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  1. i remember the FIRST night *well to the entertainment dept* "dry run" when danny shot off the fireworks for the tower for the lighting of the tower

    Huh??? As for FearFest they only did it the first year. There were the sound effects of a storm rolling in with sirens and such and then the small fireworks and then the tower would start changing colors with strobes up and down the tower. Then all of the freezer guys would parade down the street to their maze.

  2. During Nights of Fire? Not anymore, not with people on I-street. Too close for the ashes if the wind is blowin right. Plus, it shuts down a signature ride for about 3 weeks or so before and after the show.

    Nights of fire never shut down a signature ride (I assume you mean ET) for 3 weeks. At most it was closed the day before fireworks and the days of the show. I know, I made the climb with the guys from Rozzi's and Entertainment for many years. Also, the nightly fireworks show was shot every night for the past 10 or so years from the Cobra grave yard site (the big pad down by the Halloween Trail). They used the grassy site by Tech services, The Beast, and The Racer for Nights of Fire for the past few years. This is the first season in a very long time that the nightly show has also been shot from there. Yes, two years ago they used the pumpkin patch and near the mid-course brakes of SOB for additional sites for Nights of fire. A few years back they also used behind TR:TR; in fact the year they were build TR;TR a good deal of that show was shot from the pit that would become TR:TR. The tower was scrapped after using it for a few years because due to wind there was too much of the show that had to be cut to keep things safe for the GP.

  3. All I can suggest is to contact guest relations and tell them your feelings. There is a belief in the new structure that no one cared about the music in the park or BBay. That is why they both changed this season. They did what was easiest, got rid of the the themed music and went to generic satellite radio. Only Nick U is still themed and that is because Nick says so.

  4. Per a friend who was working in the park yesterday, both trains were on the track and cycling. Guess an official confirmation can be made this weekend, but thats the latest I've heard.

    - Todd

    Kinda strange since they were only putting the second train on this morning when the park opened.

  5. Spirit Song is always popular with Friday and Saturday coming close to sell outs for the past few years. Usually Thursday's concert starts around 5 and goes till 10 and then Friday and Saturday have starts between 2-3 and going until 10 or 11. You can also check out www.sonshineconcerts.com for the full lineup.

  6. These lights are not new! There were 8 lights installed for winterfest on the tower. They never left, the park also owns a very nice lighting console to control those 8 fixtures only. (The nicest console in the park mind you!) For all of post season last year the tower changed color on non-FearFest nights. On Fear Fest nights it was it's signature purple color. This year the tower will indeed change colors nightly from dusk till midnight. They will be running nightly starting tonight to make sure all the programming bugs are worked out of it.

    And security doesn't work on those lights....Entertainment does.

  7. While I agree that the Hollywood music will be ending soon, I would doubt that you will see that change by the park opening. In fact, I would guess that we will see a lot of the same old Paramount things (Paramount Story, Paramount Theater, Etc.) as the de-branding will continue into the future.

  8. The tower was changing colors last year at the end of the season on non-FFest nights. I am sure it will be changing colors every night when the park is open. And the lights you are seeing on at night are NOT the new ones. The are the old floodlights. You wouldn't be able to see the color lights since they are only on the front side of the tower.

  9. about the shows...the casting doesnt end till the biggining of next month so i bet we are gonna find out about the shows at the middle of March.

    cant waite!

    I think you will find out about the show program earlier than that. I would imagine that it will be announced with the 2007 product since the show program is already set and work has begun.

  10. And why again would it need expanded? Just because it is a smaller restuarant that won't seat a ton of guests doesn't mean that it isn't the right size now. For example think of some of the table dinning resturants at Disney parks. Some have less than 50 tables. But one main difference is the food and the experience are top notch and that is why they are always full. That is what really needs to happen to make the IR work. You have to have a great menu and a great staff and the rest will work itself out. Plus wouldn't it feel nice as a guest to be one of the "select" group that got to eat there that night? Just my 2 cents worth.

  11. Actually, auditions have already begun for the 2007 season. There are posters around the park with the dates. They will hold auditions at KI on Saturday and Sunday Novemeber 11+12. And yes, if you audition and they want to hire you, they will place you in a show that you are best fit for. Don't forget they also hire for the parade (if it is coming back), technicians for the shows, and characters. They usually do have a second round of auditions in February.

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