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  1. TOPGUN1993

    The new KI Director of Food & Beverage is...

    I just got back from the Magic Kingdom, I want to say the prices for meals were actually cheaper there vs Kings Island. Anyone noticed this? I could be wrong. .... and random note.... I'm pretty sure the Chickfla at Cedar Point is much cheaper then Kings Islands.
  2. TOPGUN1993

    Flat ride package?

    Ugly Sky Coaster...... ? You obviously haven’t seen the power of the Omega or the 50 pound suitcase.
  3. TOPGUN1993

    Question about Kings Island's Monster

    The old Canada's Wonderland Monster was shipped to KI after it closed to be used for spare parts. Common thing to happen once rides close among the same company.
  4. TOPGUN1993

    Enchanted Theater + more

    I feel old, thanks lol
  5. TOPGUN1993

    Forum software upgrade

    Most of the photos? What about Shows, Aerials, Events, Construction ? Just a suggestions, there should be a link to the old photo gallery on the homepage or even within the history page. https://KICentral.com/rides/Diamondback/ Having to click through a hundred photos isn't very user friendly. Thanks for the link.
  6. TOPGUN1993

    Forum software upgrade

    Was the old KICentral photo gallery removed? I can't seem to locate it from the home page. :/
  7. TOPGUN1993

    The Beast Roughness/jerking

    I like The Beast.
  8. TOPGUN1993

    KI to Hire over 5,000 jobs for 2018

    I believe you're mistaken. It was likely too windy to open WindSeeker on that day. KI never closed rides due to low staffing this previous 2017 season. But yes, apply to work at the park.
  9. TOPGUN1993

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Correct, from that left side of the theater. However the motion seats are sitting idle inside the Urgent Scare side of the theater. You can see them if you know where to look when you go through the maze.
  10. TOPGUN1993

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Really now? They were there in October.
  11. TOPGUN1993

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I made this in 2012 lol
  12. TOPGUN1993

    Ideas for the Crypt building?

    Dreamworld in Australia is getting a flying theater in 2018. Smaller park than KI, it will be interesting to see how it is at their park. https://www.dreamworld.com.au/i-ride
  13. TOPGUN1993

    Kings Island Music

    Wait..... that song actually plays in Planet Snoopy? ^