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  1. Here's a few other non coaster related pics that I think are some of my favorites from a few of the just sight seeing road trips. Random Arizona Sunset t Las Vegas Our Cabin in Gatlinburg last December Utah and Arches National Park Death Valley National Park The Rock I call BB8 in New Mexico New Mexican Sunrise
  2. It's been almost 5 years since I've posted any kind of trip report I've been blessed to still have taken many coaster trips. This isn't going to be a very detailed report. However here are some of my favorite pictures that I've taken from my trips over the past 5 years. And Sorry these are in no particular order. In the last 5 years I've been to many new parks and revisited some old ones. A lot of which I just left my phone in the car and didn't worry about taking pictures and just enjoying the moments. But here's a list of all the parks I've visited in those 5 years. Six Flags Over Texas- My Current Home Park Six Flags Fiesta Texas- 2 trips ZDT's- 1 Trip Disney World- 10th Visit Las Vegas and all of its coasters- 3 trips Six Flags Magic Mountain- 1 Trip Disneyland- 1 Trip Lagoon- 1 Trip Kings Island - I honestly couldn't tell you the number of times I've been there now. Maybe 1000? Hershey Park- 4th Trip Knoebels- 3rd Trip Six Flags St Louis- 6th trip Dollywood- 10th trip I'm not including small places like Santa Monica Pier or Galveston or all the other obscure places I went to. I also did a lot of traveling to places that didn't involve roller coasters at all. This isn't me bragging just a nod to anyone who had ever wondered where I disappeared to. This is a small sample of where I've been. =] Next update in 5 years =P
  3. No fun was had on this trip. =P Oh the torture........ Blah Blah Blah. Just Kidding it was a fun trip. I can honestly say I had more fun this time around than I did the first time I took this trip.
  4. That Ninja is nowhere near as bad as the one in Georgia. I will never ride Ninja at SFoG again! And no every seat feels the same to me on the one at St. Louis.
  5. We rode all of them. And I still don't like Boss on any month other than October.
  6. I don't think the Gerstlauer trains are RMC issues. The track from my understanding has been perfectly safe. The trains however. Furthermore until you guys have ridden an RMC I wouldn't be so quick to call them gimmicks. The New Texas Giant is still my second favorite coaster out of the 212 coasters that I have ridden.
  7. How many guests are we aloud to bring? I'm assuming 1, but I can't find this information.
  8. As will my Wife and I, likely the third week of July. I think I might be trying to get there myself this summer.
  9. There will be an Unrealnightmare present at CP today, tomorrow, and Saturday. Which version of him. Nobody knows.
  10. Those are both low capacity rides.
  11. I never once said you wanted an argument did I? So now who is putting words in someone's mouth? I don't know how you planned to have a relaxing day in the park in just an hour then complain because you only got to ride two things in that hour. And for the record you never stated you had only an hour before your complaint. Have a good day sir.
  12. Yup I'm the one with the broken ethos. You're the one who constantly causes arguments on the site for no reason.
  13. Are you stupid? Since when is a 30 minute wait a problem? Have you all become so spoiled and impatient that you can't stand in line for 30 min? I think that was the most we waited for anything yesterday. Crowds were not bad at all. The park was very manageable and we got plenty of rides in and we weren't in any kind of hurry. Hell we finished the night off with 3 Banshee rides in the last 20 minutes. I can't believe people are complaining about 30 minute waits.
  14. You are correct I clicked the wrong photo bucket album for that one. Oh well.
  15. I want to thank some very important friends for making most of this happen. Tom Nick Mitchell Kat Jesse Sean Brad Lora (Mom #4) Melanie (Mom #3) Deanne (Aunt) =P Rick My twin Tracy! My two new adopted sisters Katie and Melissa (Even though one of them wears diapers and the others feet smell like cheese). Amy Lucas Matthew Andrew If I missed anyone I'm sorry this list has become very long! I look forward to meeting many more of you. If you see us in the park say Hi. Don't be like me and take 5 years to meet people. You might regret it.
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