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  1. Photo #11 - kentons cove keelboat canal 1987 (Note The Beast line)
  2. Photo #10 - KI Theater God Bless Ed Alonzo
  3. Photo #9 - Action Zone concept art
  4. Why would Gemini/Mean Streak ride operators have any reason to go to "mess with the high brakes"?
  5. Photo #7 - wild animal safari 1977
  6. Photo #4 - night of fire (4th of july fireworks) - Crazy to think the park would close major attractions and keep them closed.
  7. Photo #2 - puppet tree - hanna barbara land
  8. Photo #1 Son of Beast construction. I will probably only be able to continue this topic for a few weeks, but I have a friend who would gladly take over they said.
  9. It's 2014 (Tomorrow) and just under four more months until Kings Island opens its gates. For the 4th year, each day a "vintage" Kings Island photo from my massive collection of photos will be posted to this topic. The photos come from just saving images from the web over the years. (Until February) Most of the photo's I will be posting are not my personal photos and I do not claim them to be mine. If anyone has a problem with a certain photo they wish not to be posted or anything else feel free to "Personal Message" me on KIC rather then posting in the topic. If you have photos of your own
  10. I couldn't find a topic just about Action Zone so this is what we have now.
  11. Photo #39 - King Cobra - Employee Group Photo - Late 1980's
  12. Your correct the photo should be flipped around, typically when people scan slides its common for photos to be reversed.
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