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  1. Their request for a 315 foot height waiver was approved. It's in relation to 2021 or 2022 project though, and just marks the maximum allowable height of something... maybe not a coaster, and maybe not fully 315 feet! We'll have to wait and see...
  2. Looks like the rendering is pretty much exactly accurate. Which is great! I was worried some of those banks and turns were just conjecture, but the layout has them as depicted by the ride envelope. Which is good to know, because some of those track sections that look like straightaways are actually really dynamic moments.
  3. Looks like this prediction got it right on the money, including little track flourishes like outward-banked turns. Having seen that, I don't think this looks short at all. As a matter of fact, I'd say it looks spectacular. Clocking in a 90 seconds from first action to last, it seems like one of the longer thrill coasters out there. Definitely a great fit for Busch Gardens, especially considering we're likely to at LEAST be diving around ancient Roman ruins and statues if not more. The first inversion coming out of a mild launch, a 72 mph launch while cresting an airtime hill, the ride's big moment (the 95-degree river dive) happening halfway through, the upside down return to the river, the tilted airtime hills... Not to mention the quick-switch track, which Intamin also used on Universal's new Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and earns stunned response from riders. I've always been a proponent of Busch Gardens' "quality over quantity" and argue that each of its 7 (soon to be 8!) coasters is the best of its type. Verbolten, Invadr, Tempesto, Griffon, Apollo, Alpengeist, Pantheon, Loch Ness... For me, I'd rather ride Busch Gardens' 7 coasters than all 17 at Cedar Point. Each feels custom made and custom themed for the park's landscape and stories. And frankly, I'd rather ride this than an out-and-back B&M giga of big swooping airtime hills. While I adore Kings Island and I'm excited for what's coming, this is the sort of ride that feels like an event! It has personality and surprises and unexpected manuevers. in other words, the kind of customized, unique, and tailor-made ride Kings Island could admittedly use more of, like Mystic Timbers! Congrats to Busch Gardens!
  4. bkroz

    Decoding 2020

    This is obviously going to be an awesome ride. But just to be a negative Nancy for 10 seconds, I feel the slightest bit of disappointment that it's another giant Cedar Fair B&M of swooping drops, soaring turnarounds, etc. I feel like Mystic Timbers put us on a good path to having coasters from smaller manufacturers, with more-than-just-a-barn-for-a-station theming, and with personality. X-Base (quasi-dystopian, questionably-governmental flight and technology research testing facility) totally lends itself to an epic, different kind of coaster with amazing personality and re-ridability! It seems like the perfect area to have a twisted, compact Mack coaster like Walibi Holland's Lost Gravity, diving around set pieces and props, right? Something nimble, bright, colorful, and twisted, with some iconic, spinning, light-up sculpture (this example isn't what you expect, but is perfect) in the middle of the layout "tearing space and time," and pulling props toward it. Obviously Alton Towers' Smiler has its own issues, but wouldn't a wild Gerstlauer be fantastic in X-Base, and unlike anything in Kings Island or Cedar Point? Anyone who's been on a Eurofighter knows they are truly unique in the sensation and pacing. Smiler has an LED screen at its center with mechanical "spider legs" coming from it, and each leg has its own weirdo props that are part of the ride's "hypnotizing" process. It's eerie, but comical, and no one but Gerstlauer could've built a roller coaster that looks and feels right for such a story. Or, to borrow from my favorite, Verbolten, imagine if X-Base got a multi-launch Zierer coaster. Imagine that we, as guests, are cast as trainees being dispatched to an old, retired, unstable facility back in the woods leftover from the '70s where X-Base scientists were working on experimental interdimensional technology. The coaster might start by just coasting out of the hi-tech station and into the woods slaloming through trees before coming across a massive, rusted, old government warehouse that's all dilapidated. Then, inside, the coaster immediately turns toward the glowing portal and launches into a spiraling, twisting interior of pulsing lights and sounds. The train finally escapes through a tear in time, screeching to a halt back in the old, broken down facility, and that's where a vertical drop track falls, with the ride launching back through the woods to the station. If it's got to be a B&M (which is understandable! High reliability, high capacity, very showy, feel like "headliners"), how about a Wing Coaster that's intentionally positioned as an OPPOSITE of GateKeeper, keeping low to the ground and spiraling through set pieces, like Thorpe Park's Swarm? It could be themed to a prototype flight experiment that's escaped from an X-Base office building and is tearing through the facility. Even a Dive Machine would be awesome if it were given X-Base theming, which essentially means it would just need looked at like Alton Towers' Oblivion. Is this new coaster going to be amazing? ABSOLUTELY. Don't get me wrong. And I'm sure its station will look metal and it'll have a quosnet hut queue building, and it will play high-energy techno-music while you wait, and it'll be blue or gray and have a name that kinda sorta feels like a "secret project" that X-Base might be working on. It's just a little disappointing that after all that famous "Cedar Fair theming lite," it'll be a big, tall steel coaster with airtime hills and sweeping turns and (gasp) maybe an overbanked turn. While I love that Cedar Fair is getting braver when it comes to queue theming, it almost makes it worse when the "build-up" leads to nothing. There's barely the insinuation of a narrative, but then that narrative has no conclusion at the end, which means it might as well have not even been there. Each of the rides above are rides that set their respective parks apart because just a little extra care and attention was put into them. To my thinking, each is the roller coaster equivalent of a "viral post." You WANT to tell your friends the backstory; you WANT to bring first-timers who will be amazed by the "surprise" element; you WANT to ride again and again. Another big, tall, fast roller coaster will be amazing. But it that what's needed in Kings Island's lineup? Maybe for LOTS of people, it is! I just hope we continue to see projects like Mystic Timbers, too.
  5. With Defunctland's video "made possible by" my in-depth feature on the ride here! I also did a Son of Beast feature here! Check out the link in my signature if you're into in-depth theme park stories!
  6. bkroz


    You can always call the park for the official answer! I suspect at the very least, you'd need the confirmation number from the order. You can almost certainly get the pass without issue if you have the credit card that purchased the pass with you and take it to the ticket window. There, they can re-print the e-ticket. The easiest thing to do would be to get the confirmation / e-ticket print off, which is probably sitting in your stepmom's email from when she purchased it!
  7. Did you know you're likely to walk 5 - 8 miles a day when visiting a theme park? But if it's worth it to you to park 300 feet closer to the gate, by all means. In all seriousness, I totally understand in the case of mobility or access considerations and I guess it makes sense if you're looking to use your car as a locker, but I'd say most people who pay for premium parking are probably just doing it to cut out that extra 3 minutes of walking... never mind the 10 hours of walking that'll follow.
  8. How interesting would it be to have the ride closed this summer and debut a new Peanuts Holidays dark ride at Halloween / Christmastime?
  9. Without having ridden Lightning Rod, I can guess that answering that is like answering, "Which is better, Raptor or Racer?" Very different rides, very different concepts, with very different goals and purposes.
  10. bkroz

    Son of Beast

    I liked it too. But what happened to Son of Beast was not the nature of wooden roller coasters. Sincere engineering missteps lead to two dozen people being injured at least once, and many many more physically suffered from the ride experience to varying degrees. As for "would you have ridden it if it re-opened?" I think I would've, but I was more naive 7 years ago haha. If it had re-opened, I would've felt sure that Cedar Fair had done its due diligence. In retrospect, despite all of our hopefulness, I don't think Cedar Fair ever seriously considered re-opening it in a form similar to the one it had closed in. I think for them, it was major, sincere, structural overhaul or demolition.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, you reserved time slots. So you were only able to go tubing during your time slot.
  12. What if season passes were discontinued? What if Banshee was torn down and Son of Beast was rebuilt in its place? What if Kings Island opened for the year in February? What if The Beast were replaced with an animatronic dinosaur park? Anything could happen; most things won't. I think we all understood what you meant: *if.* So *if* Backlot Stunt Coaster was removed, maybe it would be replaced by a slushie stand. A Chick-Fil-A. A roller coaster. An arcade. A dark ride. A garden. Antique cars. You asked, "So if you had it your way what would you do with that section of land?" Given the reality we have, my answer is that given my way (and it seems others here share the same preference), I'd have Backlot Stunt Coaster on that section of land. Rawr.
  13. I just feel that amusement park operators aren't in the business of removing multi-million dollar roller coasters unless they have a compelling reason. If ever something drastic were to happen to the ride, I could see it being reskinned to fit into either Coney Mall (as a "Steeplechase" or classic cars as you suggested... the "shoot-out" scene could be a diner with flaming grills cooking up burgers hahah) or Rivertown (imagine if the fire scene were made into a saloon shootout and all the "near-misses" with police cars instead being near-misses with towering trees and wagons...) I don't know. I don't foresee anything like that happening. I might also argue that Backlot is like a compact version of Maverick or Manta.
  14. I suspect the daily capacity of the park will be set pretty low.
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