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  1. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    From CP Food Blog: Link for Tapatalk users: https://www.facebook.com/CPFoodBlog/photos/a.176053225929995.1073741826.157350967800221/735575029977809/?type=3&hc_ref=ARSJHhQBCPLoPNeMd7zd10D4sn2iMojK7ljstDDfdvi3edFqeiRPXWcopfWSnZ0V13o
  2. Member's Reputation

    I believe that's how many times your content has been "liked", though I'm not sure how the new reactions thing fits into that. @malem or @Dane can probably explain it in more detail.
  3. Haunt Or WinterFest?

    I'm not a Haunt person, but have vague memories of visiting the original Winterfest at least once as a kid. Looking forward to visiting Winterfest this season.
  4. Gold Pass Renewal

    Speaking of renewals, if any of you signed up for the auto-renewal feature, keep an eye on your email. I got an email from them the other day saying they needed my billing info (I paid with PayPal last year so they didn't have my card info) and that I needed to sign the payment agreement thing. I did all that today and am good to go when it starts taking payments out for next year. It will automatically renew your drink and dining plans as well.
  5. Whither Conneaut Lake Park Now?

    Trustees of Conneaut Lake repay all delinquent property taxes: http://www.erienewsnow.com/story/36154136/trustees-of-conneaut-lake-park-repay-all-delinquent-property-taxes#.WZVuJ0xfLuE.facebook
  6. Mystic Timbers and Twisted Timbers connection

    I doubt there's a connection, as the timeline for Twisted Timbers is earlier than that of Mystic Timbers.
  7. Here's the full facts sheet which lists all the records. I definitely see a trip to Branson in my future... https://sdc.silverdollarcity.com/sitepages/2018/site/ride-facts.pdf
  8. All Season Fast Lane Available at Kings Island in 2018

    I wouldn't. I've got better things to spend $500 on Sent from my LG G5 using Tapatalk
  9. Carowinds

    It looks like Carowinds is getting a Planet Snoopy expansion for next year. They've been dropping clues using the hashtag "SnoopyPresents2018" on Twitter the past few days... https://twitter.com/hashtag/SnoopyPresents2018?src=hash
  10. The Vortex Poll

    Possibly, but that would require a lot of testing during the off-season and there's no guarantee that would work at all, especially given the age of Vortex.
  11. Forum software upgrade

    The dreaded "EX0" error is back when I try to view The Vortex Poll topic.
  12. Waldameer is adding a Zamperla balloon ride and ProSlides Cannonball 30 tube slide for 2018: http://www.goerie.com/news/20170813/erie-park-to-open-two-new-rides-in-2018 I didn't spend any time in the water park when I was at Waldameer last year, but it seemed to be quite popular, and both attractions should be a great addition to the park.
  13. Forum software upgrade

    It's the heart icon in the lower right corner
  14. Kings Island 2017 Discussion Thread

    Unfortunately I've only gotten to see Cirque once this season as most of my visits have been on Wednesdays. I might try to get up there for a final show on the 20th though. I will be up there again on Wednesday to celebrate National Rollercoaster Day and see the sports show.
  15. I really don't see them as that much less safe than your standard permanent amusement park rides. The companies that put on these shows have to have good safety records in order to make money. There are also thousands of fairs, church festivals, etc. across the country each year with portable rides, and there are rarely any accidents involving the rides. I rode the rides at the Kenton County Fair earlier this year and will probably ride the ones at the Boone County Fair when I go tomorrow night.