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  1. I haven't posted in a while, but we should have a KIC meet-up there on opening day this year!
  2. I love Outer Hanks! The burritos are sooooo good!!!
  3. You might be a PKI ADDICT if.... you get in a car in the backseat and grab on to the chair handle and go LOOK WE'RE ON A ROLLER COASTER!!!!
  4. I got a 10/25 and i didnt look up any answers and I hardly know anything about PKI. So I though that was good for me!!!!
  5. You might be a PKI ADDICT if.... you go to pki almost everyday and stay from open to close and ride every ride in the park without stopping for food.
  6. Thank you for the replies yet I thought PKI Central was the only PKI website until yesterday and after I posted I found prices. Sorry for any trouble. Thank you though!
  7. All in the 80-90 degrees Sorry about the double post!!!!!
  8. Is winterfest actually coming back? Holiday Season=Christmas=winter (winterfest) again=happened already and it has happened before snow=winter ????winterfest????? HOPEFULLY!!!! fun fun fun!!!!!!
  9. I dont have a pass to PKI because i dont go often (i havent gone in 2 years) now i wanna go How much would it cost for a 9,12,and 2 adults to go to PKI??
  10. JASPER081691 did u even read the rest of the post im probably not a big fan of being upside down and that the only rollercoaster i ride is beastie. i havent been to the park for 2-3 years and im ready to get on other coasters
  11. Everybody seems to be not liking IJ:ST. I havent riden it yet but it is a family ride. Am I correct??? If it is no wonder all you rollercoaster riders who dont like little rides might not like this ride if its for the family family rides are just supposed to be fun and amusing.
  12. Heyy!!!! What about the swinging ship??????
  13. ????????? edit:copy:paste?????
  14. you all need to go back to the topic or get another post to do that!!!! lol please!!!
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