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  1. You all have been very helpful. If we do end up going I will be sure to post a trip report. Thanks for everyones input.
  2. For our annual family vacation we usually head down to Charleston South Carolina. This year we are not able to go there and we are ending up in Gatlinburg. This is not where I wanted to end up! We were trying to figure out what in the heck we can do in Gatlinburg and we saw that Dollywood is not that far away. The prices to get in are a little steep, so I was wondering if anyone here had been to Dollywood recently and if you thought it was worth the $55 to get in. I'm not sure that I am willing to pay that much per ticket.
  3. That's really funny. That was the first thing that I noticed and it bugs me too!
  4. We are not going, but not because there are too many people. We are not going because this will be the first year in 5 years that we did not buy season passes. The kids are loosing interest and would have rather had CP passes instead. Is was just way too much for a family of four to buy the plat. passes. We will be taking this year off.
  5. What happened? Three words. Hard Rock Park...and someone wants to be sure they sell season passes to people who have bought Carowinds passes in the past. We just came back from Myrtle Beach and we took the "backstage pass" tour at Hard Rock Park. They said they are planning on being open thru December. They are going to be a big competitor for Carowinds.
  6. I wonder if the 12 foot walls includes the depth of the moat they are talking about. So it looks like they are saying that the tiger swam through the moat and then scaled the 12 foot wall. If that really is the case, that tiger was on a mission to get what she wanted or the moat was pretty shallow. This is a really sad story. I feel bad for the families and I also feel bad for the tiger.
  7. It looks like as long as a company wanted to $600.00 per evening, anyone could help sponsor it. If you go to their main website it doesn't have Kings Island anywhere that jumps out at you. I have to agree with Lake54321. I think Kings Island is just showing good will towards Mason. It looks like it would be a good time. I wish that I lived closer so I could attend.
  8. I was happy to see more food choices too, but we rarely eat at the zoo. That is one perk of being a member. We can go for an hour or so and leave. What I did notice is that they have a drink option now, a 32oz drink with souvenir cup for $6.00 with free refills. It would be nice if Kings Island would do this also. I have always thought we have a wonderful zoo. They have made great changes to our zoo and I can't wait for the polar bears to come back. I would have liked to go over to see Fluffy but we were not able to stay very long since I have a child that is still recovering from surgery. We will have to go back to see him before he leaves the zoo. I think everyone should come and see our zoo since it is one of the best out there!
  9. We are Columbus Zoo members and we went to see the wildlights tonight. They have made a lot of changes since we were there last. There are more food options and they have people taking your picture when you come through the gates now. I could really do without that! I was hoping to catch a look at the water park but it was too dark. It does look like the coaster may have got a new paint job though. We will have to go back when it is lighter out so I can get a good look at what's going on.
  10. He should not have been forced to go. If he is that scared of Halloween monsters, his parents should have known way before they brought him to HH. Either they wanted to scare the crap out of him for the fun of it or they pay little to no attention to him to know anything about his first 13 years of life. I don't understand why a parent would put their kid through that knowing he is scared. I hope that the kid was so scared that night the he went into his parents room every 1/2 hour to wake them up saying that we can sleep since they drug him to HH. I bet if he did that they may think twice before taking him back next year.
  11. That surprises me. I didn't think that the ride ops were allowed to help get the riders buckled up. That was really nice of her.
  12. Is Sunday daytime also barebones? I thought that the day would be a regular operating day and the night was barebones. I'm glad that someone asked because we thought about making a trip also!
  13. I was wondering if we buy our season pass before November 11th but do not have them processed until next year, do we still get the free parking and the perks that are offered now?
  14. An 11 year old is usually big enough of ride the major coasters and they usually do not like to trick or treat with 4 year olds. I am saying that KI is not doing hardly anything for the "tween" age while CP is. If you have young kids, Nick or treat is just fine but there is that in between age that they are leaving out.
  15. Some of the problem is that the advertising really isn't doing a good job promoting the event. I have not seen 1 commercial for HH in Columbus. So when people drive 1 1/2 hours from Columbus to find out their 11 year old is not mature enough for HH, you expect them to want to come back and spend more money at the park? It is not that easy to find a baby sitter so Mom and Dad can drive 80 miles to almost get scared. If they go to CP they can take the 11 year old who is still welcome since they are not "mature enough" for HH and have a good time and not pay for a babysitter.
  16. I'm not too sure about that. I think that people may be thinking that this is the way that KI may be heading and this is just the first stage of change. You have even said in other posts that this is the first stage of HH, so if this is its first stage, what is the first stage in change for the rest of the park? I have been going to KI my entire life. My family and I still debating on buying passes next year and if we do, I think that we will make CP our home park and not KI. We will still visit, but I really don't think that we will be there as much as we were last year. It's fine if the park wants to go in this direction, but maybe the "families" that KI used to have will head up north and have a family friendly time there instead.
  17. I may have to take you up on that offer! I can usually get my husband to sit with me. He did sit through Hot Island and Twistin to the 60s. I'm not sure if he liked them, especially Hot island but I liked them a lot. I think that I embarrass him sometimes because I tend to sing along and if I had ANY rhythm I would get up and dance. I know, I'm a dork, but I can't help it!
  18. No, it's not that. It's that I am the only girl in my family. I have 2 teenage boys and a husband that their idea of a good time is not sitting watching shows. We did see Endless Summer on Ice and I had to deal with the boys rolling their eyes for the entire show. My husband is better then the kids, but doesn't enjoy the singing and dancing nearly as much as I do. So when I say that this may be my last show, it is because unless I want to go and sit by myself and watch the show, I probably would not be able to drag any of them along. I really enjoy the shows, unfortunately I am only one in the family that does. They have been doing better but sometimes you have to choose your battles and this isn’t one I want to tackle.
  19. Has anyone bought their 2008 season pass yet? I am wondering if they are temporary passes like last year or if they are the permanent ones. It was such a mess to stand in line last year and then turn around and do the same thing this year.
  20. We went to see the show on opening weekend and ended up leaving a little more then half way through it. I really didn’t think it was the type of show the KI should have, but that is my opinion. I did notice that the following week as we walked by show, the leading lady did have more clothing on and the male lead was not shirtless. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that KI may have had some negative feedback about the lack of clothes on the young lady. I usually have a hard time getting my family to go to the shows with me and after they sat through part of this one, it may be the last show I will ever see at KI, unless of course they bring back School of Rock. When that show was playing I had no problems getting the family to see that one. And before some of you blast me and remind me yet again that this is NOT an event for families or young kids, my family does not have young kids in it. They are teenagers.
  21. I would have to vote for Hershey Park. We had a great time when we went last summer. The park is very clean, people were really nice, the shows were great and the rides were awesome. I love lightening racer!
  22. I love the then and now section. What a great idea!
  23. I remember that. I was one of those people that were glued to the TV's! I would love for KI to get a sports bar or something along those lines.
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