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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Yeah, I was a little surprised to see The Beastie line so long yesterday - by noon it was all the way back to the brick wall with all the queue lanes open...
  2. Adventures For Wish Kids had their annual PKI event yesterday, and the Shriners also had a huge group out there (patients of their Burns Institute and the patients' families).
  3. Oldiesmann


    The crowds have been pretty small during the week, although that's partly due to it being so hot here recently. I wouldn't expect to wait real long for most rides, although Flight of Fear and Tomb Raider will have longer lines since they're indoors.
  4. I've never been to Stricker's Grove since it's mostly used for private parties, but it does sound like a great place to visit.
  5. lol Ripping out the waterpark right at the height of the season is a dumb idea in my opinion... Nobody's going to be able to use the new attractions until next year anyway, so why rip out stuff now?
  6. How can you only stay at PKI for 3 and a half hours?
  7. That's definitely not a good way to appeal to families...
  8. I will be there for all three nights of the fireworks - I'm off on Saturday (will be spending a lot of time at the water park...), working 3:45-close on Sunday and 11:50-8 on Monday. Not sure what time HB will close before the fireworks, but you can't beat getting paid to watch fireworks for 30 minutes or so
  9. PKI would be stupid to remove Scooby Doo stuff considering how many kids all know and love Scooby Doo these days. I still don't want to see any of the current theming gone, but I doubt there's much that can be done to stop it. Hanna-Barbera is nothing more than a "brand" of Warner Brothers Animation now (as far as I can see), and it appears that most cable providers in this area only carry Boomerang on Digital Cable (looking at the three biggest - Adelphia, Insight and Time-Warner)...
  10. Front Seat on SoB isn't all that much smoother than the rest of the train, but is a nice experience.
  11. The only time we can't take a bag from someone is if it has money in it. Otherwise we're just not responsible if something should happen to it while you're riding.
  12. HB West Pie... Huck's Hot Rods, Yogi's SkyTours, Fender Bender 500 (load/unload), Beastie (checking bars and height / co-dispatching) and Alley Cat 500.
  13. Glad to hear my suggestions are being considered
  14. During the week the park usually isn't too crowded. However, July 4th weekend it will probably be pretty crowded. The current weather forecast for July 2nd (according to weather.com) is quite nice - sunny with a high of 82, although it's hard to say how accurate that is since it's hard to predict stuff that far in advance.
  15. I'm working all day Saturday (third all-day shift this month...), so I will be there.
  16. Membership is "open to all Survey Panel members". Therefore, unless you're on their survey panel, you probably shouldn't join that board...
  17. As of yesterday, that big crane was the only remaining "heavy machine" at Delirium - the cherry picker was gone, as was the other crane. They were still working on it though.
  18. It is annoying when this happens. People wait in a long line while their friends go do other rides, and then when they get close, their friends shove right past everyone else and join them in line. It's rude, and shouldn't be tolerated. I'm pretty sure Security can throw you out of the park for doing that.
  19. I didn't get to see any of those Minis unfortunately (I worked from 11:50 til around 8:30 and did various different rides the rest of the time). That GameRiot thing seemed to be pretty popular as well.
  20. Unfortunately they probably won't, since none of those shows are on anymore, and none of the current Nicktoons are all that great.
  21. Ditto... I work there, so I'll be there pretty often.
  22. Next time you visit, you should try Baby Chef on Huck's Hot Rods (you can ride with him in the school bus or fire truck ). He'd probably enjoy that ride
  23. Two PKI products that I'm looking for (if anyone can find them): 1. A Beast 25th Anniversary Sport Quart from last year (by the time I decided I wanted one, I couldn't find them anymore). 2. An "I survived Son of Beast" t-shirt. I saw it in the shop over in Action Zone last year, but didn't have money for it at the time. When I did have money, I couldn't find it and nobody even knew if there was such a shirt... I tried looking for that Son of Beast shirt at Outfitters in Rivertown earlier this year (since they seem to have the best selection of stuff), but couldn't find one.
  24. I knew it was a Huss ride in Coney Mall, and didn't realize that Huss made Shake, Rattle and Roll as well (although it's also one of my favorite rides).
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