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  1. My guess would be extra loading time. If someone does decide to sit in that row then you have to wait a short time while the guest adjusts the seatbelt to fit them. If that row is empty the next time around, it takes longer for the ride op to pull the belt tight again. I have always wondered why they even have belts on Timbers to begin with since they just tell you they have to be buckled but not tight.

  2. I recommend stopping at Sara's while in Erie. It's right up the road from Waldameer and is a really fun diner/tourist trap type place with good food. If you have time, Presque Isle State Park (also right up the road from Waldameer and Sara's) is worth a trip. I didn't venture out to Gull Point because I was being bombarded with bugs on the trail, but there's a lighthouse and a lot of other stuff to see/do there (beach, picturesque lake views, etc.)

  3. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/breaking-europark-fire-massive-blaze-12602519

    According to the Facebook page Cupcakes and Coasters, Michael Mack has confirmed that there are no injuries, but the Pirates attraction and the Norway section have been completely destroyed.



  4. For future reference, you can go to the Google Maps website and get directions that take into account when you're planning to leave or want to arrive at your destination - that will give you the typical travel times for the date/time you chose and, if you choose when you want to arrive, recommend when you need to leave in order to get to your destination on time.

  5. They may have. I was only over that way for a short time and it was dark by then.

    On an unrelated note, somehow my pass got renewed as a junior/senior pass instead of a regular pass. Had to go to the sales window and pay $59 to get that fixed, and I have to go to Guest Services tomorrow to get my dining plan straightened out.

  6. I didn't see much of the park tonight, having spent most of my time in Planet Snoopy, but I did notice a few other things not mentioned here so far:

    Tower Gardens is no longer a designated smoking area
    The Coca-Cola building in Coney Mall has been renovated - there's more room inside now and there are 6 Freestyle machines instead of 4
    Several other general improvements in Coney Mall - a few new planters and seating areas along the midway

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