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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I dont think the waterpark has enough big slides and activities to go against those waterparks listed in the travel channel.
  2. ^^^^^ well said, parks can't keep people happy nowadays because people who go to the parks dont appreciate much anymore. If The Bat was still here, you would all be complaining about it and would want it removed for something that goes upsidedown 6 times and has purple/orange track in its place. Enjoy what ya have.
  3. No, both Mission Space deaths were known heart problems. Rock n' Rollercoaster wasn't known. And Mcdonalds cups, before the incident did have a small sign saying HOT on it. Now they have to have it printed on it so many times at such a large size that Helen Keller can even see it.
  4. Weird comparison but its true. Just think of the lady at McDonalds who won millions because she got burnt on her HOT coffee that clearly said HOT on it. Kinda like parks with rides that say not to ride them but they do with a medical condition and die from it. Parks end up payin for it when it clearly said the risks of riding it.
  5. Disney has had three people die in the last four years. That doesn't make them an unsafe park though. Its the stupidity of how people act on the ride or in this case two out of the three had known heart problems. Its up to the people at the park and the people working at the park to make sure that everything goes A-Ok.
  6. Great report. It was informative enough without being too long (cough my last one posted cough). I went the 29th and was also empty, the park that is. I agree with you about FOF. The last corkscrew, esp in the back seat, is surprising and feels like a zero g roll. Its actually not much slower (3mph) or shorter than R'nRC at MGM.
  7. THE RIDE IS SAFE...case closed.and yes... Face Off is def. one of the most intense thrilling, yet surpsingly smooth rides ive ever been on.
  8. I've been to Disney almost every year during my 17 years on earth and, after looking at your age, its typical for us to hate those parks. Yes, they are overcrowded and overpriced, as a matter of fact I was there right before goin to PKI, but the classic rides and different atmosphere still l ure me into always wanting to go there. If I want thrill rides I go to a park near me. Not being racist, but the overall lack of people who speak English down there really aggivates me.
  9. From June 14th to the 27th I was in Florida. From June 28th to the 30th I was in the Cincy area. Talk about no time for a break lol. Well anyways, right after coming hom from Fl with my fam I immediately get ready to head over to PKI and The Beach Waterpark with my friends. We leave early the 28th and spend a day relaxing at the pool and such. Stayed at a Livinn Suites in Sharonville. Great place and amazing price $54 a night. The next day we get up bright and early for the park. I planned to go to the park at this part of th emonth as last year we went for two days and didn't need it as noone
  10. Which is why i'm going tomm and thurs to avoid the crowds I'm sure Nights of Fire is awesome, though.
  11. T.T is a great ride, it just needs more to it. Its a very short, but smooth ride.
  12. quote on quote he heard from a very vey very very Relible source. so u know its reliable!
  13. This is kinda funny as I was randomly searching forums a few mins ago and found this same topic from a year or two ago about this... but anyways its a mixture of thrill rides and theming, along with a great atmosphere.
  14. lol my bad guys..i'm sure the tiredness of me getting no sleep adds to the confusion. For me to get the night before admission I would have to add another 10 dollars to the price of 35 correct? Srry about soundin like an idiot here i'm usually pretty good
  15. So not every ticket includes the night b4 admission correct?
  16. Kings Island 1 Day ticket Adult The world's most spectacular Nickelodeon area Now Open with Sponge Bob and more! One day ticket includes "night before" admission for $10. AAA Price: $34.99 Non-members: $44.99 my question is .... is that night before admission included in the cost? or would u have to add another $10 bucks to it?
  17. I dont want the park to be full of nothing but CP like rides with the height and such unless they are themed. Call me crazy but I would like one hyper steel coaster built and nothing bigger than that. If I want the craziest of rides i'll go to CP. If I want good rides with some theming ( no matter if its good or not) I want to come here. I doubt that C.F would incorporate a huge rollercoaster with a lot of theming to it.
  18. Well, no one can expect a seasonal park to have the props (floats) like Disney does. They obviously have more money to work with. That being said, FOR A SEASONAL PARK, the parade is the best i've seen. But I do think that School of Rock is right up there with most shows that Disney or Universal put up. BTW, hows the new S.O.R compared to last years?
  19. Friday is still considered the weekday so Sat and Sun are the worst times to be in the park. Just wondering what your reply on this topic has to do with ne thing coasterking
  20. Wow man you know everything about K. K ... I guess you designed the ride and such. Dont make assumptions about why they took down a ride if you dont know as the average Joe such as ourselves DOES NOT know why they tore it down.
  21. gburn07


    Yeah dude we had the same prob... we're all 17 and 19 wen we go in a few weeks but we found ten miles away in sharonville a nice LIvinnsuites with a breakfast n' pool n' such...great price 2.. $55... thats ur best bet.
  22. gburn07


    Does anyone know a site where I could order strictly PKI brochures for my friends? I went on the Warren County site and just got in their brochure which has very little info about the park. I can't seem to find any other sites.
  23. AAA.com has the tickets that include the night b4 admission for 30 bucks...thast the best price i've seen.
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