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  1. http://www.marvelappearance.com/ Do you think they do birthday parties?
  2. *Facepalm* Nemo isn't the only person who has an axe to grind... It goes without saying that the shows in the current Cedar Fair era just aren't the same as they used to be a long time ago. Shows like "Superstars" (pre-Paramount) and "Forbidden Magic" (Paramount) had a certain finesse and character to them; You expected them to be good and they were. It's nice to change things up with shows like Ed Alonzo's, but these musical revues are just tiring and blurring together.
  3. Hmm . . . let me think about that one.
  4. Have you walked through Nightmare Alley/Freak Street? I prefer to call it Lasik Alley, what with all those lasers pointed at my face. So, yeah. I do think they're a bit "ho-hum" . . . possibly even dangerous in this context.
  5. Interesting- so a company was contracted to produce (and one would presume, maintain) Starlight Spectacular? An outside company designed the show itself, so an agreement was set to run and promote the show for at least 3 seasons. After that, it's most likely a "you bought it so do what you want with it" kind of deal. All maintenance of the light show was done (or not done) by the parks themselves. The outside firm only provided design and programming services. Please. No more lasers.
  6. Call it Riverfront . . . that's nostalgic.
  7. I hear he goes to school in North Korea. Contact him there. Ed Alonzo.
  8. ^ Off the top of my head, you could easily improve lighting, sound and set dressings pretty easily and it would make a noticeable difference. The same applies to Adventure Express.
  9. So, wait . . . What does Terpy have to do with Thunder Alley?
  10. Hard: The Mary Rose Inn Easy: Liberty Bell topiary
  11. Hard: Les Taxis' bridge Easy: The Beast sign
  12. ^ It'll become "Ice Cream of the present".
  13. I remember watching an animation of the ride while riding the Eiffel Tower elevator as it was being built. Only rode it with the loop... had one or two bad experiences where I had an extreme headache after the ride; wasn't too bad any other time. Not much else to say...
  14. "Arrows are such dangerous objects for me."
  15. http://www.utsandieg...rld-water-park/ Photo courtesy of U-T San Diego/SeaWorld
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