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  1. I'm gonna have to question the logic there. Seems like you're contradicting yourself? I'm not saying everything Hauntguy said is right, because there were some pretty bad things said. But I will say that I'll trust the knowledge of someone who assembled one of the haunts over someone who walked through one of the one time. Not to mention the horrible lighting in the haunts. Can you clarify this? I am having a hard time telling who you are asking about. I am the one who installed the Haunts at the park.....not Hauntguy.
  2. HFE Acquires Controlling Interest in Newport Aquarium Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation (HFE) today confirmed the company has joined the management and ownership of sister aquariums operated by Steiner + Associates -- Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky, across the river from downtown Cincinnati, and Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey, across the river from downtown Philadelphia. “For nearly half a century, HFE has successfully operated theme parks and attractions throughout the U.S. Given the broad appeal of animals, and our desire to create experiences that can be share
  3. I had a similar experience with the "bored" actors in the cemetery on media night. At one point there was no one telling me where to go or any theming directing me that I led my group to the back end of the garden area behind the skyline and an actor from the former RL stine house showed me where to go. Did curse of the crypt really have live snakes in a glass case you had to climb over? I would not have enjoyed that. Curse of the Crypt never had snakes to climb over. One year it was hissing cockroaches and the second year it was rats.
  4. Well that is unfortunately how the real world works. Some employers may give incentives for going above and beyond the call of duty, while others expect you to do your job to the best of your ability because that is what you are paid for. Sometimes just a simple "Thank you" is all you need. That's it! Treating someone like they are important to the success of your company.
  5. With any minimum wage paying job or seasonal job there is a huge amount of pride that needs to be swallowed. That is why it is minimum wage. Everyone has been there at one time. And if you can deal with it on a day-in, day-out basis that says alot about your personality. Sure it $ucks, but you have to do what you have to do to make ends meet and get a little change in your pocket. All whining on a message board shows is that some did not have the courage to find out why CF makes the decisions that they have, or it would have been mentioned. Employers despise whiners. Instead of whin
  6. Okay, put the pay aside.....what about everything else? I could have lived with the pay cut and the job I loved, if I had been treated with a little respect. What does that have to do with debt?
  7. Really? You don't say....I don't think that was really necessary. I am asking for the opinions of the associates. And I wonder how you would feel if after 11 years someone looked at you and said that you weren't worth the $$ they were paying you.
  8. The 20% cut was one season to the next. Still....the work didn't get 20% less important or easier.
  9. Well you are right about the full timers....60+ hour mandatory weeks May-November; Vacation only certain months of the year. You know I loved my job....that's why I was there 12 season, but not enough to be treated like crap. At least under the Paramount days, I received Bonus, praise, felt like I was part of the team, oh and praise!
  10. No....started my first season doing Full Season only and then when I left I was working 10 months a year. Why do you ask?
  11. We have been talking for months about what we like and don't like now that CF has purchased the Paramount Parks chain as guests. What I am curious about is what present employees think of the park now that it has changed over. Myself, I worked at the park with 13 seasons until Mid October this year. I thought that the changes that CF brought were horrible to morale at the park. Taking away all but 4 comp tickets, couldn't purchase more at a discount, in my position a 20% pay cut, and an overall staff reduction so we were forced to do more while not being payed at the same level as previous
  12. And my guess is that the archets at Intamin don't give a darn how the tower is illuminated. As long as there is a strobe on top for airplanes.
  13. The lights were "stuck" on red for Haunt. Any day now they should be turning off for the season not to return till opening weekend when I am sure they will be in their color changing state again. CF really liked that look on the tower. In fact there were rumors of looking at pricing the other three sides of the tower.
  14. You know, there were reports when they did the attraction on the tower that they were looking into changing out two floor panels on the observation deck nearest the elevator with Plexi-glass.
  15. Were those there on opening weekend? If so I can't believe I missed them! Does anyone have a picture? Not sure....they were there this weekend. Not all decorations were out the first weekend. Also, the report is that the dog house was moved to the trail because the GM thought it was funnier down there.
  16. BTW, was is offensive then the first year of FearFest with the attraction on the top of the tower where they had bodies hanging??? I don't seem to remember a single person having a problem with it....and I was there EVERY night.
  17. Has it been mentioned that about 5 feet from that boat are two skeletons dressed up as the skipper and Gilligan from Gilligan's Island? Did you happen to think they were just making a display for a show like the one from Wizard of Oz at the tower? Are the witch's legs under the house disturbing for someone? The park will NEVER make everyone happy. The GP does not remember or most don't even know about pond incident.....what would be more disturbing to me would be to be a Full Timer at the park and have headstones around the park with MY name on it! I think everyone is taking things way to
  18. Really? Worse than Entertainment Tonight? Worse than Magic of The Movies? Worse Than Island Celebration? I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  19. guy1115


    This is incorrect. The park does not shut down. Nick Universe closes early, I believe around 6:00, and the transformation to Haunt begins slowly at 5:30.
  20. True....so true....it is truely a sad sight.
  21. If Kings Island was going to get a coaster in 2008 don't you think we see some work being done, unless it was a small Wild Mouse coaster. Don't forget we didn't see any ground work for Firehawk until the last weekend or so. There is still time for a late spring opening like they have for the past couple of large attractions.
  22. I should have been more specific....they did get rid of a lot of the character around 2000 or So when the first Nick expansion happened. In that cut were the likes of Captain Caveman, Jaber-Jaws(?), Huckleberry Hound, and a few others. Those costumes are long gone.
  23. In way of the HB characters at Front Gate walking and taking pictures......the entertainment department never really got rid of the HB characters. When the Nick Universe thing happened they only allowed HB to walk in the picnic grove, but still had contracted rights for the characters for another few years. This year the park incorported an "exit" character so that guest can visit with a character on their way out of the park. For staffing reasons it is easier for them to staff with HB characters instead of Nick because of the size requirments of the characters.
  24. Trust me there aren't people who are willing.....it amazes me year after year how the park has to resort to day-labor groups such as, Laborworks, to get everything staffed. I also think the park would rather focus on Fear Fest. Concerts aren't the money maker you would think they are (at least most aren't).
  25. I would assume that we may see the end of Fall Celebration as Fear Fest becomes bigger and bigger. It is very hard to staff the park, Fear Fest, and a concert, all at the same time. And the concert is the only thing the park has a say in when it may or may not happen.
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