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  1. How do we know this concept was even for Kings Island? Is the point I was stating.
  2. Quite a bold statement with no proof.... here we go again..... ugh....
  3. Hey AIM me tomorrow. Thx 

  4. Hi the89thdegree

  5. Then how would you merge the Fastlane line?
  6. Think the photo with the 4 car train was during 1977 testing?
  7. Yes that was one of them, there also was an upbeat one.... I'll try looking for it.
  8. Anyone remember in 2011 when the station played another obscure portion of LOST soundtrack? I want to say it came from season 4?
  9. AIM me later? lol

    1. ahank


      beastdudeki reporting for duty

  10. I appreciate the effort, however navigating through that many albums is kind of ridiculous. Is there away to sort the albums, similar to the previous gallery? Not a fan of not being able to see all the image thumbnails per album.
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