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  1. On most Disney's dark rides they have sensor pads along the edge of the ride systems to detect if someone steps out of the ride unit. (Mansion, Mermaid, Splash, Buzz, etc) Thus immediately e-stopping the ride. I was able to go under Haunted Mansion and see the Peppers Ghost effect during operation one day. Very cool effect and a lot more characters then I realized while riding. Indeed
  2. It's from Kings Island, I took this photo in 2012, and its really heavy...... that is all...
  3. I start my DCP beginning of this coming year. - Attractions
  4. I've got one thing to say.... They should of called the new scooters "Flying Beagles" That is all
  5. Viking Fury - with a sail Wild Thornberry River Adventure Station Concept Son of Beast Construction Coney Mall (With Bat) Delirium as the HUSS facility in Germany Demon Construction Beast 5 cars 5 rows Beast "Penny Mill" as we called it Vortex Construction Coney Mall with Wild Animal Safari That is all
  6. AE Beast with 4 cars of 4 rows Train station KCKC Oktoberfest - (One of my favorite photos) Son of Beast
  7. Final photos for this topic are some of my favorites. 1977 1986 1986ish Oktoberfest 1970's 1993 - The only season TOPGUN & Wild Animail Safari Monorail coexisted. 1999
  8. Photo #30 - Action Zone Media day 1999 I think I already posted this... Bonus pics tonight.
  9. Photo #29 - Kentons Cove Keelboat Canal queue
  10. Photo #28 - Flight of Fear construction
  11. (I'll look for more trail photos) Photo #25 - Front gate entrance (I think it looks better with no trees)
  12. Photo #24 - Answer - Hiking Trail located behind Kenton Coves Keelboat Canal in Rivertown Photo #25 - Coney Mall
  13. Photo #23 - Take a guess (Answer will be posted next photo)
  14. Photo #21 - "Edge" climbing wall - Located near Adventure Express exit.
  15. Photo #18 - scooby doo & the haunted castle
  16. Photo #17 - wild thornberrys river adventure
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