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  1. http://www.wkyc.com/features/cedar-point-changes-its-logo-see-the-new-design/395807288 I really don't understand why companies keep going for the "generic logo" look. Is creativity in the design industry really that dead?
  2. The current theater has one IMAX screen, but it's IMAX digital and not full-size 70mm IMAX (see http://www.slashfilm.com/qa-imax-theatre-real-imax-liemax for an explanation of the difference). I don't remember how many screens were in the old theater building, but its screens were true IMAX screens - 76 feet tall (I saw The Lion King in IMAX there before the theater closed, and it was quite an experience). Note though that the IMAX building is owned by Newport on the Levee, while Herschend (or whoever owns the aquarium) owns the land and building for the aquarium.
  3. The ride descriptions could use some work. For many of the rides the only minimum height indication is a small graphic either on the rides page or in the popup thing when you click on a ride. For instance, Lake Erie Eagles simply shows that the minimum height is 36" but doesn't say that you have to be taller to ride by yourself. Some of the kids' rides also don't have a maximum height.
  4. First coaster of the season will definitely be Mystic Timbers. After that I have no idea what I'll ride.
  5. I'll be at HoliWood Nights again for the third straight year. This time I'm staying at Red Roof Inn in Ferdinand because my sister and brother-in-law are planning to tag along and bring my niece, so we needed extra space. I booked back in September though so it's only costing $129 a night for a suite (last year I booked late and ended up paying $100 a night at Motel 6 in Dale).
  6. Is that unload change the reason you have to push the trains back into the station, or is that just how the ride was designed?
  7. I assumed Taptalk would show the link in place of the embedded Instagram post. Here's the link for those who want it. https://www.instagram.com/p/BPhzdYfhR8S/
  8. Congo Falls is really a remnant from what that area was prior to Action Zone. It was more of a Safari theme as I recall.
  9. Just signed up and chose the 2pm Beast tour. I'll be registering for Holiwood Nights as soon as I get paid again on Monday.
  10. I'd be content with them replacing Python with a good wild mouse or maybe even something along the lines of Waldameer's Steel Dragon.
  11. Is there a way to make the ads respect device width? They're overflowing the forum area on my phone.
  12. I'll have to put in my request for opening day at work tomorrow since it appears there isn't going to be a passholder preview night this year (though I was planning to take opening day off either way - just wanted to make things easier on my manager by not putting in two separate requests for consecutive days).
  13. The biggest change this year is that the park is open to the public on the Sunday following opening day (albeit shortened hours - 12-7), which is when they're usually closed for a buyout. I'm hoping that if the buyout is on the 14th, Mystic Timbers won't make its debut until the 15th. Otherwise we'll all hear about what's in the shed before opening day.
  14. Glad you enjoyed it. It was by far one of the most painful coaster-riding experiences I've had.
  15. Here you go. Hover over your nick in a post or elsewhere in the forum (online users, leaderboard, etc.) then click "Find Content" once the member card pops up. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/profile/9652-jtro223/content/ Unfortunately the hover trick doesn't work on mobile devices but that's the only easy way to get to it.
  16. I went once probably 20-25 years ago (I have no idea how old I was at the time) and haven't been back since. I will probably try to make it this year depending on ticket prices and such since it will be the last one.
  17. If you can only do one, HoliWood Nights is the one I'd pick, especially since you haven't done it in several years. This will be my 3rd straight HoliWood Nights and it's a ton of fun. Plus, you'll have an excuse to hit Kentucky Kingdom on your way home (though I highly recommend skipping T3).
  18. That's made by the same company that made TopSpin at Coney. Would definitely be a good fit there.
  19. For those curious here's a video of the ride from IAAPA.
  20. This looks like fun http://www.dailyitem.com/news/knoebels-announces-new-ride/article_e6cc3d04-d502-11e6-9e49-27233e6df90a.html
  21. Any word on when/if the remaining notification options will be enabled? The only way I'm getting notified of people liking my posts is through Tapatalk.
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