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  1. Hopefully this makes Hades a re ridable coaster. If not you will find me on Cyclops all day in the back seat .
  2. Ive been to all the CF parks but Great America!! but I have had many Great Adventures at Great America just closer to home
  3. UPDATE!! All WindSeekers are Closed CF nationwide. http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/themeparks/la-trb-knotts-WindSeeker-riders-stuck-09201221,0,1284072.story
  4. It was on the Todays show this morning Al the Weather man Quote "Law suit Seeker" Id be shocked to see if the other 5 are going to Operate this weekend!! If i were in control id be on the phone with Mondial. Also Carowinds has had the Same Prop as well!! http://www.wsoctv.com/news/news/local/WindSeeker-malfunctions-carowinds-riders-stuck-air/nPs9J/
  5. Speaking of WindSeeker look whats on the front page on yahoo http://news.yahoo.com/ca-amusement-park-riders-spend-hours-300-feet-030850259.html I hope they got Exit passes or next day tickets free and not just water in a shot glass!!
  6. Service for Keith Harrison: Friday Sept. 7th, 2012 St. Barnabas Episcopal Church Montgomery, OH Visitation 10 AM -Noon Memorial Service Noon Reception following service
  7. Just your Typical Allan Bradley Control Panels nothing special about them! For Example I know on the newer B&M Coasters you have a username and login name than you power up the ride and start your block testing for the day. Most easy coasters to operate are the Arrows and B&Ms!! but most of it is all Computer base after the operator pushes the button the ride runs its self!! Also Censors along the track help Detect the Speed of the train and to know ware the train is at al times as well.
  8. Dont take the wrong turn at Knoebels i Hear its still not running and next year I can Flashback to St. Louis instead of Texas
  9. ahh I see sorry your are correct I knew he was GM for a wile at Dollywood I miss read the Article so he has a higher position at DW well congrats to him.
  10. Is this offered at SFOG Terpy calling Terpy
  11. Robbie, Ross took over a year and a half ago at Dollywood and he is very much happy ware is is now. Got to ride Wild Eagle with him and Ms Cooper on opening day back in March both are 2 amazing people. But I still cant find Fort Cooper at Dollywood
  12. My top 10 Steel 1. Bizarro at SFNE 2. Leviathan at Canadas Wonderland 3. Nitro at Great Adventure 4. Goliath at SFOG 5. I-305 at Kings Dominion 6. X-Flight at Great America 7. Goliath at LaRonde 8. Mindbender at SFOG 9. Talon at Dorney 10. Aply at Busch Gardens in VA Wood 1. Voyage at Holiday World 2. Wooden Warrior at Quassy 3. Phoenix at Knoebles 4. El Toro at Great Adventure 5. Viper at Great America 6. Ravine Flyer II at Walameer 7. Hurler at Carowinds 8. Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion 9. Mr. Twister at Elitch Gardens 10. Silver Comet at Martins Fantasy Island
  13. Actually I wouldn't be so sure. Theme Parks think years in advance I bet. I know they do just like with diamond back. They started working on it in 2007 and some people knew about Diamondback before 2007 its called Planning and Design
  14. Might funny you and Ty were once and Admin on that site Paul....
  15. Im so ready for Gatekeeper gonna rule the front of the park the Double fly thru looks sweet!!! ohhh look at my hawt new profile pic!!
  16. Hmm its mighty funny you can take off your flip flops off on Behemoth at Wonderland same with Leviathan. Parks have different polices and Rules. people take off there shoes and flip flops on Raptor all the time same with the Batman clones at Six Flags.
  17. Bottom Line safety comes first I 10000% agree what HTCO is coming from! How many B&M coasters have you ridden because out of all the sit-down stand up Floorless Inverts flying Hyper and Dive and Winged you must wear your shoes its a park rule not B&M.
  18. Funny how I had to wait 15 min at Knotts last month for them to figure out that my Kings Dominion pass was valid for the 2012 season but yet my home park is Kings Island. Kinda funny how it has a CF logo on it but the 2 Area Managers had never herd of Kings Dominion so now I have a Knotts Pass oy vey for a stupid little card!! BTW Just ask Terp about his Carowinds Adventure a year ago with is pass that was a funn day huh Terp oh wait you did 4 hours south to SFOG lol!!
  19. yea that turnaround looks amazing.
  20. Shambhala uses jets for its Splash down wile Diamondback uses scoops
  21. King Cobra and Skywriter at Wonderland are the same they both turn to the right and have the tricktrack. Shockwave turns to the left and bunny hills and Break run http://www.rcdb.com/91.htm?p=33426 Shcokwave ending turing left http://www.rcdb.com/62.htm?p=131 Skywriter turns right
  22. Shockwave is nothing like King Cobra not even close but glad you enjoyed KD. Just wondering if everything was 1 train operation if so thats Typical KD Operations for ya lol.
  23. Hmmm the week before Christmas Magic Kingdom is a ghost town best time to go to Disney .
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT4KNFvTpSs
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