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  1. Are you guys for these new names http://canadaswonderland.com/attractions/c...ry.cfm?ac_id=23 FORMER NAME......NEW NAME Top Gun...............Flight Deck Italian Job............Backlot Stunt Track Cliffhanger...........Riptide Tomb Raider.........Time Warp Drop Zone...........Drop Tower Only these smileys can describe how weired out i am by these awful names but i got to admit riptide and time warp are good ideas
  2. hey each park got alot of money to invest into theyre first seaosn back after a year as cedar parks so hell maybe ki will getr something kool...i wanna see ki get a storm runner like coaster what do u all thing
  3. Someone told me something about behemoth for CW that i think you may enjoy the queue line has been build to hold a full capacity fo ppl for 3 hrs which means when the line is to the entrance of the line its a 3 hr wait theyre putting the entrace where the former enterance of Orbiter was and the exit will be on its own and merge at the end of its line into a pathway sharing room with I Job Queue (not the queue line but the peice of concrete that entres the queue line which meand no more creek on the left side of that bridge a new behemoth themed retail area rite between orbiter and coasters that little grassy area beside sledge hammer
  4. i may be full of myself but this ones true search B+M At Wonderland in google ull see
  5. Ive been searching around the www for answers to the rumoured 2008 ride at Wonderland! And We finally have the answer!!! Its a B+M Hyper....over 200 ft tall...according to others forums and to a relaiable source...my supervisor at the park haha its being built behind italian job on the man made lake
  6. I was there for a job interview this afternoon and Wonderland looks like itsa made changes and more to come....the tore down the Paramount canadas wonderland signs and put up "Cedar Fair presents Canada's Wonderland" Instead. There is alot of exterior and interior designing happening to fit the park as a Cedar Fair park...and there was a ride name change...well more like 3 rides...i was hired as a ride operator and they put me at Hybrid Crew...which is Hybrid formally known as the Klockwerks, Thunder Run, Sidewinder formally known as the the fly, and Shockwave Its pretty cool looking but i hear that bye bye hanna barbera and hello peanuts (snoopy) but they are keeping Nickalodean
  7. I was at wonderland today and there was a display for the 2007 ride!!! OMG !!!! It just sayed at top "The Tribe Will Speak In 2007" Then it showed Survivor the Ride just like at great america! But a little different...it looks longer and it seems to soak the guests since water shoots out of the core of the viehcle. like a geyser! and it shows how the riders are split into four tribes.... Tambaqui, Tagi, Samburu, and Koror. Then they say each tribe gets complementary buffs for the ride and thery get to keep them...its really a buff with the survivor: the ride logo on it....as they showed wha they looked like in a glass case. neways i dont knopw where itll be laced but i would put it beside white water canyon and minebuster and have the enterance in between fx theatre and white water canyon....and use some of the nature around...white water canyon to their advantage.... ne ways thought u all should know peace
  8. Does anyone know what the ride is in 2007 at wonderland?
  9. peteytherocker

    The CORE

    People say that if they get clearence the Cedar Fair will allow Paramount to build one more ride each for 2007 named after a Paramount movie if they choose to...I would make a diving machine coaster and call it The CORE. Drop 90 degrees into a black hole strobe lights and red breach alarms would trigger and the tunnel will open up to a series of inversions untill it getsa back to the stn. The voice will say "Your mission was a success please exit to your left"
  10. rumour says PKI is gonna get a disk coaster like Survivor at PGA FOR 2007
  11. maybe top gun to dominator tomb raider to skyhawk italian job stunt track to top thrill dragster LOL jks
  12. Will they rename rides? since it doesnt apply to Paramount anymore Like Tomb Raider or Top Gun Even Italian Job or Drop Zone
  13. Open Forum With Cedar Fair's awesome rides in their parks what could they do to paramount parks do whatever you want whatever u think open open open dont be shy Petey
  14. no look at the park map for wonderland....the orbiter is no longer there
  15. Hey everyone if none of u know no this... the orbiter is going away far away and never coming back to pcw! rumour has it they are making an amazing but not so pricey thrill ride to take up the grassy area between I.Job and Sledge Hammer and the place that orbiter is now but wont be in two weeks. I dont know what kind of thrill ride it is but its suppost to be great....they are making deals with Huss and S+S Power....my guess either a super swing like Skyhawk at Cedar Point or a ride like Flying Falcon at Hersheypark
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