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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. The sports bar idea works at Cedar Point, We were going to watch the Ohio State game but it was to crowded, I think it was a 25 minute wait for a table.
  2. If you can take a 12 year old in to a R rated movie, why couldn't you take them to another type of attraction that is billing itself as R rated? I think the parent needs to know their child, and what they would be comfortable with. There are some R rated movies I would let my boys watch, and there are even more I wouldn't.
  3. The one thing that I can say positive about Dead Awakening is the girl who sang Toxic, did a better job with it than Britney Spears could do live.
  4. I saw this Saturday night, and thought it was pretty bad, I noticed quite a few people leaving, and it was actually the first time I walked out of a show at Kings Island. I did notice what sounded like a bunch of drunk guys in a strip club enjoying the show a little to much. I'm not sure how putting people in goth make-up, and watching them dance to pop songs is remotely scary. I had a better time standing in lines for haunts.
  5. I went through a few last night. The best was CarnEVIL, and the worst was the Work Site. Near the end of the path, one of the two chain saw wielding characters told us that we're no fun, and that he should put down his chain saw and go home. I guess this was because we didn't take off running like the 12 year old girls were doing. The staff must have their night full. I can't imagine how long it takes to clean and repair the park after all the guests have left. There is a white picket fence around the Italian Job next to the Work Site Queue that had numerous points (trianle caps) pulled off
  6. We went last Saturday. The park was crowded, but the haunt lines wern't bad. We got there around 1:30 and left at 10:30, rode some rides, and did all of the haunts. The indoor haunts open at 3:00 which was a nice change compared to KI. The theming was really good and the parade looked fun. There was a video of the parade somewhere on PointBuzz, but I can't find it right now.
  7. It's like a trip report from Debbie Downer. On the bright side it sounds like they could avoid bathroom visits 'cuz they were probably wearing adult diapers. And she didn't mention that anyone lost their false teeth on the high speed carousel.
  8. I’ve never bought one, but I can’t stop the paparazzi from snapping photos.
  9. I personally feel better about spending $600.00 for a family of four to purchase MaxPasses, and then spend a bundle on food and souvenirs during the year, if I know I'm getting a little something extra, and I think the amusement park industry realizes that too.
  10. I was with Coastergirl at Columbus' Nationwide Children’s Hospital, When the Ortho doc told us that they no longer use waterproof casts due to the fact that there is an extremely high number of patients being treated by orthopedic and then immediately following up with derm-specialist because of the bacterial infection. The gortex does not work the way they originally thought, it traps the water instead of letting the skin breathe.
  11. Well, we planned our first trip ever to GL, so at 7:00am we loaded the crew into the Family Truckster to head north 2 1/2 hours from Columbus. An uneventful drive with my wife, kids and a neighbor from down the street. Then we arrived around 9:30... "Sorry folks we're closed for two weeks to clean and repair America's favorite family fun park, Sorry!" Not quite, the sign actually said "We are closed today for a private function as advertised." I was on their website Thursday & Friday planning what rides I wanted to hit, and what entertainment, but not once did I think to check th
  12. If you average 2 trips to KI, and at least one to CP, you might as well buy a max pass and play the odds that you'll probably end up at the parks more often. Besides the fact there are many other parks you could visit included with the price of a pass. I know you could have bought pay once visit twice passes for KI in the past, and that would bring the price down some. But I'm just throwing this out, for something to consider next year.
  13. My original thought was to use my temp pass, and exchange later, but as we were going in there were only to other groups at the window so we exchanged before the park was open. At lunch when we were going out, there were multiple lines stretching about one fifth of the way to Boomerang Bay. My wife took cell phone video of it because it looked insane.
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