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  1. It's a shame they don't want anyone taking over. Hopefully someone will step up and make a new site. If I lived in the area and/or were an active member of that site I'd consider doing so myself.
  2. Might want to try Cincinnati Book Publishing as well if you haven't. They've published several local history books (Good Samaritan Hospital, the old Terrace Plaza Hotel, etc.) so they might be interested, especially given that they're local.
  3. Wanted to try this on Saturday but they were sold out by the time we were getting dinner (around 7). Ended up going for pizza because the line for that wasn't too long in Festhaus. Panda line was long like usual and the line for Hank's was out the door and moving slow (stood in line for close to 10 minutes and still wasn't inside - didn't want to wait 20+ minutes for food)
  4. More importantly we have a beagle
  5. Are you forgetting about the one at Beech Bend? Only 3½ hours from Cincinnati and also home to an excellent GCI woodie.
  6. I've always thought a good Wild Mouse would be a great addition for KI. I'm not sure why we don't have one yet.
  7. One interesting note regarding rides... Coney has always held their fireworks competition in late September after the pool closed. Last year's event drew large crowds (we got there mid to late afternoon and I still waited 20 minutes to put my niece on a kiddie ride...). This year they had planned to hold it in mid-June instead. The only reason I can think of for this change is that having the pool open would have encouraged people to come earlier and spend more (compared to not having the pool), like the rides always did. I was particularly looking forward to seeing if the lack of rides a
  8. Would it be possible to either update the KIC Dark theme or get a new dark theme that takes up all available screen width like the IPB Default and KIC bright themes do? I like the dark theme but at full HD (1920x1080), it seems too narrow.
  9. Got my reservation for 11:30 on the 4th. Will be meeting my sister, brother-in-law and nieces there. Will be interesting to see how well it works and also how long the lines for Orion get.
  10. I worked at the main Dippin' Dots stand at The Beach in the summer of 2006 and at the Donut Shop (in the Blue Ash Chili stand) during Holidayfest that winter. It was definitely a unique place, though I only went that one summer (went with my family using free tickets I got for working there). The people who ran things were nice and it definitely had quite a fan base (helped by a big season pass sale late in the season I'm sure - season passes purchased then were good for the rest of the current season, Holidayfest and the entire next season also including Holidayfest). I'm not sure what their
  11. All we know is what the park has said. It sounds more like a decision made by someone out of touch with reality, or a weird money-saving attempt. It'll be interesting to see how they do once this pandemic stuff is over - especially the big events like Balloon Glow and Fire Up The Night (both of which were canceled this year in the wake of the pandemic)
  12. Another retro KI video from Coasterbob...
  13. Die-hard KI Entertainment fans should be pretty familiar with that song. It was used in a Peanuts-themed ice skating show in the KI theater years ago.
  14. Much more info here... https://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/news/local/article242744196.html
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