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  1. This could be interesting for the park. On one hand, a lot of people won't have as much discretionary spending money available once all is said and done, but on the other hand, a lot of people will also be looking for things to do once everything goes back to normal (as much as possible), so we could see an increase in amusement park attendance in the long run.

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  2. On 2/18/2020 at 3:13 PM, beastfan11 said:

    Nice write up. Spend a lot of time in Northside not to far from the water company building. Had no clue about the train station being relocated. Thanks for sharing!

    I believe the train station was near where Frisch's is now.

    Having lived in Northside all my life I remember the cool old streetcar maintenance facilities. They were later converted into warehouses before being demolished in the 90s. They were partly located where Advance Auto Parts is now.

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  3. I'm still wondering what Coney will be like for big events like Balloon Glow and especially Fire Up the Nite. The rides have always been a big draw at both events (and a reason to get there early to beat the crowds). With the pool being closed by the time Fire Up the Nite occurs, there's not going to be much for anyone to do before the fireworks start.

  4. They already had a bargain on passes under original ownership (prior to their initial closure) - towards the end of the season they had a BOGO sale on season passes which also included unlimited access for the remainder of the current season, plus Holiday Fest. This includes the year that Paramount brought Winterfest back but still required passholders to pay. I think with some updates and better marketing they could have succeeded longer.

  5. Keep in mind that the closure of the rides was announced suddenly. It may be more that KI/CF didn't have time to plan the acquisition of any former Coney rides. They'd have to account for it budget-wise and also figure out where they were going to put the rides, and that assumes they don't need major maintenance.

    I believe the Flying Bobs was a portable model anyway, which wouldn't fit well at KI. Not sure about Tilt-a-Whirl.

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  6. I worked at The Beach as the main Dippin' Dots guy in 2006 and later at their donut shop during Holiday Fest. It was a fun place and definitely unique compared to KI's water park (real sand, lots more trees, a bit more variety, etc.), though I never did make it back there following the 2006 season except for a visit for Beach Mountain with several other KICers several years ago. I was a bit surprised to hear of their financial troubles but hoped that the new ownership in 2012 would take care of the park. It seems they completely forgot about it as well.

  7. On 11/12/2019 at 6:35 AM, HarvestmanMan said:

    Huh. I never knew the Python was that old. Was it relocated from somewhere else?

    Also - has anyone heard mention of auctioning off any of the other park assets? I remember there was an old Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet languishing in the attic of the games building along with lots of spare parts for Skee-Ball, etc. Could be a veritable gold mine for someone in that line of work. 

    According to RCDB, Python was relocated to Coney Island from Splash Zone Waterpark in Wildwood, New Jersey. It only started there in 1996 though so who knows what history it has beyond that.

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  8. In light of Six Flags Great Adventure's "Polar Coaster Challenge" (ride Nitro in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt, optionally with hats and gloves, in December), FYE Coasters is doing a similar event with Mystic Timbers on December 13th...



    Polar Plunge 2019!!! Who would like to show off their love for their favorite park during WinterFest? Well here’s your chance to join us, FYECoasters and prove your worthy of being called a real fan of this coaster lifestyle as we take a blistering ride down our favorite GCI coaster (at KI). The only catch is we want to do this special ride in our summer attire, that’s right we want to see you in your shorts and tee-shirts but with only our bravest riders in a tank top... who’s down to show your love for coasters???

    (Note that, unlike the one at SFGAdv, this is not sanctioned or sponsored by the park in any way).

    Paging @malem...

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  9. 11 hours ago, Kenban said:

    I have to point out there is a $79.95 pass called the Splash Pass, it includes parking, admission, and all of the important parts if all you want to do is go to the water park. 

    The pass everyone keeps complaining about just adds the ability to bring a cooler, a free game of skill every week, paddleboats, mini golf, and extra bring a friend tickets.  If these items do not matter then there is no need to pay the extra $50 dollars.  Without the rides the Adventure pass really does not make much sense for most guests.

    Even so, as I said above, that basic pass is only $30 less than a KI Gold Pass.

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