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  1. I'm sure we will know more about if this is going to happen there or not as time goes by. I also heard about a SF park going in Mt Orab a few years ago. I'm sure they would never get a theme park by SF we already have a SF in Ohio.
  2. They are updating the whole thing most likely... I can't even log into my page...
  3. I'm going to have to say Top Gun myself because its just boring,and we need a real inverted coaster back in the woods over there which would be pretty awesome terrian for it by the creek...
  4. So i'm sooo lost on this where did this happen on the ride at? My best guess it happened before the loop. I have felt before on the drop before the loop the train does feel like it comes up off the track almost for some reason. I'm not talking airtime either its physically the train seems like it comes up off the track when before you go through the loop. Has anyone else felt this before on the part before that loop???
  5. I have to say first of all great location for this,nice wooded area for it,nice view of the park from some of the rooms. It will be great in the winter coming up. I have to say also the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls,Canada was awesome. The area was wooded around it,the only thing that I thought was kinda akward was it was not near much to do it was away from the attractions in Clifton Hill where most of the fun is. I think our Great Wolf Lodge has a lot of $ it will bring in for Mason,KI for many years to come for families,tourists. The pictures look great I can't wait to see finished tou
  6. I agree with you on that because why keep the ride closed the last couple weeks of last season and now its not opening until mid-late May this season. Something has to be done with those trains and the track which is what they are doing now. The FOF was fixed with the restraints on that so could this be done on SOB with the trains at all???
  7. Where did this kid get this information from HA!
  8. HAHA we know that was a joke about that one for sure Its going to stay and be rethemed its too popular and they spent way too much on the building and ride alone...
  9. The video was great, my question is what the coaster count in the park is now. I know we are not in the race for the most coasters in the world but I was just curious of what it might be now? I really don't pay any attention to that at all but just a thought...
  10. I'll be on my way up to Columbus Friday to fly to Tampa for my cruise for the Grand Cayman's. I can't wait to see the Resort from 71. I bet its awsome from hearing about the posts on here!
  11. I remember seeing The Vortex on t.v. boxes or something like that before...
  12. I love this thing on RCT3 its healrous on there,I myself wouldn't get on this I would be sick proably riding it...
  13. Thanks man looks like a pretty awsome coaster to me seems like a lot of airtime for that probaly with the second hill...
  14. I spotted coaster track that was red and had yellow rails heading north on 275 yesterday between the Milford/Blanchester,Wards Corner Rd exits in the afernoon. Does anyone know what park up north this would be going to? Just curious I know we are not getting a new coaster here at PKI this season. Thanks
  15. I know you people miss the good old days of Kings Island but its 2006 now and we have to move on and enjoy ourselves at the park. Yes they are going to remove rides for new ones and keep updating safety on the rides that exsist still. The accidents in the country on rides are due to idots that just don't follow instructions,signs. We the public should know whats right and whats not when being on a ride. The park has to enforce suggestions that should be made for the safety for all guests on the rides. I'm glad more safety restraints are being put on rides now. I used to not feel safe on rides
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