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  1. Keep up the great work Dane! The site and forums look great as-is. Haven't been by in several years. Long time no see Terpy!
  2. This sounds really cool - can't wait to see how it turns out next year!
  3. It usually isn't too bad - it's Sunday and the haunts won't be open.
  4. The Son of Beast panels in the casket makes me really, really sad.
  5. The first water coaster in the Tri-state area???
  6. Is that what they're telling the younguns these days?
  7. That picture must have been taken during the off season. It wasn't nearly that dirty when I was there earlier this summer!
  8. I miss the days when an overspeed could give you a full inversion.
  9. Holiday World might be the best park ever. Though Surf Cincinnati plays a close second fiddle to Splashin' Safari. Congrats to them anyway - keep up the great work.
  10. Such information is highly questionable. Only 34 tracks are music - and I believe I only have 4 or 5 that are not on PKIAsylum. The rest of them are just sound effects.
  11. I heard that some guy got in line for Slingshot right as the park closed, so he rode about twenty minutes after the park closed. He screamed so loud that he was heard across the empty park all the way at Drop Zone. What is funny is that the word he screamed during the launch was quite audible to the crew at Drop Zone as they were wrapping up for the night.
  12. "iTunes - Artist: Paramount Parks - Genre: Park Soundtrack - 71 Songs, 3:54:18 total time, 237 MB"
  13. Confirmed by Captain Wedge Antillies.
  14. I once jumped 14 Star Destroyers with my Mon Calamari battleship. Both the Empire and the Rebellion were unimpressed.
  15. What about Scoob's rights? He may be a mutt but doesn't he have the right to appear in what ever theme park he wants to? Doesn't he have the right to choose to not be limited by petty corporate agreements? Doesn't he have the right to a Scooby Snack? Now I'm hungry...
  16. The Crypt would be cool as long as they changed the ride program and made it less anti-ace. You know what I mean Verne?
  17. I'd be willing to go in for a one way ticket to the Fatherland for Gordon Bombay.
  18. I must say that I enjoy both the Son of Beast and the Legend. However I am unsure as to which I prefer. As far as the hot sauce - only two sauces can trump the Son of Beast hot sauce. One is made by myself, and the other by Chuck Norris.
  19. I suppose what I am trying to say is. Concentrate all firepower on that super star destroyer!
  20. Hmm - I think the only member of PKIC staff who has posted in this thread is Boddah1994. So why not leave the moderating to the moderators. Granted, Captain is a high rank - but not nearly as high as Admiral. And on this site - the only ranks that matter are Moderator and Admin.
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