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  1. Found a minor issue with polls... When I chose the appropriate options in a poll and clicked the button to vote, the poll disappeared entirely instead of just refreshing to show the results. I had to refresh the page to get it back.
  2. Some of the songs I heard at KI today: A cover version of Michael W. Smith's "Friends" "We Are The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" by Relient K "Fireflies" by Owl City "Uprising" by Muse
  3. That's My Coke Rewards, a reward program which is being discontinued (it goes away for good at the end of June). On the topic of new things, Zephyr got new seats this year. Instead of the small wicker seats with cushions, they're now larger black plastic seats. They're more comfortable and seem to be roomier. I didn't get a picture of them though as I was in a hurry (last ride before I had to leave for work).
  4. I've gotten two rides in on Mystic Timbers so far (once last night and another one early this morning). I love the ride and the roomy cars, though the shed was a bit over-hyped in my opinion (although I do love "Cars". As a music buff it's interesting to note that "Cars" was released the same year that Beast opened (although it wasn't released in the US until the following year).
  5. 2 1/2 years later, riders stuck on Joker's Jinx again... http://www.fox5dc.com/news/local-news/248441128-story
  6. I had the broken ad appear again but wasn't able to reproduce the issue. I did take a screenshot of the ad and generate an HAR file if you're interested.
  7. I don't see such an option if there is one. Looks like map view is still a work in progress. If you choose map view for rides it doesn't give you anything other than the map either.
  8. That's similar to the ad I saw when running into this issue. If it pops up again I'll try to get you the details needed.
  9. It doesn't appear to be due to AdBlock or similar. I've run into it twice recently - once at work (no adblock at all) and once on my own computer (KIC is whitelisted). If I run across it again I'll get the URL so you can look into it further.
  10. Yeah it is
  11. Also, you can get a regular map by going to one of the ride category pages (under "Play" in the menu), then click "All Rides" and "Map".
  12. If you zoom in on the Google map you can see the locations of all the rides and such (double click to zoom in and double right-click to zoom out if you're on a computer)
  13. Now I need to rework my vacation plans as I was hoping to stop there on my way to Knoebels in July. I may try to squeeze Kennywood in instead.