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  1. I’ve wondered that too. They would open up a lot of valuable area for expansion by relocating the maintenance buildings in XBase. Also, if they moved the maintenance buildings out of the area near Planet Snoopy, they could open that area up a lot for expansion.
  2. Agreed. The whole area from Zephyr to WindSeeker is mostly dead now. Needs some love.
  3. I’d love to see a “like-new” refurbishment to The Racer that restores its red, white, and blue colors...along with a slick new lighting package.
  4. Nice. I have long thought that a coaster could go in that area much like the layout you show.
  5. Saw this on Facebook http://coaster-nation.com/rumor-mill-new-coney-island-bbq-eatery-coming-to-kings-island/
  6. Back when Halloween Haunt was called Fearfest, there used to be a haunted trail that used some of the DA land. I think it was called Trail of Terror. You had to walk down the service road past Firehawk to enter. In the near-term, KI could easily make the DA trail a haunt attraction of some kind. On the other hand, it sure is a lot of prime real estate for a giga. If one materializes, they could theme it along the lines of Blue Angels (or some other jet fighter) and consider it part of XBase. I just hope whatever they eventually do, they keep as many trees as possible.
  7. While they haven’t announced what is coming in 2018, they have announced what is leaving. The sign in the picture is currently placed under the T-rex at the front of the park. Taken 9-22-17
  8. I was just wondering about the restrooms too. If all that land is reutilized for Antique Cars, what would they do about the restrooms there. Keep it or rebuild it in a nearby location?
  9. I agree that there are elements of The Beast that could be improved to bring it in line with more modern wood coasters, but I believe that to significantly alter The Beast or its trains would have unintended negative consequences. It reminds me of the Coca-Cola scandal of the mid-80s when they changed the formula to modernize it to taste more like Pepsi. Remember the "Pepsi Challenge?" Coke management thought making the change was needful. However, public outcry against the change was deafening. The general public (and generations of Coca-Cola drinkers) felt betrayed by the company, as if part of their heritage had been taken away. All of a sudden their favorite beverage was gone and it angered many people, which created a public relations nightmare for the Coca-Cola Company. It's not logical, but people love their favorite beverage like it's a part of them. You can't just take that away from people and expect them to roll with it. They won't! In the end, Coke saw the light and reverted back to its original formula. I wonder if a similar outcry would erupt if The Beast underwent significant changes in the interest of modernizing it. I suspect that generations of KI enthusiasts would be angered. Why? Because The Beast is not just a ride. It's an experience full of memory and nostalgia. It is one of the signature rides of the park. As such, you don't want to tamper with it and potentially ruin its reputation and anger paying park-goers. One of my favorite memories with my dad was riding The Beastie with him when I was a kid. Those are cherished memories for me. Not just because The Beastie was my first coaster, but because of the shared experience with my dad, Now, I'm happy to share that experience with my own son. I would be angered if that ride were significantly altered or removed. Fortunately, the ride is still there and virtually the same as it was when I was 8. I still love riding it not because it thrills me, but because of the nostalgic memories. The same is true of The Beast. I cannot remember the first time I rode it, but I have many great memories from riding it over the years. To change it significantly, I think, would be to take away a sense of nostalgia and heritage from many people. Again, it's not logical, but people love their favorite coasters not just because of ride elements, but also for the memories they hold from riding it over the years with friends, family, and significant others. Sure, you could try to make The Beast better with more modern ride elements, but you'd run the risk of ruining the nostalgia at the same time and maybe the entire experience. It's not all about the thrills. It's just like New Coke, a bad idea they thought was good, and nobody drank it twice. Let The Beast be The Beast. Just my $.02. Feel free to agree or disagree.
  10. The horse is inches from death, amigo. The point has been made. If your Gwazi ride(s) are anything like the one I had back in 2014, I would recommend that you don't use that as the basis for your opinion on GCI's rides. Gwazi was sluggishly paced and unbelievably rough when I rode it--in fact, it's second only second to Son of Beast as my least favorite coaster. If you get a chance, try something like Lightning Racer, Prowler, or American Thunder. Of the GCI coasters I've ridden, those are some of the best. They're really good rides. The GCIs I've ridden that were built in the brief period that GCI used PTC trains instead of their own Millennium Flyers (SFA's Roar, Hershey's Wildcat, and BGT's Gwazi) have all been very rough and mostly not my cup of tea. I certainly wouldn't mind a GCI at Kings Island, but I wonder if a GCI has the capacity that Cedar Fair might be looking for for a park of KI's size. Have to agree. American Thunder is pretty great. I have yet to ride Prowler though.
  11. I rarely post to the forums but I have to agree on this one. KI should really consider its own bacon festival or think about adding bacon to menu items throughout the park.
  12. My guess is the workers are covering the camera when they work because they don't want to be watched all day. Just a hunch. Can't say that I blame them, but it is annoying for all who want to watch the progress.
  13. Thank you, Kings Island, for finally giving us closure and the expectation of something new. That said, I would pay to own a piece of the Son of Beast.
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