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  1. Always thought taking a cruise would be fun. I might have to try that one of these days.
  2. They had a rotating observation tower (similar to Carowinds' SkyTower) but it was knocked down in September of 2012.
  3. Charges have already been filed in relation to this incident... https://nypost.com/2019/07/15/six-charged-in-carnival-ride-tragedy-that-killed-2-in-india/
  4. Interestingly enough the app currently only lets you pre-order pizza, but the burrito restaurant had a door labeled "mobile order pickup" or something similar.
  5. Part of that might be due to the fact that we had so much rain early in the season. It'll be interesting to see what figures look like later in the year, now that the monsoon season seems to be over
  6. Here's a video from 1980 showing the trams. I'm not sure how much changed in the 20-something years between when this was shot and when they were discontinued, but it should give you a good idea.
  7. You can also do that in Google Maps. Open the app, tap on the blue dot indicating your location and there's an option to save your parking. I typically just make a note (mentally and/or digitally) of the row I'm in though.
  8. They're doing "Island Nights" in the waterpark from 8-11 the next three Fridays: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/events/island-nights Might swing by there on the 19th depending on what time I get home from vacation.
  9. Something is broken with regards to external images. If I try to post an image from an external site, I just get a broken image instead. If I actually attach the file to the post, it works fine. Example:
  10. For some reason the forum software doesn't want to generate a thumbnail for that image... Maybe it'll work as an attachment?
  11. It's official now. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190703005058/en/Cedar-Fair-Acquires-Sawmill-Creek-Resort-Located
  12. The Sandusky Register is reporting that a "reliable source" has told them that Cedar Fair has signed an agreement to purchase Sawmill Creek Resort. This could be quite an interesting development if it's true. I've never been to Sawmill but it seems to be a pretty popular destination in that area. http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201907020011
  13. Acquisition is now complete... https://ir.cedarfair.com/news/news-details/2019/Cedar-Fair-Completes-the-Acquisition-of-Land-Beneath-Californias-Great-America-in-Santa-Clara/default.aspx
  14. The support structure seems to be there still but the rest of the ride is gone, as is the sign for it.
  15. Oldiesmann


    I was at Coney for a while on Friday for my brother-in-law's company picnic, and noticed that the Roundup is gone. What happened to it? That was one of my favorite rides at Coney.
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