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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Absolutely agree, it is an unenviable situation that parks (and many other businesses) have to be in right now - even more so for a park that just made such a massive investment. The other day my brother asked me if I was aware of any discounts to Dollywood. My impression is Dollywood doesn’t seem to offer all that many during a typical year; they probably don’t need to! But for any park to aggressively promote itself right now feels risky. Social distancing is the expectation and the park needs to assure the public that can be accomplished. Parks may also be uncertain about demand withi
  2. This is obviously not happy news. But it is understandable given the circumstances. I imagine you are correct that certain members of news media will still be given an opportunity to showcase the ride. As a non-passholder who didn’t sign up for the first rider event, it’s going to be a long wait. Or cave and buy a pass...
  3. As someone who registered for media day, I look forward to helping the park hype Orion. That is assuming enthusiast participation in media day is still desired by the park and can be accomplished under the current conditions. Changes to the format must be necessary not only in order to social distance among the media, but to ensure the desired message is being conveyed. Kings Island somehow has to strike a balance between "we have an amazing new addition that we want you to come ride", and "queuing for our amazing new addition won't look like a SRO concert". The park may still be determin
  4. I am bummed about this too. It was to be my first time attending Coaster Con. I have enjoyed the shorter weekend national events the past couple years and was looking forward to the full week experience. Not to mention all but Hershey are new to me. Here's to 2021...and something positive and park-related in summer 2020.
  5. My wife and I were in attendance on Sunday night. We're locals and aren't super into haunt attractions, but we were curious to see how they decorated the park and to try some of the new food options. I was also looking forward to some night rides. Now I wish I had waited until after dark to do T3. Like many, I'm not a big fan, but it's tolerable enough for the occasional lap. It probably is the least lit area of the park. After a stop at Tin Lizzies (which is now has tiki torches!), we started our night at the LaBARatory to try Frank's Monster Burger. We split it, and that was a good
  6. Bright orange rails: Circa 2009
  7. I don't know this for a fact, but on a recent visit to the park markings and minimal tree clearing were visible behind the picnic area, adjacent to SkyCatcher. This would lead me to believe based on the rendering that the lift would point south towards the airport with the majority of the layout running parallel to and sitting behind the newer section of the waterpark. Again this is conjecture, but it seems like a plausible spot to me with the sort of out and back layout. I am really excited about this addition! I didn't really think they would announce a new coaster (was guessing Sky Rol
  8. If I'm not mistaken Michigan's Adventure expanded Half Pint Paradise this year. Surely it isn't being expanded again...?
  9. Following up on this - I was able to visit Camden Park this past weekend, on the last day of standard operation no less. Schedules came together at the last minute surprising me with a free Saturday, an afternoon at the park, and the opportunity to watch my Alma mater play football against Marshall in the evening. It was a great day! My wife and I arrived at the park around 1pm after a quick stop at Tudor's Biscuit World (huge breakfast sandwiches). I was impressed with the look and feel of the place. For a park with many of its marquee attractions being 30-60 years old, everything looked
  10. Looking forward to catching a live stream as well. I had been hoping to make an announcement day visit since early this season. Unfortunately I have a conflict on the 28th. I too greatly enjoyed the Banshee announcement in person.
  11. Thursday 7/28 at 10pm. https://twitter.com/EvanMillward/status/755421486219988992
  12. Heading south is correct. The building on the left is the Festo warehouse just built in the last couple years.
  13. Thank you, if I do get the chance to visit I will make sure to post about my experience!
  14. I visited Michigan's Adventure for the first time last week, so I'll share my experience. Business travel for my wife provided the opportunity for us to swing by for a few hours. For the enthusiast, Shivering Timbers is the main attraction. One might consider it to be the precursor to The Voyage from a design perspective, however, it is not as aggressive. I found it very enjoyable, and quite photogenic! I was tricked twice into thinking that the ride was over at around 2/3 of the way through the course, a fun surprise! I wish we'd had time for more than two rides. Thunderhawk is tolera
  15. I concede that I have not been able to make any sense of the 1972 lead. Unless it refers to a non-ride (entrance work, etc). Did Don, himself, make that statement? I have only read that hint in this thread (by BoddaH1994) and on the KIC Twitter (presumably also written by him). Thinking about Tower Gardens, I don't believe it was even around in 1972, correct? But there is a stake...
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