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  1. As long as I can bid on the life size Patrick for my backyard, I think I'll be okay. The theme looks great as Nick. I dont know any child that knows what Peanuts is so I'm slightly happier that signs point to HB. But then again, Scooby is about the only HB left that any child knows about too. Mu favorite Cartoon Network show would be Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, if they played that more often it would be an awesome theme to something :-)
  2. Some people might also find it interesting that Dora Dollars are being discontinued... That leaves us with Scooby Bucks from 1989!
  3. Job fairs start in February.. so soon already It's funny cuz I was really intent on a job with rides but was only 15 so ended up with that dreaded food industry. Annnd I could never be happier!! I highly disagree with the comment about age. I feel I have been extremely successful at my age and have not once been discriminated for it. Your work history definitely travels with you. If you are motivated and take (I hate the repeated use of this word) initiative... then raises and recognition are available for you! My few years at the park have went with me everywhere. At winter jobs I find myself comparing (and eventually hating that employer). Always returning... You may find you wont want to change departments after all. And if you do just keep in mind you have to receive approval to leave by your full time supervisor. Should not be to painful as I know people who have switched departments yearly. Just have to show extreme interest which shouldnt be to hard for anyone here Also while I'm thinking about it, please don't bring your loving parents to your interview... Not that it effects your outcome, but slightly akward lol -- Good luck !!!
  4. Honestly, you have to either try or be really really unmotivted individual to not get a job there. 15 year olds can for sure work with food. They are just limited to how many hours and how late they can work... plus other minor things like working with ovens or going in walk-ins. They cannot work with rides. Definetly dress nice for an interview because that would be my number one pet peeve. Show your interest, KI can always find better associates, plenty of them apply
  5. Sounds like an amazing idea.. but a forseeable flaw in the plan would be that Focus Brands who owns Cinnabon also owns a potentially comparable Moes Southwest Grill. Im sure your not the first to crave a burrito. I mean everyone loves Wings Diner (ha) but who doesnt want Chipotle !! But while Im thinking about it I am CRAVING Barbacoa :-D http://focusbrands.com/
  6. O Dan... So many things I would like to say.. But I thoroughly enjoy the support/money you showed for the amazing pizza at FestHaus..
  7. You know, I might be crazy but I think it was Beetlejuice. I remember when I was little I would always talk about beetlejuice when I was in line. Danny Elfman composed the music for the movie (and pretty much everyother Tim Burton film). Even in the park last year you could hear the theme song play occasionally.
  8. Thats the lot I was thinking of with the random stuff (!!) Surely theres a stash of other randomness. I recall seeing the player piano from Phantom in November under cover behind The Racers. Also, pretty much everything from phantom is sittin around. Agree with both of you
  9. Im not sure which statue you speak of.. Id venture to say that KI rarely throws anything away.. You name it and you can find it (or at least the remnants)..
  10. I know Hong Kong differs from China mainland.. but American (all foreign maybe?) companies have to be involved with China somehow. Not positive about the facts but for example... GM couldnt just go to Shanghai and setup shop. A new company that originated out of China (SAIC) had to startup and become a joint venture with GM for operations to begin. It was the same way for all of the auto companies. I may be wrong but I believe its a requirement for them to form the venture with domestic firms so they can enter the market. (So China could benefit from the increased control maybe?) I would assume Disney had to reach this same agreement.. althought now that I think about it, theres about a million McDonalds, KFC's and Pizza Huts in China but they dont have any different branding on them. Who knows, maybe Im just hear to confuse you (intrigue you perhaps?) Do your research, I sure didnt lol
  11. I remember someone telling me this a year or two ago but thought they were crazy.. seems very ambitious.
  12. I think the problem lies in the management training. I know there are some excellent managers but I felt like alot of them were just happy for their job title and not the job. I have met some crappy managers @KI that didnt care a thing about the associates. If you show an associate they are worth something and they are important to the company they will show up every day with a smile. Its all about recognition and rewards. If your in food department then a good manager might reward you with a meal occasionally. If your in another department, well funcentive rewards are gone so I dont know how to help you. If your manager wasnt so good then your summer was probably miserable and it sucks to be you.
  13. For some reason I think its really cool that an average (okay maybe above average) joe could be visiting this website buying roller coasters
  14. I dunno.. looks like alot of construction in the woods for something random as a bathroom.. If you dont think rides are comin, you could prolly look forward to something 'sweet' n the food department I would guess.
  15. This is the best I can do.. Let your imaginations run wild and good luck.
  16. I personally think Couch is an idiot for what hes doing. If your going to buy an amusement park then use it as one! There is plenty of available land that he could be doing the same thing on. Hes spending more money by removing the rides than he could be on maintaining them. If its going to be a camp ground then working the rides into the landscaping would be great, but he doesnt really seem to care about the rides at all.
  17. Coke does alot for the park and the relationship benefits both KI and Coke.. They both encourage upselling and Coke even has an event for supervisors to run around the park like maniacs looking & searching for clues to win stuff The paper must have been a misprint.. If the park were hiding Pepsi products (first of all why would they do that?), then theyre hiding it well.. You have to think how much has been invested in Coke machines.. there are at least 20 locations each with their own setup.. Surely Coke has helped invest in some of that equipment? It'll be a battle between Pepsi and Coke and whoever provides more benefit (/sponsorships/money) to the park wins..
  18. This would be the wrong direction, but I have seen several semis carrying orange and yellow track north on 75 in the past two weeks.. Any clues? It was between Middletown and Dayton..
  19. Charging for it wouldnt bother me (so long as I can see the $ being put to greater use in the special FX) My one problem is that from my understanding, the park will be completely emptied for one or two hours.. Everyone must leave and be readmitted to the park to enjoy "the haunt" (I already forget what they're calling it now) Seems like a hassle but if I remember correctly, was that how they did it the first year?
  20. An area manager from the food department at KI left early summer to move to Myrtle Beach.. he's head of the food there I believe.. Just a bit of interesting info
  21. I wasnt sure where to put this but theyre announcing 'the new ride' at that party on february 3rd.. So I assume the ride will have a name that day too.. More info should be coming soon about the party.. Definetly dont wanna miss it
  22. I cant believe Im on here about every other day and forgot to spill the beans..!! Theres a new restaurant! I'll give you a hint.. there was already a restaurant in the park that served the same food once before.. And if you work in foods its in Area 2
  23. I received some rehire stuff for foods.. You have to fill out an application online (I did the same thing last year) Management names are changing to match Cedar Fair Crew Leaders : Assistant Team Leaders Supervisors : Team Leaders Head Sups : Assistant Supervisor Area Manager : Supervisor Also you have to be 18 to be a 'team leader' As for the logo, the Cedar Fair style logo is for sure only temporary. I forget the rest off hand..
  24. I really enjoyed the Cowboy Carnage theme.. I wasnt scared much though.. They lady standing next to the line was very funny and I really enjoyed it.. All the actors had a great dialogue to perform.. As for the clowns.. I think that they definetly needed more actors also.. The music could be turned up too.. Im sure that will change Saturday prolly but it wasnt loud at all to me.. Did anyone have a chance to do the Asylum? They made us all get out of line.. I thought they were joking first but they made us leave so we did Pyscho Path Again, Pyscho Path was great mostly because of the dialouge.. I really enjoyed it!
  25. Couch has got to be the biggest idiot ever to sell that place.. I would go just because its down the road! I only really went when Armco/AK steel rented out the place but it was still alot of fun and they even had fireworks every night! So anyways I dont know.. I heard that offers were given to buy the place but instead now hes just selling off rides.. very irritating
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