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  1. Just a question is there any footage of Don Helbig and his record breaking ride?
  2. How about lunch with Don Helbig for twenty dollars? I would pay for lunch with Don
  3. We left the park around 5:15 and they were removing the headstones on International Street. They didn't waste any time!
  4. Yes it is open and equipped with actors! Lame but walk on is good.
  5. Then what are the temps for wood and steel?
  6. Call the park, I know that the temps need to be at a certain degree to run the coasters.
  7. I believe its the way it smells, at least it did last year!
  8. Sometimes I think it's the time of day when you ride, I don't enjoy morning rides on The Beast.
  9. Which was something nice for their passholders, but that was during Paramount's time.
  10. Thanks for sharing your memories! I was hoping my future ride would mirror my past, looks like it will be a slow ride.
  11. Thank you for your reply, looks like I need to visit Kennywood for a ride.
  12. I saw a 10 year old the other day get on The Vortex with a 2 piece swimsuit and flip flops (no shorts)and nothing was said, but if that ride broke down and they had to evacuate that could be a problem. Keeping patrons safe should be the main thing.
  13. I being a chunky monkey, am thankfull for this topic, I can fit all the rides, I don't know about the WindSeeker. Have been to the park 5 times and yet to see it open.
  14. Be that there is only 2 Tumblebugs left in the U.S., why was the ride remove? And was it scrapped or is it in storage somewhere?
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