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  1. I don't know this for a fact, but on a recent visit to the park markings and minimal tree clearing were visible behind the picnic area, adjacent to SkyCatcher. This would lead me to believe based on the rendering that the lift would point south towards the airport with the majority of the layout running parallel to and sitting behind the newer section of the waterpark. Again this is conjecture, but it seems like a plausible spot to me with the sort of out and back layout. I am really excited about this addition! I didn't really think they would announce a new coaster (was guessing Sky Roller or Air Race), so it is a surprise. I haven't ridden any of the other smaller Gravity Group wooden coasters, but have often read good things. It seems like a nice intermediate step between Roller Skater and Thunder Run. As a business decision it really does make a lot of sense to me.
  2. If I'm not mistaken Michigan's Adventure expanded Half Pint Paradise this year. Surely it isn't being expanded again...?
  3. Following up on this - I was able to visit Camden Park this past weekend, on the last day of standard operation no less. Schedules came together at the last minute surprising me with a free Saturday, an afternoon at the park, and the opportunity to watch my Alma mater play football against Marshall in the evening. It was a great day! My wife and I arrived at the park around 1pm after a quick stop at Tudor's Biscuit World (huge breakfast sandwiches). I was impressed with the look and feel of the place. For a park with many of its marquee attractions being 30-60 years old, everything looked well kept and clean, and the employees were very friendly. Sure, some rides could use fresh paint, but at the same time it didn't exude a lack of maintenance, at least not to me. In fact, the Big Dipper had a fair amount of new (unpainted) wood. We did notice the sign only read "IG DIPPER". Maybe the "B" needs some cosmetic surgery. Speaking of the Big Dipper, it was a lot of fun. Each car was a different experience. I mentioned above how uncomfortable the stage coach style bouncing on Wolverine Wildcat was. Well, Big Dipper had that too, especially in the front car, but it was not painful here possibly due to the less constrictive restraints. It was a completely different experience of air time than I am used to with many surprise pops. We liked it a lot. The back car gave intense ejector air instead of the bouncing. Car two was a mix of both, which my wife liked best. The other two attraction highlights to me were the Hawnted House and Whip. I haven't ridden a Whip since I was a young child at KI, great fun. The Hawnted House is quite the interesting contraption because it is gravity powered. The scares weren't effective, but that's probably not the point. Its a piece of Americana that you don't see much anymore. We also took rides on the Little Dipper, Slingshot (new spinning coaster), Log Flume, Train, Rattler (frisbee), Sky Lift, Flying Scooters, and Camden Princess (Rockin' Tug). The kids coasters round out the collection nicely, and the Log Flume is also a classic. We enjoyed the scooters too, but I thought the cycle was very short. Other thoughts: There were a lot of families with young children visiting, and it was apparent that the group picnics are a big draw for the park. We liked the gift shop even though we didn't buy anything. It was meticulously organized and they didn't sell a bunch of junk - only Camden branded items and a few plushes from popular cartoons. Given a little more time we would have liked to try the miniature golf course. The theme was very West Virginia and it looked well kept. I've also heard Pronto Pups are not to miss...maybe next time. We did get to try Stewart's Hot Dogs before the football game, however, which was tasty. All told, it was about a three hour visit, but definitely worth the time, and I'm glad to have made it there this year.
  4. Looking forward to catching a live stream as well. I had been hoping to make an announcement day visit since early this season. Unfortunately I have a conflict on the 28th. I too greatly enjoyed the Banshee announcement in person.
  5. Thursday 7/28 at 10pm. https://twitter.com/EvanMillward/status/755421486219988992
  6. Heading south is correct. The building on the left is the Festo warehouse just built in the last couple years.
  7. Thank you, if I do get the chance to visit I will make sure to post about my experience!
  8. I visited Michigan's Adventure for the first time last week, so I'll share my experience. Business travel for my wife provided the opportunity for us to swing by for a few hours. For the enthusiast, Shivering Timbers is the main attraction. One might consider it to be the precursor to The Voyage from a design perspective, however, it is not as aggressive. I found it very enjoyable, and quite photogenic! I was tricked twice into thinking that the ride was over at around 2/3 of the way through the course, a fun surprise! I wish we'd had time for more than two rides. Thunderhawk is tolerable, not much headbanging. Corkscrew rides similarly to Vortex, but I found the two inversions to be smooth. Wolverine Wildcat was a disappointment to me - stagecoach style bouncing at the bottom of the drops made for an uncomfortable experience. We did not get to try Mad Mouse as it was down for technical reasons. The park's big draw is WildWater Adventure, but I found it to be a well-rounded rides wise. Cedar Fair has kept the place in good shape despite [the often-expressed enthusiast complaint] that the park rarely receives new major attractions. I appreciated the central lake setting with swan and bumper boats, mini golf, etc. You don't as often find those types of attractions at the bigger parks. The Funland Farm petting zoo is also a nice homage, if small, to the park's past as Deer Park Funland. As this topic is about Camden Park. I feel obliged to comment that Camden has been at the top of my short list for a while due to both its proximity to me and its history. I enjoyed the blog posts and hope to visit later this season. The weather was not favorable when I desired to visit over Independence Day...
  9. I concede that I have not been able to make any sense of the 1972 lead. Unless it refers to a non-ride (entrance work, etc). Did Don, himself, make that statement? I have only read that hint in this thread (by BoddaH1994) and on the KIC Twitter (presumably also written by him). Thinking about Tower Gardens, I don't believe it was even around in 1972, correct? But there is a stake...
  10. I am simply posting some observations as I read over this thread. Maybe they will spark discussion, maybe not. The following three posts were all made by BoddaH1994 today: Regardless of his intentions or knowledge of the impending announcement, I find his choice of words (particularly those highlighted in red) interesting. I imagine they were chosen with care. A number of things come to mind, so I will share some links, one of which is the CF Capital Investment Strategy from the Cedar Point Analyst Day (as posted earlier by Oldschool75). Note that at least one interactive dark ride/digital experience and at least one coaster rework are on tap for 2016. http://www.wlwt.com/news/cedar-fair-to-test-virtual-reality-on-roller-coaster/34548762 http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/08/18/93c170c8d8cd81aabdfd7565c0757636.jpg
  11. You may not be pleased with this clip (1:05 mark). Although its unclear whether it will be a monotone scheme, mentions include Ohio State and Cardinal Red. http://www.wave3.com/clip/10625671/kentucky-kingdom-to-add-5-rides-in-2015
  12. 2015 announcement forthcoming: tomorrow, 9/25, at 1:30 pm. http://www.wave3.com/story/26619225/kentucky-kingdom-to-announce-new-attractions
  13. I agree with this. And in general, I'm glad that they actually chose to give all four different names and themes. Based on history one might assume an across-the-board name like Sky Screamer, Goliath, or Batman: The Ride would have been chosen. I can see it being up for debate whether this type of ride is the best choice for the parks receiving it (particularly SFGAdv and SFDK), but I like the way they have personalized each installation for the park. Special mention goes to SFOG, since they appear to be filling up that empty blacktop space in front of the stunt show arena AND they're putting in the extra Tilt-A-Whirl (best surprise of the announcement, haha). I understand the main difference to be the magnetic fins situated at various points along the track. These fins encourage extra spins/flips as the car passes over them. So the flipping motion falls somewhere between completely controlled (X2) and completely free spin (Green Lantern).
  14. I think it sounds a bit harsh to criticize them for putting in carnival rides. What makes a Giant Loop any more a carnival ride than a Scrambler or Ferris Wheel? Both of these rides are found at both carnivals and permanent amusement parks; why not a Giant Loop? I haven't been to Elitch Gardens, but this year they put in what looks to be a park model Giant Loop, Brain Drain. It looks like a good addition to me (sans any maintenance issues they seem to have gone through). A new thrilling flat ride should be a plus for most of these parks. The only bad side I could see is Six Flags claiming the ride is a new coaster.
  15. Gee, I wonder who knew that!Terp, who likes to ask questions I'm led to believe this young man is (PR Director) John Mulcahy's son, making him John Mulcahy Jr. It provides an explanation as to why he might have received such an opportunity. See https://www.facebook.com/SaveKentuckyKingdom/photos_stream#!/photo.php?fbid=189627414505964&set=pb.173986686070037.-2207520000.1387551947.&type=3&theater'>photo from "Save My Park" group where he stands next to the man we know as John Mulcahy.
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