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  1. My question is, would say a nickel cause the same damage to something if it was traveling at 80mph, compared to something traveling at 80mph and hitting a nickel?
  2. Hehehe I hope you all do so that I can ride DB before all of you. And what lies at the end of the maze, the greatest prize of them all. A giant 230ft. tall heat detector.
  3. Real name- Peter Jackson... still haven't seen my paychecks from all those movies
  4. i was a baby still at the time my parents would like to say i was about 1-2, first roller coaster ever The Beastie my dad almost hated going to the park till i was tall enough to ride everything because all i wanted to do was ride The Beastie.
  5. Man i wish i was a freshman in college again. I spent way to much time partying and lost a year, I will be graduating in the spring though. Don't under estimate the amount of time you'll need to study, thats what bit me. What are you going to major in, and at what school, Braves0511? Other than the DCI how was your stay in Bloomington? if you made it out to Walmart i live right behind it pretty much.
  6. Nice, I'm from Bloomington and went to Bloomington South. I just had to ask because I have been up to your school many times for baseball and football. I don't remember much about it though, just that i used to get pretty bad motion sickness after eating after games and ridding those school buses back down especially if you sit right above one of the heaters
  7. by any chance would that be Perry Meridian in Indianapolis?
  8. I think he was referring to Behemoth with the generic comment
  9. It no longer screams for me either
  10. McDonalds : The Ride When you get off the ride youll be singing "ba da da daa Im lovin' It"
  11. After going through and looking at all of those, I am glad that Kings Islands' is of the indoor variety. I just don't know how i feel looking at all that steel, although its almost a work of art the way the supports are placed. Has anyone rode one of these "clones" and if so how different is the ride experience being out in the open like that?
  12. Oh calm down....you want your blood pressure to rise? I'm just making an observation. I don't think I have ever seen you post something positive in response to another's post since I've been on here. I'm sure you have...with 9000+ posts, I'm sure there is SOME positivity in there SOMEWHERE...I'm just saying that I have yet to see it. I think your comment about "if you don't like my posts, you don't have to read them" is hysterical. Really?? You comment behind just about every single sentence on this forum!! How could I NOT read them? They're everywhere!!! I'm not downing anybody's right to say what they want....I'm just saying that maybe you could remember what your mother taught you about "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." As far as my Crypt comments...I don't expect you to agree with me (Heavens no!)...and I'm sure you posted some sort of negative response to it (I'll jump over there and look when I'm done here)...but its just my opinion. As far as I know, everyone on this board has one. Hold your horses man. I sense some hostility towards Terpy, aren't you being negative? Listen man The Interpt is one of the few on this board that knows what he is talking about. You will learn to appreciate what he and others say on this bored. In fact why don't you take some time and relax don't post anything for a while. carpetarson ~ who happens to think that Terpys little comments down here are great
  13. If you look at the Xbase sign that goes over the walkway underneath The Racer does it not look like there is more room for another ride sign to go up there?
  14. Why not Stealth? seems perfect for the "Untheamed Area" and was X-flight suppose to be called that when it was origonally slotted for Kings Island
  15. What about bracing some key areas with steel? not replacing the whole thing with the same steel structure as the Voyage
  16. You know i can see Cedar Fair willing to put some money into this ride. Why? becuase they havnt spent any money on this ride. Yes the just bought all the parks for a large sum of cash, but they may see it as an opportunity to strengthen their name. Say Cedar Fair Fixes the ride and it becumes re-rideable to many, we will give praise to Cedar Fair and glorify them as being a company that cares about its parks and what the rides mean to the parks. Love it or hate it SOB means something to Kings Island. Not only does it carry the namesake of The Beast but when you pull up to the park you cant help but marvel over this huge hunk of wood that stands before you
  17. While looking at rcstengel.com look under projects and find that Son of Beast is listed as not having any inversions
  18. Now here is the real question what will this sites name be at the beginning of next season
  19. i have said it once before and ill say it again, thrill seekers are apart of the "Family" to.
  20. i'm thinking that they will just say winterfest is returning on the 25. Then we will get maybe a teaser annocement towards the end of the week. Steve is like Jeffs partner in crime is he not...?
  21. I was at the Park yesterday to. Someone had told me that they heard on the news that they had one of the biggest crowds ever the day before, not sure if its true or not but thats what i was told
  22. Everyone is all stuck on this Family concept. Well i got news for everyone, The people that want the big coaster are part of that same family. But what i really think needs work on is the stuff for the adults that no longer want to ride the rollercoasters or main rides. I used to love goin to the park with my parents. But now that they are older theres not really much in the park anymore for them to do
  23. As soon as i get through the gates im going to bend over and kiss the ground
  24. Hey maybe we will finally get to hear all the stats on this ride.
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