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  1. have you seen the renovations they have done from their facebook site? looks really good!
  2. if i recall..i think the skydiver is setting in the parking lot on its trailer (dismantled)
  3. Maybe theyll gat a Gyro Drop,like Drop Tower.It'd be safer becuase the cables are in the inside.I think every major park should have a drop ride!And I thought they removed the Flying Dutchman ride to?I hope they dont cuz thats another peice of KI history. doubtful that will happen due to the airport
  4. there is alot of ignorance in this thread deer hunter has many many good and factual point. i work in public safety and conservation so i have experience. and in all actuality deer meat is more healthier then store bought meat
  5. So, you're going down the road and are unable to stop your vehicle. There is a child in the road and an animal in the road. You're not able to swerve to avoid striking both. Art, which one do you hit? Well, I would hit the animal but I would be devastated. I accidentally hit a raccoon once and I was so shaken I went back home and didn't drive for about a week. Obviously it is great if the animals stay in the woods, I really hope that is what happens. in that respect...your what we call a sheep or a sheeple
  6. i love sketchers....they fit me well!
  7. i like it!!! i really love the old old looking dark rides like phantom theater and miss them
  8. looks awesome!! no photo's of the racetrack and cars though?
  9. just wondered.......i saw they were there a few weeks ago but didnt think much about them. i assumed they were for scrap metal but i went by today and ended up calling them and finding out about them. ive ridden in those many many times...they would be a great collector for those that collect amusement memorabilia.
  10. ah...you know more about them then me. i was just posting for people that collect the memorabilia are you from this area?
  11. Camden park has 2 of their retired dodgem (old style) cars out on the lot for sale if anyone is interested. they are asking $100 obo. Probably get them for $50 each just thought i'd pass that along to someone that might wanna buy one.
  12. wow! i never knew they were making it just a water park..but it would be interesting to see a water park that big
  13. a cookie or a gold star!
  14. whats the cutoff date for this? cause it will be a day or before i know for sure i can do this
  15. its awesome!! ive been to 2 of them...maybe even 3 of them its a great concert series!
  16. great video thanks for posting it!! the quality was great!
  17. gotta get the supports out there first
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