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  1. Oldiesmann

    Kentucky Kingdom

    Holiday World and Hersheypark still have them. I believe Knoebels does to some extent as well.
  2. Oldiesmann

    Kentucky Kingdom

    Here's more information directly from Kentucky Kingdom, courtesy of the Koaster Kids Facebook page...
  3. Oldiesmann

    Holiday World 2019

    It's kind of hard to do a Halloween event when your park is themed to holidays. I don't think it has anything to do with location, as Knoebels does a Halloween event and they're even more "middle of nowhere" than Holiday World is.
  4. Lots of changes coming to Holiday World next year... In addition, according to NewsPlusNotes: - New “Kids World” event for five weekends starting in mid-August - On-ride photos for Gobbler Getaway dark ride - Candy Cornucopia store and Dippin’ Dots Sundae Shoppe in the Thanksgiving section - Track improvements for The Voyage, the world’s second-longest wooden roller coaster - Additional Cabanas
  5. I might have to make a trip back to HP in the coming years to see this. This is going to drastically change the entrance to HP, but it's for the good considering what a major park they are at this point.
  6. Oldiesmann

    Kentucky Kingdom

    I think this will be a great addition to the park, though I am wondering where exactly they're going to put it. Maybe in the back of the park next to their Larson Looper?
  7. Oldiesmann

    Kentucky Kingdom

    They're just doing that because KI did it. Holiday World did "#whatsintheshack" for HoliWood Nights this year (themed to Caddyshack this time) and it was nothing more than a marketing gimmick.
  8. Oldiesmann

    KI wins Golden Ticket Award for Best Kids' Area again

    There is an award for Best Children's Park. Idlewild has won it 9 years straight.
  9. Oldiesmann

    KI wins Golden Ticket Award for Best Kids' Area again

    The rate other parks are getting them.
  10. Oldiesmann

    KI wins Golden Ticket Award for Best Kids' Area again

    Wildwood Grove isn't specifically a kid's area though
  11. Oldiesmann

    KI wins Golden Ticket Award for Best Kids' Area again

    At the rate things are going I could see KI getting that in 2020
  12. Not that this should surprise anyone, but KI has once again won the Golden Ticket Award for Best Kids' Area.
  13. Oldiesmann

    2017 2018 2019

    Minor improvements are just as good as anything, and not all that surprising considering the number of improvements made this season.
  14. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but queue-times.com is currently reporting waits of 90 minutes for SV, Valravn and Millennium Force, 75 minutes for Maverick and 60 minutes for Dragster.
  15. Looks like late March. Their opening day this year was March 24th.