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  1. I did SDATHC and didn't have a problem the first time in Summer. Then during Winterfest I did it and got yelled at.
  2. B&M track looks NOTHING like Face/Off track though. It's probably more SFAW SLC track.
  3. I believe the Antique Cars allowed cameras as well?
  4. Problem is with that, there is no guarantee the park will grant permision, and then you have to have it supervised by a park official. Too much work.
  5. You just stretched the hell out of the forums.
  6. I did recaR for like 20 times straight without doing anythig but changing seats.
  7. The full-size PKD, PCW and Carowinds maps don't work either. multimedia.paramountparks.com seems to be broken.
  8. Download is failing on the full size one
  9. Paramount Parks is being sold by CBS. The new owners, we will hopefully see IMPROVED operations, not worse. Current plans, it will stay Paramount Parks, just a new parent company.
  10. They'll probably open the main gates. They used to open the employee lot, but recently they've just opened the South Parking entrance.
  11. Nope, there's a movie, sound, and the program for the seats.
  12. Permission to do a Podcast? Permission from... who??
  13. Yeah, but Maureen wasn't in any of those but the Brady one. SOB Witch was, oh shoot I can't remember her name... Tomb Raider was just Siebert and Mandt.
  14. That would be a short podcast unless it was only like once a month.
  15. It's said that since the fact sheet was first put online months ago.
  16. One that takes two years to deteriorate instead of 1?
  17. They wouldn't remove the building for the MTV Soundwave I doubt. It sounded more like an indoor ride.
  18. - Will be one of the host parks for No Coaster Con XXX in June 2007 huh? Coaster Con. Not No Coaster.
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