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  1. I heard it woud be called Thunder Rod not Thunder Run. I dont no any thing else
  2. Sorry for the spelling my keyboard is not working right.
  3. First we went in to the waterpark gate and got on the train. Then we went to Rivertown and headed to the tower to get walk on weekend tickets and speed lane tickets. The only good ticket was for The Beast which was (2:00 - 3:00) so i rode ot twice. I really wasnted to ride Kings Mills log ride but the time for it was 5:30 to ???? So i didnt get to ride it i wanted to so bad because of the heat today. Nex t I headed over to the best ride in the park The Vortex and only waited 5 minutes tops. I headed down Coney Mall and hit The Racer and the line was 3 minutes tops. I though the lines were no
  4. Could you maby get the glasses when you enter the park at the place where you pay for your car.
  5. How do you get the 3-D glasses ????
  6. If this is only about roller coaster crews why is Drop Zone listed on the top crew list. So i thought it was all rides.
  7. I thought the Viking Fury crew was very kind to the people. Like me. they had fun.
  8. Do you no the Drop Zone simble on top of the line house where u wait in line. It is so very faded.
  9. Yes the colors have faded badly.
  10. It would be also very hard to count the brakes on FoF it would be a lot harder than The Vortex.
  11. Thanks a lot i was not sure what they were
  12. What do the little stars on your name mean??? How do you get them ???? Thanks I am new and dont know what things mean.
  13. Nice photo I think i it is very funny Hi i am new to pkicentral
  14. I also think Drop Zone is a really fun ride. Hi I am new I love PKI.
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