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  1. Im gonna have to go with Delirium on this one...thank god the eagles are finally gone
  2. Vortex and Face Off are both nice but i like the orange and blue a little better.
  3. Yea that sounds pretty cool, im all for it.
  4. Kirkaf2002

    Top 10

    My fav. 10 are: 10. Adventure Express 9. Tomb Raider: The Ride 8. The Racer 7. Top Gun 6. Face Off 5. Vortex 4. Flight of Fear 3. Son of Beast 2. Delirim 1. Beast
  5. Wings is really good. Skyline is pretty close and Bubba Gump is good.
  6. If i ain't working on easter sunday i will be up there all day. So either way i will be there.
  7. I think they might only do the gold pass for a limited time. Im not sure about that tho.
  8. I agree on that. They need somethin big there to blow away guests and get the guests to go around the park instead of staying in Acton Zone all day.
  9. I always like when everyone has there hands up, and when you approach the tunnels most people put there hands down or duck.
  10. Wouldn't it cost a lot of money to just move a ride or a place like Timerwolf to a place that is open when they could just put a new ride in the open place and save some money.
  11. I will try to meet up for PKIU day if i ain't working that day. But if i am workin stop over by Xtreme Skyflyer thats where i will be.
  12. I have yet to go on opening day but i would imagine it to get pretty crowded but im not sure. However i have found the best days to go are like Mondays or Tuesdays its usually never that crowded on those days.
  13. Speaking of the antique cars i was wondering they used to have two different tracks for them and they closed down one of the sides. Does anybody know if they are planning on putting something else there or just keep the old track there?
  14. Definantly lookin forward to riding Delirium, SOB, an The Beast. When May comes around lookin forward to checking out BB. And to see what changes if any they have made around the park at all.
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