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  1. Been following IB and Gene Staples....Coney should just sell to him....

  2. Why do we need another big entertainment district out there? Newport on the Levee and all the stuff on Beechmont are both within 10 minutes of Coney.
  3. And people think enthusiasts are nuts for waiting 4+ hours for a new coaster... (Note: If you, like me, are not familiar with Figment, see https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Figment for more) https://nypost.com/2022/01/15/disney-fans-line-up-for-seven-hours-to-buy-figment-popcorn-buckets/
  4. I've never been to Coastermania because it's always the same weekend as HoliWood Nights, but this is an interesting decision. I wonder if it will increase the popularity of the event at all.
  5. I actually was a Dippin' Dots guy that summer, working at the main stand there at the front of the park
  6. The report from the fire chief paints a different picture... https://www.meadvilletribune.com/news/update-the-blue-streak-is-gone/article_9a808b2a-6dc4-11ec-a0ed-97a6838b21ee.html This makes far more sense than a mechanical malfunction occurring during a sudden unannounced demolition, but it makes me wonder why the park would choose to tell a different story. Hopefully there will be a thorough investigation into what happened.
  7. Also an interesting report from a local paper: https://www.meadvilletribune.com/news/fire-heavily-damages-conneaut-lake-parks-blue-streak-demolition-permit-to-be-issued-wednesday/article_ba3a2bf6-6dba-11ec-af2f-d79c8c461eec.html They claim that the fire was due to a controlled burn that got out of hand, but mention nothing about the park being in the process of demolishing the coaster at the time, but that the park requested a permit to demolish the ride after the fire.
  8. I missed that part last night. Makes me wonder whether the coaster was really in bad shape or if this is part of the new owner's "plan" to revitalize the park. They've of course limited commenting on their FB post about it and the one sharing a news article about residents' reactions to the fire. I'm glad I was able to ride it when I visited in 2016.
  9. No details on how it started but this definitely seems suspicious... https://www.yourerie.com/news/breaking-news/fire-reported-at-the-blue-streak-roller-coaster-at-conneaut-lake-park/
  10. I worked at the donut stand during the holiday festival in 2006. It was a fun experience - those donuts were quite popular and we even managed to sell some Dippin' Dots as well (people were asking for them so the park put a Dippin' Dots cooler in the stand and added it to the register).
  11. The only time I've been up there since 2006 was for their Beach Mountain thing they had for a few years (and I wasn't impressed with that at all - if I'm going to drive 30 minutes I'll go do the real thing at Perfect North instead)
  12. I don't recall riding anything in my dream. There was also one of those swing ride things that you often see at county fairs - the long beam with a two-person seat on either end that swings in circles (vertically). Don't remember what it's called and can't find it on YouTube at the moment.
  13. Had a weird one last night. Sort of related to KI anyway. Got to work only to find out that there wasn't a lot to do that day and I ended up being one of the unlucky ones who got sent home. Upon going to my car at the very back of our lot I noticed that Camp Cedar just happened to be behind our lot (and accessible only from our lot for some reason). I remember thinking it was odd how I'd never noticed it before and went to check it out. It ended up being almost like an amusement park as well - in addition to cabins and such for rent, it had rides, including a red Vekoma SLC.
  14. Plans for a large giga and parking garage at Knott's have supposedly leaked. I'm not familiar with the park but it seems something taking up that much of the parking lot is a bit odd, and relying on a parking garage to handle much of your parking may not be the best option either given what happens when you try to squeeze hundreds of cars out of the garage at the end of the night. https://www.themeparksandentertainment.com/2021/12/knotts-berry-farm-giga-coaster-plans.html
  15. The 50th anniversary season is already going to be awesome - repaved parking lot, restored band organ and re-profiled/re-tracked Beast in addition to fresh paint on several attractions (Eiffel Tower, Drop Tower and Flying Ace). Makes me wonder what else they have in store that they haven't announced yet.
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