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  1. ...somehow, a first kiss on Italian Job: Stunt Track just doesn't seem anywhere near as romantic or special. Hmmm... Maybe not romantic or special, but strange. Imagine kissing someone in that dark tunnel. Creepy.
  2. I personally (This is before prices, opinions may change) think they're on to a few good concepts. I'm glad they're continuing parking for renewals. Also, those Cedar Fair Maxx passes sound pretty sweet.
  3. I went to the concert, but I didn't ride anything. When I was there, the line for Face/Off was nonexistant, and I wanted a ride, but then I remembered that I was there for the concert. It was an awesome concert!
  4. TR-Continued Everyone in the group wanted to do Ali Baba again, but this time we had to go in the back row. I didn't enjoy this as much as the front. We rode Steel Dragon again while we were in the area. The rest of the group rode the Log Flume twice more while we did Steel Dragon. We quickly hopped on the flume and got on one of the rides shortly after theirs. Then, we all decided that the Dodgems would be a nice break, so that was our next ride. After we had a ton of fun on the Dodgems, we went on the train. Most of our party went even though they didn't want to, but I wanted to. After that, a few of us caught a ride on the Skyride. This Skyride is wonderful. I like the fact that there is only one station, so it's a round trip. While we were on the Skyride, the rest of our group rode the Paratrooper again. They also rode the Comet three times. When we got off of the Skyride we met up with them and did the Comet. After we got on once, we all ran to get back in line before the next train left the station. We made it in time and got another great, yet REALLY short ride on The Comet. Then the group went on the Carousel, most of them against their will like the train. I like the Carousel, though, so I had no objections. After that everyone wanted to go on Wipeout again, except for me and one other person. The one other person went on the Spider three times. The guy let her stay on. Then, others rode the Spider with her. Two others stayed on Wipeout for a couple more rides. I went in the gift shop nearby while waiting. When I was done browsing, they STILL weren't done. Then the person who went on the Spider three times got off, but everyone else kept riding. While everyone was busy riding the Spider or Wipeout, I went with a couple of other people to do the Whacky Shack again. After this we met up with a couple other members of the group to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl. These two other people figured out how to make it spin really fast by leaning, so this ride was quite enjoyable. Meanwhile, a couple others went in the Pirate's Cove. The one person in our group who grew up coming to Waldameer said they ruined the Cove. They replaced all the blacklights with normal lights, apparently. She said, "It's like a lit haunted house!" Then all of us went to ride Steel Dragon yet again, except for two who would rather do the Tilt-A-Whirl. I went up the hill and down the drop backwards, which was quite fun. We all hopped on again while we were there. Then we met up with the others to ride Ali Baba one last time. The whole group went on this time, and we took up the whole front row, except two seats which were taken by a couple little girls. By the time we got off the park was closed. We hit the restroom real quick, and then left to find dinner at Perkins. That ended our wonderful day at Waldameer park.
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't be able to do it. Too much activeness in the blazing heat. Kudos to those that do. Sounds like a nice trip. Glad you had fun!
  6. Sounds like fun! I haven't been able to make it to the Point this year, hopefully I'll make it next year to check out the new coaster.
  7. I went to Waldameer yesterday. Here's the TR! Arrived at Waldameer at 12:00, one hour after Waldameer's water park, Water World opened. (I found it strange that Water World opened before Waldameer.) I've never been to a water park so this was exciting. I got my all day Ride wristband, and hit up Water World. First, I did the lazy river. I went around there three times before I got off. Then, I rode my first waterslide! It was a innertube slide. I rode all of the innertube slides, and one body slide. (Sorry, but I don't know any of the names of the slides) I then got in the heated pool. After that, I went around the lazy river twice more. By then it was 2:00. We left Water World to go get lunch. We ate lunch by the Whacky Shack. After we ate, we decided to take a trip through Pirate's Cove. As far funhouses go, I didn't really like this one. After that we went in the Whacky Shack, which I found to be uber cool. When we got off of the Whacky Shack, the rest of my party decided they needed Motion Sickness medication before we went on the other rides. On our way out my party got a charicature. *sp?* Once we got back in the park, we were headed for The Comet, Waldameer's old woodie. The rest of my party got distracted by The Scrambler, however, so I took a spin on that first. Next it was The Comet. I found this coaster to be fun and fairly dynamic for it's size. I really enjoyed seeing a coaster with the brake levers that had to be operated by hand. Then, we went on the Paratrooper, which was quite enjoyable. We walked over to the Ferris Wheel and rode that next. We were stopped at the top for loading/unloading, which provided for a nice view of Lake Erie. We walked by the Ravine Flyer. All of us were too tall to ride, which is a bummer for me because I wanted all of the Waldameer coaster credits. We decided to go on the Viking ship, named Sea Dragon. It was okay, but I've ridden better Viking Ships. (Like the one at KI ) Then, we all decided to go on a ride called Wipeout. I really don't know how to describe this ride. I WILL say I didn't like this ride. It made me sick, and the seatbelt was tight. When the ride flung you around, your seatbelt would stop you (Kind of the point) but the seatbelt was so tight that it really hurt. This one was a big regret. Next we did The Spider. I'm insane for going on this one, seeing as I hate these rides. The combination of this and Wipeout made me wanna throw up. (The Spider was my second biggest regret for riding.) Knowing I was now sick, we kept walking down the midway. I REALLY don't know why, but I went on the Tilt-A-Whirl being already sick. I love the Tilt-A-Whirl, but it was a bad idea. After this I'd had enough of spinning rides at the moment, so I convinced my party to go on the Log Flume. (Don't remember name, it was something about thunder) This is the 2nd best Log Flume I've ridden besides Splash Mountain. I especially liked the fact that there was a little drop, then you went around the corner and found a really HUGE lift with a HUGE drop. Everyone enjoyed this, even those who got soaked. By the time I was off this, I felt better. So, it was over to Steel Dragon. Steel Dragon is a spinning coaster, with a really unique layout. I loved Steel Dragon! We rode the log flume again before it got too late, and then we moved on. We rode Ali Baba next. It was your standard Magic Carpet. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the others in my party who had never ridden one of these. They found it to be scary and fun. This isn't the whole report, I'm too worn out to finish right now. (I'm sore too.) I'll finish tomorrow.
  8. There used to be one at the Wild Thornberrys. It was somewhere in fornt of the crocodile and elephant. I remember taking pictures there in the first few years of it's re-theme.
  9. Green boxes? I guess I'll have to look for them when I go on Friday. I'm fascinated to see changes Cedar Fair is making. If anything, I'd say that they need these 'boxes' at Racer if they're there to stop people from jumping onto the track. Those people cross the tracks a lot.
  10. Ya know, I don't understand why we can't like Cedar Point and Disney. I love big thrills and I love a good theme, but they don't have to be together. It's the experience that counts, as long as you have a good time, it shouldn't matter if it's themed or not. I love Cedar Point, PKI and Disney. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, and I respect that. --Pkirocker77
  11. Sounds like the Delirium crew is doing great. Nice trip report. I'm glad you had fun.
  12. Yep, technically no movies there, even though they looked to be themed after certain films. I find that a bit shady.
  13. I try to get to the History section, but it just brings the background and says <style type="text/css
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