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  1. Last year when I first went on The Beast, or excuse me before I even went on The Beast I expected a lame, slow, and rough experience. You really need to ride the ride yourself to give an opionion about it because it is my fav. woodie i've ever been on. I have been on all the big ones before as well too.
  2. I was never on it before they added the heavy trims, but I still think that its a great ride night or day and still has plenty of speed on the first part. The second hill and helix is the best ending for any rollercoaster that I have been on. It is forceful and smooth.
  3. I wouldn't say their collection gets trampled. All of their woodies are unique and its just the opionion of what you like in a ride. The Beast at night, despite being on nearly every other woodie on this side of the country, is still my favorite. SOB is a pretty rough ride, but I have been on a lot worse. Besides, its wood, if you dont like that feeling of being thrown around, then you should head on over to the steel coasters from now on. All three of the woodies here are great and only time will tell when they build a new one here.
  4. - but the one B&M I have been on was one of the worst coasters I have EVER been on. Chang isnt that bad! Its better than Mantis! IDK why and despite the lack of the second corkscrew that Chang has, I like Mantis more. It just seems smoother for some reason.
  5. " I don't know, I don't really like Intamin cause they kill people..." I guess you could show ur fear for riding one but in another fact that cars kill people, are you not going to drive anymore because of this fact? FEW and I mean FEW are killed by riding Intamin rides and you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning inside a building in a park than you do getting killed by riding say Superman.
  6. I actually thought A.E was more thrilling. That ride seems more 'out of control' and has some good high g turns. I didn't even think the helix on IJ:ST was even that forceful.
  7. I think the park doesn't really give you a feeling as being as safe as PKI by the people that go there. The park is in a run down area. I do see many uhh 'gangs' if u will inside and out of the park there. Although chances are high you will leave the park all in one piece are pretty high, the overall g.p of Kennywood is nothing like PKI's, which I like PKI's more. As for their staff, idk I go there at least twice a year and they pretty much seem like they dont like their jobs and, with the exception of Phantoms Revenge, they are all very slow. It seems that no matter the crowd at the park, I
  8. Wow, You hit the park at a pretty good time. I"m from Pittsburgh, and with our school days there in mid May, the park is packed! Exterminator usually has a hour plus wait for it along with higher waiting times at all rides EXCEPT P.Revenge. For some reason, no matter how crowded or empty, we always wait 20 mins for the back back car, the best seat imo. But, with the addition of expansion happening in a few years, we can expect some more goodies there (all new rollercoaster hopefully).
  9. Out of all the parks that i've been 2, this is the only show i've seen that is superior 2 the ones i see at Disney. It is flawless in every way, and one of the few that hasn't put me to sleep half way. It gets better as it goes along, very creative minds in the making of this.
  10. gburn07

    I wish

    With the exception of a few parks (Disney and B.Gardens). Pki is by far one of the nicest looking and well kept up parks in the country. Having just gone to C.P yesterday, I noticed how run down everything is (Rides needing paint, paths in horrible condition). PKI may not have the same look as it did 20 years ago but its still a great looking park.
  11. Its kind of funny, out of all the parks that I go to with the pirate ships, PKI is the only one that has people that compete with screaming. It was so loud you could easily hear it near Drop Zone
  12. Yes, to add about the gforces this thing has. I've been to the big daddy parks with the big rides (CP, G.Lake, Hershey, and i'll even throw Kennywood into it), and none of those rides has ever made me come near to blacking out like Face Off did. Dont be fooled by the small stats of this ride ( 48 mph, short ride time, three inversions), this thing packs one heck of a punch and was my biggest surprise at the park the first time I was there. Besides, watching the ride zoom over you really shortens the length of the wait
  13. I really dont think it hurts when you do get pressed against the restraint. That is one of the smoothest rides by means of no headbanging and the whole motion of going up the second hill. The chain catches the car smoothly, which results in very little jarring or being slammed against the restraint while facing down. Even with the hour wait it has most of the time, I still think its worth it.
  14. gburn07


    With all the different variations, its hard to guess which one you are thinking about.
  15. O wow, lol srry everyone I thought most ppl would read the whole thing n' find out I was kidding instead of putting up the gallows for me after only reading one sentence. .
  16. heres the reason PKI is second. Alright PCW is ten times the park PKI is with rollercoasters that will blow you away. PKI has no good rides. Everything is cookie cutter. The park is dirty and all the employees suck there. I actually feel that PGA is the top ten park. It easily rivals CP in terms of thrills. And i am the biggeset b s'er that ever lived. Tried to scare some of you. Well, I think that it depends on what you are basing the ranking on. Rides? PKD is second. Atmosphere? PC is second. Most rides takin from a park and never replaced with anything? PGA comes first.
  17. Lol fun! I got the new Beast shirt as well and over here in the burgh (Pittsburgh), people are always stopping me and commenting about the ride (all positives)
  18. They slowed down FOF? It felt the same to me launch wise and the mid trims felt the same as well.
  19. Yeah, The Beast's tunnel must be extremely close to the car when in the helix because me sitting on the left side of the train, I was even hesitant to have my hands up high. I guess it has to be a somewhat safe distance, but i woul dlike to see how close the train gets to the tunnel with ppl in it.
  20. Well, idk if all your braincells are working now. Wanting PKI to be sold to Six Flags, but in the other hand, you making fun of cheap themed rides really makes no sense. Yes, you are entitled your opinion, but I know very well that CP has the exact type of flat rides that they have here. Are you going to put them down? No. Rides by B@M and Intamin aren't the only good rollercoasters out now. Flight of Fear is a fantastic ride and yes, I have been on MF and TTD and rate it up there in terms of enjoyment and fun. The first part of that ride and the tale end felt just as intense as MF and TTD. I
  21. When I went I had a pretty hard storm while I was on it and going down the first helix it hurt like no other. When you have to keep your eyes closed on a ride it sucks haha. I really had no choice. The rain overtook the bumpiness for the champion of pain on that ride.
  22. I went late June and found out that the permanent lighting was not on the first day I was there, but the second day I went on it the lights were on. It did make a big difference in the overall 'experience'. But hey, the ride is still awesome and ten times better than Rock'n Rollercoaster. Lol that last corkscrew feels like a zero g roll when you sit in the back of the train because you go so fast; fyi haha.
  23. Well, I have not been to PCW before but I know the rides they have there, and desperately need a good rollercoaster. IJSt doesn't really count. Minus the theming there, IJSt, just ilke ours doesn't have any inversions or speed or height with it. Yes, rides dont have to be like that to be good, but most parks should at least have a ride that goes 60. Their closest one I think goes upper 50's if I believe. If it is a floorless, I hope its a pretty decent one with speed. Dominator at Geauga lake is just awesome.
  24. Hey do u have a picture of a garbage can on your International Street because I know everyone wants to see it
  25. Not to change the subject but last time I was at the park in early July, I felt that The Beast was barely trimmed and the second hill didn't feel like any brakes were on.
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