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  1. Looks like fun but we really don't need any more low-capacity coasters at KI (and I'm guessing the capacity is one reason only 4 of those exist)
  2. It will be interesting to see what they do, but I still think they're going to end up regretting this decision in the long run.
  3. Not sure if the Cincinnati Zoo would be interested in any additional rides. Their carousel and train are pretty popular though.
  4. The only Coney rides I could see working well at KI (besides possibly one of the kiddie rides) are Flying Bobs and Tilt-a-Whirl. The company that makes Scrambler is still in business so KI wouldn't need to strip the one at Coney for parts. The bumper cars and ship at KI are completely different than the ones at Coney so those wouldn't do very well for parts either.
  5. I actually hit Carowinds back in July (Carowinds, KD and BGW). I agree that it's a great park and would definitely love a return visit. Fury ended up being my 100th coaster.
  6. I've renewed Platinum again next year but I haven't decided which CF parks I'm going to hit besides KI. A return to BGW is tempting especially with that new coaster they're putting in, but I don't know if I want to do a repeat of this year's trip just for a single new coaster credit (I got a record 33 new coaster credits on that trip). My sister was talking about wanting to do Carowinds and Cedar Point next year, so if they end up doing that I'll probably tag along with them if I can.
  7. Cincinnati Circus has purchased the Racing Rockets and Turtle Parade rides which will be available to rent out for private events next year. Both rides are already pictured on their website (Rides & Rentals -> Mechanical Rides).
  8. I have found the choice of the past several ride additions at Coney a bit odd. Coney has built itself into a nice family park with the combination of rides and the pool, yet it's been a long time since they added a family ride (the past three have been two thrill rides and a kiddie ride, not counting the short-lived boats which never seemed to be that popular anyway). Something from Zamperla like a Rockin' Tug or Samba Balloon would have been perfect for Coney. Not high thrill of course, but something that the entire family could enjoy. @CoastersRZ do you know when most of the current rid
  9. The giant wheel shown in WCPO's article was only there for a little over a month last year and was a traveling one.
  10. Lakemont closed for a few seasons but that was a completely different situation and they still have quite a few classic rides. http://lakemontparkfun.com/attractions/ Back on topic, I think this is a terrible decision and I'm hoping they'll reconsider (though I would actually be surprised if they did). It just doesn't make any sense to me. Every time I've visited the park, the rides have been popular, especially among kids. My three year old niece had a lot of fun on the kids rides each of the three times we visited this year, and I enjoyed riding classics like Flying Bobs, Tempest and th
  11. Hopefully we'll at least see a new ride at Coney next year since they removed Round Up. I'd personally prefer to see either another coaster or at least a replacement for Python, but I don't see that happening anytime soon considering the pool is the big attraction and Python is still quite popular.
  12. According to the article they were granted approval back in 2015 and that approval was extended in 2017 but expired last year due to failure to start construction. I'll still be surprised if this thing actually gets built.
  13. I'm wondering what the thief/thieves plan to do with it. Most people likely don't have the proper electrical hookup for such a ride, not to mention the space it would take up or having to explain to others how you suddenly ended up with a roller coaster
  14. The meal bands and FL+ bands are completely separate, so you shouldn't have any issues there. I'm not entirely sure about the second question though - I've never used FL+ at all.
  15. They're still doing Peanuts Celebration at Carowinds later this year (since the weather is a bit nicer down there in November than it is here). I do hope they bring it back to KI again, but apparently Carnivale is returning next year as well so we'll see.
  16. I don't remember for certain but I believe they do.
  17. Hopefully they'll replace it with something good. It does appear that at least one company still makes that type of ride ("Zero Gravity" from Battech Enterprises) but I'd be surprised to see it replaced with the same type of ride.
  18. The day many have wanted has finally arrived. Cedar Point is now offering a Gold Pass for next year, good for admission at both CP and CP Shores, with free parking and 30 minutes early entry to both parks (compared to 1 hour for Platinum passholders and resort guests). Current price is $99. https://www.cedarpoint.com/tickets-passes/season-passes
  19. That's a shame. I loved that ride. Any particular reason why it was removed?
  20. If it's anything like Camp Snoopy at Carowinds it should be a great addition. Camp Snoopy doesn't beat KI's Planet Snoopy in terms of ride offerings, but the theming and layout is awesome.
  21. New multi-level interactive water attraction, Seaside Splashworks, coming next year. https://www.dorneypark.com/blog/2019/august/dorney-park-2020-capital-project
  22. There's more than what can be seen in that picture. The entire ride is supposed to last about 5 1/2 minutes and there's a "mine shaft" in there somewhere as well.
  23. This picture on the park's website gives a much better idea of what the drop will actually look like.
  24. Looks like an awesome attraction but I agree that the drop looks ridiculously steep in that image, especially for what's being called a family ride. I also love the records they come up with for these new rides - this time "tallest drop on a raft ride in the western hemisphere". This beats out the current record holder by 9 feet (Infinity Falls at SeaWorld Orlando, which just opened in October of last year).
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