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  1. https://www.facebook.com/fyecoasters
  2. Oldiesmann

    Music playing at White Water Canyon?

    Most, if not all, of the songs played in Rivertown are from a series of bluegrass tribute albums called Pickin' On. You can see the entire collection here.
  3. Oldiesmann

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    While we were getting lunch at Coney Smokehouse today a group of guests with souvenir cups in hand was hanging around outside the exit. As soon as we opened the door to head out after getting our food, they squeezed past us into the restaurant. I told them "This isn't an entrance" and they looked at me like I was crazy. Apparently walking through the line to get your souvenir cup refilled is too hard.
  4. Unfortunately the company that made the classic antique cars found at many parks (likely including the ones that were at KI) isn't in business anymore, but a company in Canada called Gould Manufacturing still makes them...
  5. I thought I saw a picture of the pouch in one of the amusement park groups I'm in on FB but I can't find it offhand.
  6. It's still on his Instagram account too. Why can't he just behave and do what the park asked him to? Also I find it hard to believe he didn't know he couldn't film on the ride. Every time I've been to KI this season multiple ride ops have made it clear that the use of electronic devices is prohibited on all rides.
  7. Apparently one of the brake fins struck the wheel causing it to fly off the ride. Nobody was injured from what I understand.
  8. Oldiesmann

    iPhone or Android

    I love the customizability of Android (widgets, icons, app launcher, etc.) and external storage among other things. I've never used an iPhone but I really don't have any desire to either.
  9. I'll go with Rougarou. You have to keep your head leaned forward to avoid getting headbanged.
  10. Oldiesmann

    Wildwood Grove Dollywood 2019

    Unfortunately that Vimeo link doesn't work, but you can see it on their website (click the play button in the section about Wildwood Grove).
  11. Oldiesmann

    Wildwood Grove Dollywood 2019

    I haven't made it down there yet but I agree that it looks like a great addition.
  12. Oldiesmann

    Wildwood Grove Dollywood 2019

    Here's the full announcement video for those who missed it.
  13. According to https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/canada/vaughan/climate not much colder than here - average high is 34, average low is 22
  14. Oldiesmann

    Outpost 5 symbols popping up...

    From FYECoasters on Facebook... For those wondering what Outpost 5 is, see here: