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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I would say the worst ride @ PKI is AE... just because it has no excitement, but yes that attracts familys but it is super rough to. And with the new Nick Universe I really think maybe there is no need for AE any more. And yes it is a classic ride, but still, Ive ridden AE when Im the only person on the whole train.
  2. I would hope that CF or Paramount or whoever is to blaim paid for the medical bills, but Im sure if you read the ticket or somewhere, it says you cant sue the park for anything that happens to you in the park. I know it doesnt seem right but if it wasnt like that, if someone tripped on there shoe lace, o thats a lawsuit. Or like today, me and my dad where joking around when the door on TR wouldnt open we were saying, o were suing for not maintaining there rides correctly and putting our lives in danger (just a joke). I hope the people who were hurt in the accident recover and visit PKI agai
  3. I agree with you in everyone of those except #1. I dont like the speed lane things, its ok, but Im sure guest services hears about alot of complaints about how people can cut them just because they have a gold pass. I actually dont like it, even though I have a gold pass because people who wait for 45 minutes get cheated by someone who waits like 2 minutes. I guess its ok for me since it only tooks me 2 minutes but, if you didnt have a gold pass and someone else did, I think you would feel mad, at least I would. Im so-so on the V.I.P Gold Pass night, maybe if they opened it up on maybe Nove
  4. Whoops! haha I ment Congo Falls, I dont know where I got Thunder Canyon from...
  5. I was there today, and if you dont mind Ill go ahead and right my trip report here, since starting a new thread would be kinda pointless because its the same date. Ok so I got to the park about 945 my dad got his gold pass developed and we are off. By the time we got to the fenced off part, they had just opened it. So we decided to go to FoF. We got 2 quick rides on that. Both walk on, once in the front. Then we headed to IJ:ST, waited about 10minutes. It was really different coming from TTD @ CP to IJ:ST. It was like we were in slow motion, but overall not a bad ride. Then we headed to
  6. I think maybe CF will suck it up and buy the rights to Paramounts name, when I went to the park today, almost everything says Paramount, they have that paramount walk of fame thing too, I forget that name off the top of my head, so I think that it would probably be cheaper and maybe a bit better if they just bit the bullet and bought the rights.
  7. I would say that FoF is going to be removed sometime, Im not saying like 3 or 4 years but obviosly it will be here still for about 9 or 10years.
  8. Overall 5 Son of Beast 4 The Beast 3 Raptor 2 Top Thrill Dragster 1 Millennium Force
  9. I think that SoB will only get worse because CF woodie management isnt the best.
  10. ^HAHAHA I tried to fall asleep on it last time I rode it, Id been walking around for like 5 hours or so and I was like whoa I need a nap. So tried to get one on TG, but it failed.
  11. Ive ridden TTD like 7 times in my life. I rode it 3 times on my last trip up there. 2 times in the front. It really is a great ride the front seat is the best to ride in.
  12. Nooooo I dont think it will be, I see another 4 or 5 years left on it unless they redo the whole ride again some how... But hows this for an idea, they tear down SoB and sell the wood to some place and sell the cars and just sell everything to try and get a profit. Then build a new SoB except get a better designer and poof! You get a great new woodie! Something like that happened at Kennywood with Phantom...
  13. Im sure they will reopen it when they know everything is 100% alright, who knows maybe CF will retrack it again or do something to make to be even smoother... but yes I will be there when it opens in the next few weeks, or even next season.
  14. I remember standing in like for Delerium and a guy telling me that he would never ride SoB because when they were building it, it always fell down?
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