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  1. Thanks alot o appreciate that
  2. Awsome I make videos all the time so advice and help is always grateful .. thanks a lot Ill ask them. Thanks for the help
  3. Guys I love making videos and I have seen all of your videos here and looked at every picture ... I was wondering if you guys didnt mind.... if i could take some of those videos and pictures and make you guys a big video. I really enjoy making videos and would love to make a big video for you guys if not thats fine to I would not take any offense at all I just really really enjoy rollercoasters and I know im new and all but I really like this site A LOT!!!!! .. so if it would be alright get back to me cause I would love to use some of your pictures and videos and dedicate a video to you guys.. yes it would be stuff youve already seen if youve went through the site but it woudl be put together in a diffrent way and maybe parts may have the same music who knows yet ... but i promise u id make it a nice and long one if I was aloud so please get back to me on that thanks again for everything I'm happy I found u guys! ~Seth~
  4. lol why is face off the worste type of ride every made lol
  5. Tuskin


    that would be sweet if they did .. who needs a shower u can go shower when u go home the next day lol!
  6. Tuskin

    TGIF at PKI

    Thats awsome!!!!!
  7. haha I agree... we should open up some more of that land behind Flight of Fear and build a huge steel coaster and beat all the steel records lol ..
  8. Tuskin

    2006 Rumors

    Very true I also agree with pretty much a majority of the people about PKI I'm going for the spongebob kiddy ride.
  9. You might be a PKI Addict if you go to the park early in the morning leave about 3ish to take your friend back for work stay home for half and hour and then someone ask's u go to to PKI with them and you go again all in the same day and stay till it closes like I did
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