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  1. OK it is now fixed! Glad you like it!
  2. Are you serious omg that Lying little. He sent that to me and said it was his because i asked him if he had any film when i was like 10 seconds short. I am so sorry. i will give you credit for that part if you would like.
  3. Yeah I saw that video after I uploaded mine. I think people that film on ride should be thrown out of the park. Thats way too dangerous.
  4. Yesterday it was running without any sound. It wasnt as fun without it.
  5. I went to Kings Island yesterday for the first time of the season. Lines were short and it was fun. It was really hot though. I Filmed a lot there and edited this video last night. One part of it is stuff TOPGUN1993 filmed at beastbuzz 06' but the rest is all from yesterday. Enjoy! EDIT-Link fixed
  6. I'm going to be there all day saturday and sunday. I'll probally do one on each day.
  7. What do you think is a better ride Xtreme Skyflyer or Slingshot? I'm going this weekend and I'm only gonna pay to ride one of them.
  8. Flight of Fear because you never know which way your going to go next. (Unless you have ridden it a lot like me)
  9. I'm going on the 16th. I hope it turns out as good as your day was.
  10. I dont remember ant of those things.
  11. i think the same way. I want to see a ghost just to know if the really exist but i will do any thing so i dont have to see one because that is just really really creepy.
  12. what kinda rides do u like?
  13. i didnt really look at it that well but from lookin at a park map(dont know how reliable that is) and lookin at the picture from when they were gonna built The Beast it doesnt relly look like The Beast is on the acual burial ground. It looks likes it would be more in TRTR or WWL area.
  14. The one guy said in an earlyier post how his friend saw a red object trying to keep up with them on The Beast and then it disapeared. Now knowing it might be the site of an aceint indian burial ground, mabey it was an indian riding a red horse with the ride.
  15. If it does attract people to the park wouldnt they be in the gaming compitition.
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