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  1. I might be all on my own here, but I sure hope that not only does Hart open Kentucky Kingdom next year when he plans to, but that it is an enormous success. I'll gladly watch several nay sayers eat crow sandwiches. I can't tell you how disappointing it is to come back to this website as a 'less-than-casual-visitor' and catch up on a few things and to have to scroll through all the negativity and skepticism. You certainly do represent the "enthusiast" community well. I know some will try to spin their words, as to make it sound like the intent was not negative in the slightest, but the connotation is there, plain as day. I'm happy that Ed Hart is refusing to let his dream die. I'm happy he's secured financing, happy he's got a thought out plan and happy the rides are in "great shape". For what it's worth, perhaps someone who doubts the condition of the rides has proof otherwise? Perhaps we have someone hidden in our midst who has done their own, on site, structural analysis of the rides? It had been a long while since I decided to catch up with this site, and I know I'll be thinking long and hard before I decide to to devote anymore of my time here. There are plenty of other outlets where I can get the fix I require, and it comes with more friendly discussion and far less negativity. The sad part is, I know I'm not the only person to have come to this impasse. I hope you all are having a lovely summer season enjoying your favorite parks, and moreover, I hope you are enjoying places other than amusement parks even more.
  2. GYK, Your passion for the amusement industry, and your innate ability to carefully and clearly articulate your thoughts, ideas and experiences through the written word are what set your posts, more specifically your trip reports, in an echelon apart from any other user on this website. You truly are the best thing for these message boards because the reader can, in addition to learning the finer details of each park or even attraction you write about, we sense your excitement and passion which is, for lack of a better word, infectious. This trip is something 95% of the readers here will never get to experience in their lifetime and what's more, is you didn't solely go for the Disney aspect. Sure it was a big draw, but you took advantage of so many other Japanese "must sees". I get so discouraged when I see readers here articulate a thought and it comes across as their life is completely consumed with the amusement industry and virtually nothing else. It's almost like tunnel vision. Make no mistake, to me, you are the best contributor KIC has. I'd be lying if I said quality posts like yours were in abundance, that the 'fluff' was in the minority, but sadly it is not the case. It's a shame so few people have responded to thank you for the hard work you put in sharing your thoughts and experiences with this community without needing to speak in puns, use anecdotal phrases or being just snarky. It's informative and flat out enjoyable to read. So, on behalf of all the other users who won't bother to put their gratitude in a reply, consider this to be an all inclusive "Thanks".
  3. And yet there are plenty of Roman Catholics priests (and higher) who pontificated how they lived their faith daily... ... and I think we all know what happened behind closed doors. Don't be naive enough to judge a book by its cover...
  4. The gall to not know how to do that is infuriating, no doubt. Perhaps he was to preoccupied with doing the tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of things that were more important than knowing how to take, what you deem to be, a "proper screenshot" or perhaps he couldn't care less...
  5. Please don't think I have some ill will toward 'The Interpreter' as I do not. He has actually been extremely kind to me and out of all the people that use this message board, is the only one who has continually asked about my never ending battle with cancer. I've conversed with him extensively outside the close confines of this website. He's fantastic, we have a great rapport and I have much respect for him. It was just an opinion... and I phrased it in a way that I knew he would appreciate (and not get his panties in a bunch).
  6. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26588-old-kings-island/page__p__488982#entry488982 Agree or not, I assure you it makes no difference to me.
  7. I dont think you're making the correlation that I was referencing...
  8. I guess there ended up being some truth to that whole: "RUMOR. RUMOR. May be true, may not be. A poster on an Internets site. Please. RUMOR." As someone who hates to be misinformation, I'm extremely grateful to have been reminded not once, twice or three times - but five times that it was a rumor! Delivered in a *cough* non-'rude', non-'crass' no less *cough* I guess I can assume Cedar Fair will probably never make a press release through micechat.com I'm not going to lie, I did crack a smile when I saw Cedar Fair had picked up Coke as the chain-wide soft drink because it reminded me of how vehemently we were reminded how this topic was just a rumor at it's inception and should be, more or less, given little if any credence. Outside of the completely absurd, I've often found some bits of truth, in varying degrees, in rumors - especially in amusement parks. As much as some people like to believe and profess that salaried employees in amusement parks do not talk; that park plans are locked up at Fort Knox guarded by a slew of secret police - this is simply not the case. We all know about non-disclosure agreements and such but the reality is people talk. ... just my opinion though
  9. Let's not negate the inappropriateness of using "tacky and crass" as to insinuate someone's behavior is 'less than', or inferior to someone else's. In my opinion, regardless of who you are, disrespectful is disrespectful. And to be perfectly frank, there are some who might say responding to a simple question with an answer like "yes, someone can" could be construed as tacky. The first time, it was cute... meanwhile, years and years later... I would just think the users of this website would want to provide the most welcoming environment possible. I would certainly hate for a user to feel belittled or even attacked and courtesy of the overflowing altruism on this forum, I'm sure that rarely occurs. Didn't someone once say "leave the moderating to the moderators" ? (I double checked, and going back to edit a post, is not a violation of the beloved Terms of Service)
  10. ^In your opinion it's "tacky and crass"... and in my opinion, completely unnecessary to say...
  11. one could also argue that a majority of the things claimed on screamscape 'come true'. Just because its not 100% not accurate doesn't mean it is not accurate a majority of the time. I also think it's fair to say there is a far greater amount of untrue statements contained in the message boards on KIC than one would find on screamscape.
  12. Why hold it with a grain of salt? Why not give it all the credence in the world? Just because a few people like to claim how error-laden screamscape is, does not mean it is...
  13. Well, now that we've established KI is the testing ground, could someone tell me what day in June Luminosity premiers at KI? ;-)
  14. Mr. Avatar... Do you mean integrated instead of interrogated?
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