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  1. wow. very nice picture. thanks for sharing
  2. I would never hold my arms up on FoF.... goes too fast. I feel much safer holding on lol
  3. I've never really been stuck on a ride. I was on Vortex once and it stopped part way up the hill but they got it moving again quickly. And then when i was on IJST once it stopped on the back track at the end of the ride the ride shut down for technical delays so we were sitting there for about a minute, but other than that i've never gotten stuck.
  4. I waited 2 and a half hours for IJST. BIG mistake. 3 technical delays... My friend wanted to go on it, otherwise i would have said screw it.
  5. It doesnt move quick enough and that line is a killer on your feet. ever heard of flip flops?? wear them in the park, wear them in the line, and just hold them when you get on the ride. that's what i do all the time.
  6. let me guess... you went on a saturday. PKI is ALWAYS slow on a saturday. don't you go blaming the park employees for the slowness. blame your own stupidity for going on a busy day. And, from personal experience, rides would go a LOT faster if fat people didn't try to cram themselves into coasters they know they can't fit on. rides would go a lot faster if parents would not try and sneak their kiddies on when they're too short. Rides would go a lot faster if people would obey the rules. IMO rarely is a ride slow due to employee's fault. Usually it is the park guests not obyeing the rules
  7. my list is as follows: Drop Zone Adventure Express Son of Beast Drop zone: straight up freaky A.E.: BORING! S.O.B.: painful
  8. you got a point. hey! let's not be rude, ok? they're entitled to ask. ever occur to you they might not remember pki's site?
  9. the entrance is up just past the restrooms right by Happy Days Diner. quickest way would be go to the Eiffel Tower, make a right, go down the hill towards rivertown (IJ will be on your left) and then at the restrooms hang a left.
  10. well, I still don't plan on working that day. besides, that'll be after i start school and i'm only going to be working saturdays and sundays once school starts and use friday to do my homework.
  11. Back in the day, I was an operator at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. I have to say that it is very exhausting to check bars and operate roller coasters. I have worked in food service AND I have worked in rides operation. Rides Operation is a HELL OF A LOT HARDER than Food Service... The question is whether or not you can handle it! yeah. i'll believe it when i get to that point. My brother works in rides and he loves it. he said it's pretty easy I doubt it's HARDER, more exhausting and boring, perhaps, but not harder. how hard is it to check a harness or push buttons? seriously, i've
  12. I will definitely come if i'm not workin at that time... ooh wait i requested that day off. YAY i'll have to come. lol.
  13. Delirium accepts carry on items. that's because they have a metal box to put your stuff in, and it's still your risk to leave it in there. I don't mind leaving my bag in the station when I go on rides b/c if someone wants to steal my bag and find out all it has in it is my work uniform and they can't do anything with it anyways, that's their choice. while i wouldn't be HAPPY if they stole my work uniform, it could be replaced. I keep my ID badge on me though and usually leave my wallet and car keys in my locker and tie my phone's wrist strap to my belt loop. tomb raider employees will t
  14. I seen MORE floats. I seen more Characters. I seen them dancing! Ummmmm, maybe you had your back to it? It also seemed to last just as long as last time.... It was a GREAT show imo! no i didn't have my back turned. ok so there are a few more characters, and perhaps one new float, but overall, i still think it was not as good as last year. I was sitting near Funnel Cakes on International Street facing the Eiffel Tower.
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