but that shoudl take a month to do either
  13. O really. If that is all they have to do then it shouldn't be shut down for more than one week from now. haha from earlier posts i heard it would be shut down until mid july.
  14. So right there in the pictures are they in the process of getting ready to remove the whole arm or are they farther done then i thought, if anyone knows lol.
  15. ya, imo, i felt that The Beast was the king of rough woodies. That helix really beats the crap outa u lol.
  16. Alright, yesterday was only my second time at PKI. I got pretty much all the rides done that i wanted (except Delirium) . Then it was time for the dreaded SOB that i constantly heard complaints about. It was closed the first time i was at the park. I can say i was impressed by the ride. Sure it wasn't the smoothest ride but i found other higher ranked woodies like the Thunderbolt at Kennywood and the Wildcat at Hershey to b more rough than this one. Maybe the speed and intensitiy overruled the pain i always heard about. Is there ne one that feels the same bout me on SOB or did i walk in
  17. hey can someone give me as much info bout those speed lane ticket things as you can cuz i can't find ne information on them anywhere
  18. absolutely loved the videos....prob the best i've seen out of ne ones..in terms of IJ and some rides we dont see much on videos such as face/off
  19. If your one of those types of ppl like me who likes do all the rides and doesn't mind going on ones such as the train..do u think there'd b enough to do in 2 days in mid- late june on the weekdays?
  20. What i found out is that the people that go to PKI all the time r the ones complaining saying that they dont have enough ride or good ones in that matter. I've been there one time n' think it is my number 2 fav park next to Cedar Point....if u want to do everything u need 2 days..its big.clean..n' tons of great rides n' far betteer theeming than C.P. they may not win the steel race next to cp but they have far better woodies here. n' other rides like.. Top gun is far better than iron dragon n' corkscrew doesn't even come close to Vortex...PKI does have great rides here...the people who go
  21. I feel that PKI is a great park. Its a mixture of C.P and IOA in terms of rides and theming. SOB may be rough, but it still is thrilling and full of speed. Top Gun easily beats Iron Dragon. Nothing comes close to The Beast. Vortex fills the spot for the mega looping rides. B&M isn't the only good ride manufacturer out there. I think that we have great rides here and ones with theming that is better than most parks. Sooner or later they will get a ride that we've all been waiting for and shortly after that we will all be complaining for another ride. The problem is that CP is running o
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