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  1. Thank you! I'm excited about it, and I hope other people get excited about it too. It's been cool to mail out member cards and postcards and see a little community to develop. I encourage anyone on here who's into theme parks to sign up! Like I said, it's free! I would love to do an in-depth write-up on Phantom Theater, but I don't personally know of a lot of photographs, descriptions, history, etc. If anyone can connect me with some great resources or share firsthand experience of the ride's design or operations, I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to message me.
  2. Oops, great idea. Since some are "Lost Legends" and others are "Declassified Disasters," regional parks stories are scattered around a bit. Here are a few direct links to regional parks rides and stories folks here may appreciate! TOMB RAIDER: The Ride at Kings Island Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Curse of DarKastle at Busch Gardens Williamsburg THIRTEEN at Alton Towers Drachen Fire at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Disaster Transport at Cedar Point Son of Beast at Kings Island VOLCANO: The Blast Coaster at Kings Dominion Other st
  3. Hi folks! If you don't know me, I was a loooonnnggtime poster here back in the day (miss you, Terpy). I've stopped by here and there over the last few years but largely I've been out and about exploring parks far and wide! You may have seen some of my one-off articles on the history of Tomb Raider: The Ride, Son of Beast, Geauga Lake, Disaster Transport, or a few other Cedar Fair favorites. I wanted to swing by to let you know that I started an online collection of all my theme park writing in one place - PARK LORE! These are the in-depth, fully-researched, detail-packed stories of
  4. Their request for a 315 foot height waiver was approved. It's in relation to 2021 or 2022 project though, and just marks the maximum allowable height of something... maybe not a coaster, and maybe not fully 315 feet! We'll have to wait and see...
  5. Looks like the rendering is pretty much exactly accurate. Which is great! I was worried some of those banks and turns were just conjecture, but the layout has them as depicted by the ride envelope. Which is good to know, because some of those track sections that look like straightaways are actually really dynamic moments.
  6. Looks like this prediction got it right on the money, including little track flourishes like outward-banked turns. Having seen that, I don't think this looks short at all. As a matter of fact, I'd say it looks spectacular. Clocking in a 90 seconds from first action to last, it seems like one of the longer thrill coasters out there. Definitely a great fit for Busch Gardens, especially considering we're likely to at LEAST be diving around ancient Roman ruins and statues if not more. The first inversion coming out of a mild launch, a 72 mph launch while cresting an airtime hill, th
  7. bkroz

    Decoding 2020

    This is obviously going to be an awesome ride. But just to be a negative Nancy for 10 seconds, I feel the slightest bit of disappointment that it's another giant Cedar Fair B&M of swooping drops, soaring turnarounds, etc. I feel like Mystic Timbers put us on a good path to having coasters from smaller manufacturers, with more-than-just-a-barn-for-a-station theming, and with personality. X-Base (quasi-dystopian, questionably-governmental flight and technology research testing facility) totally lends itself to an epic, different kind of coaster with amazing personality and re-ridability!
  8. With Defunctland's video "made possible by" my in-depth feature on the ride here! I also did a Son of Beast feature here! Check out the link in my signature if you're into in-depth theme park stories!
  9. bkroz


    You can always call the park for the official answer! I suspect at the very least, you'd need the confirmation number from the order. You can almost certainly get the pass without issue if you have the credit card that purchased the pass with you and take it to the ticket window. There, they can re-print the e-ticket. The easiest thing to do would be to get the confirmation / e-ticket print off, which is probably sitting in your stepmom's email from when she purchased it!
  10. Did you know you're likely to walk 5 - 8 miles a day when visiting a theme park? But if it's worth it to you to park 300 feet closer to the gate, by all means. In all seriousness, I totally understand in the case of mobility or access considerations and I guess it makes sense if you're looking to use your car as a locker, but I'd say most people who pay for premium parking are probably just doing it to cut out that extra 3 minutes of walking... never mind the 10 hours of walking that'll follow.
  11. How interesting would it be to have the ride closed this summer and debut a new Peanuts Holidays dark ride at Halloween / Christmastime?
  12. Without having ridden Lightning Rod, I can guess that answering that is like answering, "Which is better, Raptor or Racer?" Very different rides, very different concepts, with very different goals and purposes.
  13. I liked it too. But what happened to Son of Beast was not the nature of wooden roller coasters. Sincere engineering missteps lead to two dozen people being injured at least once, and many many more physically suffered from the ride experience to varying degrees. As for "would you have ridden it if it re-opened?" I think I would've, but I was more naive 7 years ago haha. If it had re-opened, I would've felt sure that Cedar Fair had done its due diligence. In retrospect, despite all of our hopefulness, I don't think Cedar Fair ever seriously considered re-opening it in a form similar to
  14. If I'm not mistaken, you reserved time slots. So you were only able to go tubing during your time slot.
  15. What if season passes were discontinued? What if Banshee was torn down and Son of Beast was rebuilt in its place? What if Kings Island opened for the year in February? What if The Beast were replaced with an animatronic dinosaur park? Anything could happen; most things won't. I think we all understood what you meant: *if.* So *if* Backlot Stunt Coaster was removed, maybe it would be replaced by a slushie stand. A Chick-Fil-A. A roller coaster. An arcade. A dark ride. A garden. Antique cars. You asked, "So if you had it your way what would you do with that section of land?"
  16. I just feel that amusement park operators aren't in the business of removing multi-million dollar roller coasters unless they have a compelling reason. If ever something drastic were to happen to the ride, I could see it being reskinned to fit into either Coney Mall (as a "Steeplechase" or classic cars as you suggested... the "shoot-out" scene could be a diner with flaming grills cooking up burgers hahah) or Rivertown (imagine if the fire scene were made into a saloon shootout and all the "near-misses" with police cars instead being near-misses with towering trees and wagons...) I don't k
  17. I suspect the daily capacity of the park will be set pretty low.
  18. It's been about two years since I bumped this, and a lot has changed! Lots of new folks here and lots of new stories linked to in the first post above! A little plug for myself here, but it's a nice cool Sunday night and a perfect time to pick an in-depth history or two and read about some "Lost Legends" you may remember (Son of Beast, TOMB RAIDER, Disaster Transport, and tons of Disney rides that may have influenced you as a kid); be amazed by some disastrous "Disaster Files" of flubbed-and-failed rides; or just check out a countdown of the best Audio Animatronics on Earth! Also a good pl
  19. The Motley Fool asks, "Is Disney World's Top Rival About to Make MagicBands Obsolete?" http://www.fool.com/investing/2016/11/05/is-disney-worlds-top-rival-about-to-make-magicband.aspx Universal released more details about the upcoming Universal's Volcano Bay "water theme park" opening in Orlando next summer. Along with details about the dark ride / water coaster, the big takeaway is a new wearable technology the park will utilize called TapuTapu. This waterproof wristband will be the cornerstone of the park's claims that it'll be the first water park ever with no waiting in lines.
  20. You hit the nail on the head! There's too much unpredictability but Boo Blasters has a lot rallying against it. I'd bet money that the ride will re-open next season in exactly as bad a shape as it's in at the end of this season. There's been no noticeable attempt since its opening to repair the broken guns, unresponsive targets, faltering music, or key special effects. The upkeep (or lack thereof!) tells me a lot about its priority in the park's lineup. No one would be happier than me to see Kings Island have a really good dark ride. Boo Blasters – even if it were radically repaire
  21. I'm not so sure I'd expect Boo Blasters to be around in Summer 2018. Which is why I wouldn't bet on Boo Blasters being open for Winterfest in December 2017.
  22. I love the idea of Journey to Atlantis, and I really love the progression of it (and its finale), but the ride itself is very, very, very disjointed. There's such potential – a protective seahorse spirit guiding you through the city as it's swallowed by the ocean, an evil siren luring you in deeper – but to the average rider, there's no plot, lots of flickered-out effects, and some very corny, odd moments. Also, that stupid Beetlejuice songs takes me very out of it, every single time hahaha. Antarctica was a let-down for me, too, which is sad. I mean, it's an enjoyable ride and probably as
  23. I remember visiting Busch Gardens' Christmas Town the very first year it was offered. It was a very cold year with an unusually high snowfall, but the park was empty. My friends and I made some tremendous memories that year. Three days, no coasters. Just food, shows, DarKastle, lights, space heaters, meeting Santa... And back then, they only opened half the park! There were a few dozen cars in the lot, all parked right in front of the gate. It felt like we had 'discovered' some hidden gem that just hadn't caught on yet. I especially cherish those memories because every year since then, the
  24. From what I understand, if the ride doesn't have a test seat, you're always welcome to walk up the exit to the station and test out a seat there!
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