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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Yeah the coasters here aren't as good as CP's but they are def good ones though.
  2. school of rock is in a class of Disney entertainment. Not too many shows have me saying that. You will be entertained by that even if you dont like rock.
  3. I dont think they slowed down the launch at all....
  4. imo the bashing has partially been due to the fact that alot of ppl here go to the park too much, which results in boredom. NO, the park doesn't have any Dragsters or MF's, but they sure do have one heck of a collection of rides despite what some say. Their flat ride collection is also above average if not great. Prices are the same as CP's in terms of food. Idk about this year but last year I found it cheaper to eat at PKI than CP. The park is not dirty. Most rides are maintained well "the little things people complain about on rides such as this lightbulb and that moving object not working
  5. sorry but whats cg? lol
  6. I sure know on a sunny day which water park you will find me at.... well pretty much anything OUTDOORS
  7. I'm sure the ride is pretty awesome. I was on the slightly smaller version at Kennywood tihs week and wasn't impressed. As for the Cedar Point version compared to the Giant Frisbee, I"m sure Skyhawk has a more fun swing motion with the compressed air that gives bursts of power to swing you up faster if that made any sense. What will prob have me liking the Giant Frisbees more still is the different angles that you swing back and fourth. O well, I'm sure its still awesome.
  8. Heck, I'm an 'out of towner' and can't wait to return this year.... sucks that I'm goin with my friends to the park for a few days and we dont have enough $$ to stay there
  9. Not yet but i'm going in late June. I hear that Vekoma in a mountain *exp. everest obv* is a pretty smooth ride
  10. FoF is my second fav steel next to M.Force. It beats the heck out of Rock n' Rollercoaster and the theme fits perfectly. It IS the reason why i'm comin bak to the park this year (srry beast). I dont even think they shoudl change the theming. It reminds me of Space Mountain with some guts imo.
  11. Theres this new kiddie ride thats hot in the markets now i'm sure that will replace it
  12. gburn07


    Thats why I got confused.
  13. gburn07


    Stupid Canadiens lol
  14. omg i'm so excited now lol .... seriously the most entertaining show i've ever seen and that includes shows at Busch Gardens, Universal, and Disney.
  15. Sorry if this question sounds dumb and all, but are they doing School of Rock in the Paramount Theater again this year? Just wondering because the main PKI site says that but I thought they changed per year.
  16. Srry man not trying to make fun and all but please try to fix your spelling... it was quite hard in some areas to follow what you said lol.
  17. gburn07

    Drop Zone

    From some of the pics I saw, did Top Gun get painted as well?
  18. Idk I tend to think FOF as you watch it launch into darkness is one that should have been included.
  19. gburn07

    Drop Zone

    Is Top Gun getting some tlc this year as well?
  20. Does anyone know when that Nights of Fire is going to start? I'm wondering because imo the best time to go to the park is a cpl days before that starts.
  21. Speaking of rehabs, any word on if Top Gun is getting a new paint job....we all know it needs it.
  22. Of course you can stop people from doing it. But there will always be someone doing it though.
  23. I've seen vandalistic 'if thats even a word' things being done presently and before i was there at every park INCLUDING DISNEY AND UNIVERSAL. People are jerks who need to grow up. NOt much you can do about it. Tell an alcoholic to stop drinking...... Its just not that easy to get rid of things of this nature.
  24. Not to change the subject...but I found out that one to two weeks before the fourth of July the park was at the least crowded times. Did anyone else think that?
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