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  1. So we are packing up for a weekend at Cedar Point soon.  Half of us going have Platinum Passes, the other half will be buying tickets with our hotel stay.  Here is the question that I hope someone can help with. 1) Their website offers a package with a FL+, Drink Package, Meal Package For The Day, and Fun Pix For the day for about $10 more than the current daily price on the FL+.   Considering buying a couple to help with lines and meals for those that don't have season passes.  Anyone know if they are different bands for the meals vs FL+?  One person that would need the meal plan wouldn't be using the FL+, but one kid who would use the FL+ doesn't need to meal.  I realize I am trying to save a few bucks by being "creative" with their packages, just not sure it would work that way.  Question 2) If we renew at CP and take advantage of the free FL+ for our second day there, can we hand a band to one of the riders that isn't a passholder?  

  2. We are currently on the 2nd leg of our vacation in Bradenton FL.   We find ourselves with a free day this coming up Saturday.  We are considering a trip to USF for the day, as our daughter is dying to see Harry Potter world.  Question for the group, how successful could we be in seeing as much as possible with a 2-park express ticket on the first week of August.  I get concerned shelling out that type of cash and not getting to see as much as possible.  Never having an express pass there, I am not sure what to expect.  Any help is appreciated.

  3. In the late 90's and early 2000's that theatre played a few different Scooby shows and even a Jetson Show.   While the names have escaped my memory at this point, I do remember that one was themed to Scooby's birthday celebration.   These shows in particular used to rewrite lyrics to songs to fit the show.  I can distinctly remember versions of Mmmbop (Moon Bop (Jetsons Show)), Celebration, and Talking About My Generation.  It also used to hold shows for the original kids Halloween event, including a Beetlejuice magic show.  I believe the theatre was closed somewhere between 2004-2006, but I don't remember exactly when.   

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  4. No, the first year, and Pirate Jack, were both from Sudden Impact! and Lynton Harris. The Oak Island guys were around during the Sleepy Hallow maze (in the tent where the old dolphin show was), and also the Haunt in the old mining company building, which I can't remember the name of.

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  5. If I thought a show was so bad the first 3 times, I wouldn't go back, let alone 2 more times. Why waste 50 minutes of your time In the park if it is that bad? What is so bad? I saw it. The girls costumes are no worse then old KI shows in the 80's and 90's. His magic aren't thembiggest of tricks, but I thought! With the exception of the balloon trick, that it was fine. Maybe I just have a bit more tolerance.

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  6. The thing that I think could help Kings Island and all the parks would be to start some type of Haunt Attraction Rotation. The problem that I have with most of Haunt is the attractions that have basically been the same for a long period of time. Some of these attractions could be shipped to another park, refurbished, and put out as a new product. Yes, the maze will have to be altered for building size/layout, but could be done very easily.

    In fact , I think a good suggestion would be for Knott's to build a building to start a new "traveling" maze each year. The host it the first year, and then the second year another park builds the same size/layout building and Knotts ships it to them. This could continue down the chain and make for some very interesting products.

    Just my 2 cents

  7. ^They haven't done the tower for a few years now. You are probably looking at a 13-17 minute show at the park is my guess. This is typical of what has been done the past couple of years. Still should be a good show, BUT nothing like the Nights of Fire days.

  8. It has been years since I last was at Coney Island. My years of working at Kings Island made it difficult to visit, even though it is less than 5 miles from my house. Last year my wife, daughter, and mom bought season passes to enjoy Sunlite Pool. They begged and begged me to get one, now that I have a much more "normal" work schedule. While I didn't accept last year, this year I decided it was time to try it.

    Fast forward to today, our first visit of the year. We left home with just enough time to arrive, park, and walk into Sunlite pool as it opened. We found a nice sunny spot with some reclining chairs, and my 4-year old made a straightline to the pool. While the water was a bit cold for me, I got in and spent some time with her, with water ONLY up to my knees....(too cold to go any higher then!) The pool was quite empty at that time and Grandma took at turn watching the little one while we checked on signing her up for swimming lessons. I personally belive this is a great service and great value the park offers! For 12 classes it is $60! What a deal!

    At this point, my wife and I decided to try the new slides before the lines became too long. We did one body slide and one tube slide. I enjoyed the tube slide the best. It had good speed, didn't seem as short as I thought it would, and was really enjoyable. I don't really enjoy body slides as much, but it was still fun. We waited less than 5 mintes both times.

    At this point, I got back in and enjoyed working on swimming with my daughter. We had a good time swimming all around the more shallow end of the pool. While the water was still chilly, I had becomed a bit more used to it. After 454 minutes of this, it was time for me to get out and just chill at the pool for a bit, so I returned to my chair. I started to try to read my book, but my mind kept wondering to people watching. It was about this time that I noticed the Lifeguards. What I noticed was a very young girl who was standing on her post, so focused on her job, I couldn't stop watching. She was physically moving her head in a very destinct pattern to show she was scanning her section of the pool. I was VERY impressed. Then I took a look around, every lifeguard there was doing the same type of thing. This may be a common thing at pools and waterparks, but it was the first time I have EVER noticed it, and it really helped me feel safer, and that my family was in good hands. EXCELLENT JOB!!!!

    A while later, the pool area was starting to get a bit more crowded, and we were also feeling a bit hungry so we decided to find food. We kinda split up, my wife had LaRosas, my mom and my daughter got a hot dog meal and chicken finger meals, and I bought a chicken wrap. The employee's working the stands were all very friendly, however the service was a bit slow (one of only 3 SMALL complaints on the day), but the meals were good sized, and food quality much better than Kings Island. The second of my complaints on the day is the LaRosas stand in Sunlite Pool.....they don't make the pizza there. They make it at another stand at the park and cart it over, so the run out quite often and you wind up standing there waiting for your food. While my wife was waiting, we had almost all finished our meals. Seems kinda silly to run it like that. BUT, the four of us all at for a grand total of less than $26.00! This includes drinks too! Many nickles saved compared to KI! By the way, I HIGHLY recommend the chicken wrap. A person next to us bought a walking taco from the stand that looked great. I asked her about it, and she did nothing but rave...she buys it everytime there. Mental note....try the walking taco next time (and it seemed like one of the most popular items)

    After lunch it was back to the pool for a bit. After being sunburned and worn out from the water, we decided to take my daughter to the rides side because she wanted to ride a few rides. She rode most of the kids rides and had a great time. This is where small complaint #3 comes into play. It didn't seem like any ride operators where checking wrist bands or season passes. Doesn't seem like a big thing, expect how do they know people have actually paid to ride. Small thing, I know..... No rides for me this time.....but I can't wait to ride a few old classic rides that I haven't ridden in years!

    I have to admit that my first trip back to Coney was more than I expected. We had a great time, and didn't break the bank doing it. Most employees seem very friendly and work hard. The grounds are kept very clean (though the restrooms could use some updating/work), and they have a nice selection of older rides. I can't wait for my next trip. The girls will hit the pool 3-4 days a week. I will have to wait for an evening or the weekend...maybe I will check out the fireworks next Saturday!

  9. ^That's funny, because I was also at the park that day with my younger brother for the Sharon, Lois, and Bram concert at T-Wolf. We were in the Paramount Theatre(? Or was it the American Heritage then, anyways....) when the weather hit and actually knocked out power in the theatre for a few seconds. After a quick phone call they went on with the show, but it was eerie when we went outside and nothing was running yet.

    I thought I remember hearing on the news that night, that there was a very weak tornado that hit near the park, but I wasn't sure, and since I couldn't find any more information about it, I thought I would shy away from posting it....but I was there that day as well!

    And just for the fun of it for people who don't know who the group was......and boy is this embarssing to know that I went to this concert (even though it was for my younger brother!)


  10. But what about someone who bought a general admission ticket? What happens when theirs washes off? If they are worried about fraud with season pass holders, you have to assume they are with GP as well.

    EDIT: Sorry....this question was posted by someone else while I was writing....:)

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  11. Guy1115, there is a reason why the park would want half an hour on ERT every day of the season versus having a five hour block one night. While they will pay more in labor costs for the early morning ERT, it gives pass holders a reason to make multiple visits throughout the season. If they are making multiple visits, in theory, they are going to be spending money inside the park on those multiple visits. So if the park can get pass holders into the park on more days, and spending more money on those days, then the increased labor costs will more than be offset.

    I agree. I'm not against it. I was just pointing out that the cancellation of SPPD has NOTHING to do with money or they wouldn't be entertaining the idea of ERT every day. Sorry for any confusion

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