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  1. I wish Timberwolf was used more regularly. I've never been to a show there, so I can't really speak to it's quality as an amphitheater or what it would need to be completely modernized, but I would make the trip way more often if there was a good concert involved. I think the real obstacle, however, is Ticketmaster. Unfortunately pretty much all big live music goes through them, and I can't imagine a relationship with them would be worth the expense and effort to use it more.
  2. I only got to ride it twice, once with the loop and once without and with the 'new' trains... I definitely preferred it with the Premier trains and loop. After the loop removal, it was just rough with very few redeeming qualities. What I really miss about the ride is its intimidating presence, it was so immense. The way it loomed over everything, no matter where you were in the park you could see it. I loved watching the train go through the swoop before the drop, and the sound it made coming off the lift is ingrained in my memory forever. SoB added a lot to the atmosphere of the park even if you never rode it.
  3. It's fun to look back at what used to be, part of me misses some parts of those old days. Italian Job was a solid investment it's niche well, even with everything stripped down and worn out, it's still fun. My only gripe is where they put it, I'm not sure where else it could've gone, but I don't feel like it really lives up to it's central location.
  4. I never worked at KI, but I did five seasons in rides at Cedar Point and wanted to participate. One of the many stories I have to pick from was one morning in 2012, my second season at Millennium Force. At the time Disaster Transport was in the process of being demolished. There was a room at the top of the DT building, the projector room, that was purported to be haunted, that particular morning was the day they tore that portion of the building down. Around 8 AM, I was walking across the midway near the Red Garter Saloon on my way to the island to perform the morning low zone inspection. It was a gorgeous morning, barely a cloud in the sky, no indication of any incoming weather. Suddenly out of nowhere a bolt of lightning struck Dragster, jumped to Wicked Twister, and finally to one of the SkyRide towers where it caused some damage to the motor and took it down for the day. I have never heard a thunder clap that loud before or since, I nearly hit the deck and I definitely swore. I've never been one to believe in ghost stories, but that was just too coincidental and eerie.
  5. Long time no see, y'all. It's been a minute since I've visited KIC. I dont have anything groundbreaking to contribute, but saw the thread and wanted to participate... This was opening day 2010...
  6. I used to throw some truly awful puns into my Millie spiels at CP, but every once in awhile you just gotta spice it up. "They say this is the number 1 steel coaster in the world, when it's over you'll Ce-der Point....." (Most people couldn't Rap-tor minds around my humor...) I was always conscious of what I was saying, and filtered it pretty heavily. There were other people who would just make me cringe every time they got the mic. There's definitely a fine line, if it's an autospieler, or just too dry, people stopped listening. But going overboard is even less helpful because you're focusing on being entertaining rather than relaying the appropriate information. I don't see a problem with making a joke here or there, but first and foremost, pleeeeeease make sure you're not eating the microphone/yelling into it, that defeats the purpose if I can't understand you in the first place.
  7. Having worked 3 seasons at Cedar Point now, I have countless stories I could tell that make me shake my head. The best probably came from this summer at Millennium Force, we had stopped a train on the lift (on purpose), and were down for a short period of time. I was working at the entrance during this particular incident, when this guy split off from his group (rudely) demanding to know why I wasn't letting them in. After trying to really explain the situation to him to no avail, I gave up and politely informed him that the ride had run out of gas. He said "Oh," and then went back to his group and repeated it to them, so they decided to walk across to Mantis, which was, and had been for awhile, down as well...When they came back wanting to know why Mantis was down, I told him we shared fuel tanks, and they were having the same issue as we were...He again bought it, and they walked away...
  8. I know they're out there, unfortunately they aren't the ones I get to talk to on a regular basis.
  9. Sorry Terp, you're right...Either way, let me rephrase. People forget the park isn't there for them, the park is there to make a buck, whether you're an enthusiast or an amputee. The underlying sense of entitlement is what bugs me, I deal with it every day when I'm working..."Rules?...They don't apply to me..." It's incredibly frustrating, and very telling as to why our world is the way it is. Working in a theme park has robbed me of any faith I may have once had in humanity.
  10. Barring the employee doing something that was not mentioned, such as yelling at the woman, or otherwise being rude about it, the park nor the employee has done anything wrong. It sounds as if the employee did exactly as we are trained to do. The problem is most people forget the park isn't there for them, and is not obligated to do anything for them.
  11. Great now I'm gonna be singing Iron Maiden all day..."Ruuuuun fooooor the hiiiiiilllllls.....Ruuuuuun fooooor yoooouur liiiiiiife..."
  12. In other news... Everything is dangerous and is out to kill us, officials say the only escape is locking yourself in your closet... This just in...Don't do that either... Back to you John.
  13. The song in that video is permanently embedded in my psyche after only 32 seconds...
  14. My dad has done maintenance for many of the Indy area Wendy's for a few years now, and a lot of work involves being on the roof late at night/early morning. And one night he was startled by three officers down in the parking lot, weapons drawn, shouting at him through a bull horn to stand up with his hands in the air....It's a huge problem, and fast food joints are an easy target, there is tons of copper in the a/c units, and the coolers and freezers, and they just sit there unattended through the night...
  15. New haunted trail for Halloweekends perhaps? Or maybe a nature trail "New for 2012, Deerseeker! The worlds first inverted, LIM launched walking path!" It's definitely a quarter after 2 in the morning.
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