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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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    My thought on all this is we'd have half the people right now not complaining about IJ if it wasn't so hyped up in the beg. I for one thought it would be a major thrill ride like the promo showed. Its my fault for thinking it. Great ride in the park? no ... Horrible ride in the park... def no. Parks just dont build the tallest fastest..etc rides. You have to have a variety for everyone. Most likely their next rollercoaster wont be one of the small size of IJ.
  2. Lol the type of wood? no comment to that. The back of Top Gun is just as smooth imo as the front.
  3. Who would have thought that a Vekoma ride would not have a single vote for being rough I mean its true as somehow its imo the most smooth looping ride i've been on. Must have been a mistake lol.
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    There will always be something to complain about at every park. Why are there so many different types of cars made? So everyone has the chance to pick one that fits them perfectly. Amusement parks do not come in that variety therfore we must compensate with what we have. C.P has the best collection of rollercoasters. The park is rundown imo and I saw things there that I never saw at PKI such as line jumping, pullups on the supports of rides, one guy mooned one another, and finally people were spitting on others while exiting elevated stations. Take your pick: do you want a nice park with dec
  5. Alright, in response to a guy from AAA.com, he said they will sell the PKI tickets in may.
  6. No PKI has by far the cheapest two day passes of any major park. It was amazing to me that last year a one day pass was 36 while I got a two day pass for 43. The 7 dollars of 43 from 50 does matter though when you're paying for 6 tickets ...thats 42 dollars savings.
  7. Well I must have ridden it after they removed the shoulder starps . I did ride it with the shoulder straps and can say that the lapbars are an ingenius idea that surprisingly has not been fixed on other rough loopers.
  8. I rode RnRc in the middle one time and it really banged you around in the Sidewinder. The front was slightly better but still jerky. I know FoF was like that before the transition of restraints as well.
  9. I'm forum happy today. Alright i'm goin to PKI just days before I head down to Disney. I've been wanting to do the comparison if RockN'Rollercoaster to Flight of Fear for a while. I've been on both and as of now here are some of the + and -'s of each FOF + lapbars, much better ending, one more inversion - launch not as intense as RnRc, somewhat shorter, boring middle part of ride RnRc + better launch, better themed (music, signs during ride, etc), longer - boring after the last corkscrew, rough with the OTSR's, one less inversion which do you think is better?
  10. Just a quick question regarding the price of the 2 days passes for the park. Last year I purchased them through AAA.com for $43. It was a couple dollars off the reg price. This year I see that the park sells them for 50. AAA.com does not list any tickets for PKI this year so i'm wondering if anyone knows where else in the area I could purchase discounted 2 day passes if anywhere.
  11. Saying that Kings Island does not maintain their grounds as much is opinionated. PKI is one of my fav parks but is not my fav. Every park has something that seperates it and makes it good. Being to Kings Dominions I thought it was a pretty run down park. Carowinds and Wonderland dont have the rides that Kings Island has. They are certainly improving but saying that PKI is a deteriorating park or starting to in that matter imo just think is not true. I"ll tell you one thing, they take care of their flat rides much better than parks such as Kennywood and Hershey do in terms of appearance and d
  12. I dont know what i'm talking about...hmm ok lets see.. The Six Flags parks i've been to are Darien Lake, the once Worlds of Adventure, America, Great Adventure, and St Louis. None of them compare to PKI. Im def not bias towards PKI either. If you dont like the park then dont go buddy. They wont be missing you much. Now run along before you start going crazy over a "which park is better argument" As for the 'wouldn't trade a ride on so n' so for a ride back then'.... Are you sayin that the rides at PKI are the only ones that dont run as well as when they opened? You havn't been to many park
  13. Alright now calling PKI a parking lot is a little ridiculous. A parking lot is a Six Flags Park. Even Cedar Point is a Concrete Jungle in the park next to KI. If the park sucks so much woudlnt they be struggling attendance wise? If I can recall, they did pretty last year. As for BGW and having enough rides.... Yes they have four rollercoastesrs, a couple good flats and a couple good dark rides. Thats it though. Call me weird but I like alot of flat rides from carnival types to the newest ones. I can finish BGW in a few hours. Comparing 2 awesome and 2 alright Coasters to the 9 adult ones
  14. Yes Busch Gardens is a much better landscaped park. Need I remind you of the lack of rides they have at BGW? What do you prefer, more rides or better landscaping. If it was the other way around i'm sure some of you would be complaining about that as well. I never said PKI is the best landscaped park. It is much nicer than most parks though.
  15. Guys you need to stop complaining. last year when I went to PKI for my first time I had doubts of it being a 'six flags' type atmosphere that we all know about according to some descriptions I read on here prior to visiting. It was anything but that and comes in second place Next to BGW as the nicest seasonal theme park i've been to. That list includes Hershey, Cedar Point, and six flags properties to name a few. Parks do go through changes. Its the way of life. Of course it wont be the same as wen it opened up in the 70's. Hate to tell you this but neither is Disney so my parents say. But i
  16. "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." I love that thing. It's hysterical, and far more fun than Dumbo. True but Dumbo is pretty much the 'original' and you can't hate it either.
  17. Lol I didn't read through all the replies to this topic, but earlier on in this people talked about what pop is lol. If you come to Pittsburgh, where I live, you will be amazed at our 'language' here. Not a soul here calls pop ..soda. One of the few areas. But its not like you haters of Pittsburgh even care How bout them Stillers
  18. As mentioned earlier, there are more than just attendance reasons if the park woudl be open year round. A lot of people have the summer off compared to Winter and, with the exception of die hard PKI lovers, how many 'go to one park a year' familes and such would want to make that one trip during the winter season?
  19. "Anyone know the company who manufactured the monorail?" I know that Bombardier, the jet ski people lol, made the monorails at Disney. The PKI and Disney ones have a slight resembelence *sp?* in appearance. Thats my only guess on who made the PKI ones.
  20. How old are those monorails again? I know they have probably restored them but they still look pretty modern and in great shape from what I have seen.
  21. It just seems that no matter what PKI does, you people will never be happy. With all the complaints you people make, they should take the lazy route and do nothing for some of the most unappreciative people i've ever heard.
  22. I did not say that FOF is my fav launching ride because of this being a PKI fansite. I have been on Dragster, Wicket Twister, Hulk, Rockin Rollercoaster, Storm Runner, and finally all the launching rides at PKI. Dragster is fast but not powerful imo. Hulk didn't do anything for me either. Wicked Twister felt wicked fast one time then felt slower the second time for some reason. The rest were all ok. FOF seemed fast from the start and for some reason, during the 8 times I rode it wen I went there, seemed to speed up even more after the camera took our picture. Add that to a sweet and scary soun
  23. I think they all feel the same to me, despite me knowing they all have different acceleration rates. My absolute fav. launching ride for the weirdest reason is FOF. Lol, the loud noise from the LIM's kicking in just gets my adrenalin going for some reason aha .
  24. lol lap bras. If your thighs are so huge that you need a bra to hold the flub up then you have some serious issues
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