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  1. I'm going to wait to purchase my ticket until I'm sure I can get that Saturday off work. I don't want to come just for half of Sunday. We're so short handed at work right now that I may not be able to get Saturdays off for a while.
  2. I forgot about it letting you in at 4:30. In that case I'll probably just stick with the current ticket. I can go drive around a bit to kill time if I need to.
  3. Since I won't be waiting on anyone else this year (sister and brother-in-law are expecting a baby in late May so they're not coming this year), I may see if I can upgrade my ticket to a full day ticket for Friday. I should be able to get out of here by noon, which would give me a few hours of free time before the events kick off, even if I stop at The Overlook Restaurant for lunch again like I did a couple years ago.
  4. I'll be there as well. I'm staying at the Red Roof Inn right off I-64 and am doing the regular Friday ticket. Sent from my LG G5 using Tapatalk
  5. Como Cruisers wasn't all that exciting anyway. If I want to ride around on the lake I'll take a paddle boat or canoe (though I realize those options may not work very well for families). I do miss the old bumper boats but understand why they were retired.
  6. I had a blast at WinterFest across my half dozen visits or so. I ended up visiting far more than I had originally anticipated due to my work schedule changing, and was able to see all but one of the shows (I didn't catch the Peanuts one in Charlie Brown's Christmas Town). Looking forward to next year.
  7. Finally made it out there tonight after work. It was surprisingly busy for a Monday. When I got there around 7, traffic was backed up almost to Gate 2 (the standard auto gate), and it took me nearly an hour to get from there to the entrance of the lights display (most of that time was spent weaving back and forth through the parking lot). The display itself was well done and had a great selection of music, with some interesting choices I wouldn't have expected. Overall it's well worth checking out. Overall it takes about 30 minutes to get through the display itself, not counting the time you spend sitting in traffic to get there...
  8. I'm thoroughly enjoying WinterFest. I didn't go to the one in 2005 and am barely old enough to remember the original (I remember the tower lights, that it was really cold, and that there was an ice show in Festhaus, but that's about it), so this is mostly a new experience for me. The park did an amazing job with decorating, and I'm even more impressed with the sign changes - not just a cheap plastic sign taped over an existing sign, but full size custom signs that look like they've been there all along. I'm planning on returning next weekend after work to catch more shows and see what else I haven't seen yet.
  9. You would be correct. The video description on YouTube is "Introduction to Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay's Vlog! New videos coming soon!"
  10. I'll be going to Winterfest on Saturday since I get off work at 5:45. Can't wait! Sent from my LG G5 using Tapatalk
  11. If they do open next year I might have to find a way to squeeze in a stop at Lakemont next summer (like I did with Conneaut last year). I was planning to visit this summer until they announced they were closing for renovations. At least they're still going to be open for their holiday stuff.
  12. Holiday World has officially announced that the theme for next year's HolliWood Nights enthusiast event will be "Coastershack" (a take off on Caddyshack). More details here: https://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2017/11/10/postcast-one-coastershack/
  13. I tested it out by adding a buffet ticket to my cart. The processing fee is only $0.99.
  14. For info about ride controls and such, get in touch with the folks from Irvine Ondrey Engineering (http://www.irvineondrey.com and https://www.facebook.com/IrvineOndreyEngineering). Their website even says that "your questions about attractions controls are more than welcome" on their FB page. I don't know how much they do in the way of controls for flat rides but they do a lot with coasters, including Mystic Timbers.
  15. I haven't been through a drive-through lights display in years. As a kid we always went to the one at Sharon Woods, and one year we went to the one at Pyramid Hill in Hamilton. Will have to try and make it out to Coney's this year.
  16. On a somewhat related note, Christmas Nights Of Lights will be returning this year. It starts a week from tonight (the 10th) and runs through January 1st. http://coneyislandpark.com/event/christmas-light-show/
  17. It might also give me incentive to check out Dinos at CP next year (and/or Dorney if I end up there again - haven't really decided)
  18. The reason for that rule is that the admins and mods want to remain in good standing with the park, and also because KI prohibits employees from disclosing information that hasn't already been made public. It's easier to just deny all non public information than to pick and choose what's acceptable.
  19. From WGRR's Facebook page: Tapatalk users: https://www.facebook.com/103.5WGRR/ First post is a video of the haunted wedding. The second post is the winning couple along with WGRR morning show hosts Chris O'Brien and Janeen Coyle on Mystic Timbers.
  20. Or the zoo for that matter, with lots of Christmas lights visible now...
  21. http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/lake-county-news-sun/crime/ct-lns-six-flags-assault-st-0927-20170926-story.html
  22. Found a mistake... On the "Attractions" page for Winterfest, the picture shown for Peanuts 500 is not the version that's at Kings Island.
  23. I'm planning to spend most of my time on Closing Day in Planet Snoopy, though we'll likely make it over towards DA at some point because my niece loves Monster (at least while the ride is in motion - she's not a big fan of sitting in the air while another part of the ride is unloaded). It'll be interesting to see what they do with the area and if they do anything special for Winterfest since that would be a great area to jazz up for the holidays (even though there's less than a month between the end of regular operations and the start of Winterfest). Also, last I heard there was still a haunt in one half of Action Theater so I don't see that going anywhere anytime soon. Otherwise they probably would have demolished it when they stopped showing the dino film in there a couple years ago.
  24. From CP Food Blog: Link for Tapatalk users: https://www.facebook.com/CPFoodBlog/photos/a.176053225929995.1073741826.157350967800221/735575029977809/?type=3&hc_ref=ARSJHhQBCPLoPNeMd7zd10D4sn2iMojK7ljstDDfdvi3edFqeiRPXWcopfWSnZ0V13o
  25. I believe that's how many times your content has been "liked", though I'm not sure how the new reactions thing fits into that. @malem or @Dane can probably explain it in more detail.
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