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  1. Had a great time at Coney on Saturday, spending a large amount of time in the pool due to the heat. For those who haven't been to Coney this season here are some other changes that I haven't seen mentioned here yet:

    The miners town play area was moved to the picnic area next to the pool entrance
    New playground equipment installed near the carousel
    New swings and some playground equipment installed near the dock where the miners town used to be
    New vinyl wrap on Python cars

    The new signs at the rides look great as well :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed Knoebels. Definitely not your typical park but the layout with the roads and such reminded me a bit of (New) Conneaut Lake Park (though CLP isn't nearly as big). Unfortunately the only time you'll get night rides on the woodies is during Phoenix Phall Phunfest as they otherwise apparently don't run their woodies after dark. I didn't get to ride Flyers last year as it was down when I was there (or at least when I wanted to ride it), so hopefully I'll get that in this year (along with Over The Top and the sky ride, both of which were also closed last year when I was there).

  3. My guess would be extra loading time. If someone does decide to sit in that row then you have to wait a short time while the guest adjusts the seatbelt to fit them. If that row is empty the next time around, it takes longer for the ride op to pull the belt tight again. I have always wondered why they even have belts on Timbers to begin with since they just tell you they have to be buckled but not tight.

  4. I recommend stopping at Sara's while in Erie. It's right up the road from Waldameer and is a really fun diner/tourist trap type place with good food. If you have time, Presque Isle State Park (also right up the road from Waldameer and Sara's) is worth a trip. I didn't venture out to Gull Point because I was being bombarded with bugs on the trail, but there's a lighthouse and a lot of other stuff to see/do there (beach, picturesque lake views, etc.)

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