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  1. I purchased these around 2013, they haven't sold them in the park for a number of years. Happy with my purchase then.
  2. "I also think Drop Zone is a really fun ride. Hi I am new I love PKI." - July 2nd 2005
  3. The front row on those G trains ran fairly smooth imo. I would typically always wait for the front row for this reason. It was my favorite ride at the park during this time.
  4. It's fairly common for them to replace sections of rails on both Bat, Vortex, & Express as annual winter maint. I think The Bat webcam back in 2013/14 showed this during its repainting.
  5. I was expecting a raccoon when I clicked this topic lol
  6. How do we know this concept was even for Kings Island? Is the point I was stating.
  7. Quite a bold statement with no proof.... here we go again..... ugh....
  8. Hey AIM me tomorrow. Thx 

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